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Janet Howatson YOUNG, spouse of Dr Peter GORRIE.

My grandmother, Janet Howatson YOUNG, emigrated to South Australia in 1912, where she married my grandfather, Peter GORRIE, of Edinburgh, M.D.

[Last known photograph of Janet Howatson GORRIE (left), taken in the weeks leading up to her death in 1936.
She is with her sister Mrs Janey MACKIE.]

Janet died well before I was born, so I have no knowledge of her other than what I learned of her from my late mother, and from more recent research I have conducted into her life.

But I have a great deal of admiration for the way she dealt with the difficulties that life presented her - from her mother's death when Janet was just 5 years of age, and the consequent dose of the "wicked step-mother" syndrome, and with a degree of alienation from her father (she had to put her age up to circumvent him from stopping her from doing nursing, and he disapproved of her going to Australia) - to the rigours of bearing children in relatively "remote" outback locations thousands of miles away from her remaining close female relations (including her sister Janey MACKIE in India, and her maternal grandmother Janet Burns Howatson THOMSON then living in Essex ) - to the final indignity of having to see her marriage end in a welter of whisky and wallopings, and packing her pickled and estranged Peter off, back to Scotland, not once, but twice, the second time just months before she died, aged 53, and understandably well nigh exhausted.

This article I dedicate to her memory.

An earlier post in memory of her husband, Peter GORRIE, may be seen at this link:

The story of her YOUNG and THOMSON family origins in Ayrshire may be seen at this link:



Janet Howatson YOUNG was born at Winton Place, Beith, on 14 February 1883, the first-born child of Robert YOUNG, Railway Station Master at Beith Town Terminus, by his first wife Elizabeth THOMSON.

[The earliest known photograph of Janet, far left, aged about 5.

Was this a typical family photo, or was this a token "isolation" from their consumptive mother?]

Janet was aged 8, Scholar, with her widowered father, 1891 Census.

Janet was educated at Beith Academy, where in May 1896, she was awarded 5th prize for an essay on "Kindness to Animals", a copy of "The Lamplighter," by Miss CUMMINS (with an inscribed book-plate of the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty for Animals); in the following year, 1897, she was awarded 13th prize, a volume of SHAKESPEARE's "Hamlet" (with an inscribed book-plate of the Ayrshire Shakespearean Society) for "Excellence in an Examination" on the same play.

Janet was living with her father and step-mother in the 1901 Census, aged 18, a Dressmaker's Apprentice.

Janet joined the staff at the Davidshill Hospital for Infectious Diseases, near Dalry, in late 1901, as a probationary Nurse. She would tell her family later that she raised her age to 21, evidently so that she would not be required to have parental approval - it appears that her father had intended her to acquire only those skills that suited her becoming some good Ayrshireman's wife.
And given that her mother had died of Tuberculosis, perhaps Janet was inspired to do nursing as a tribute to her memory - although this "remote" institution was undoubtedly the closest hospital to Beith anyway, being just 2 miles from her father's home.
She remained at Davidshill until 22 December 1904.


Janet removed to Edinburgh, and on 2 January 1905, entered the School of Nursing in the Royal Infirmary, the teaching hospital to the renowned Medical Faculty of Edinburgh University.

[Janet Howatson YOUNG, on the nursing staff of the Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh.
This was part of a group photo, and I am not sure whether any further attempts to reprocess it will produce a better result.]

There she met her future husband Peter GORRIE; and on his 25th birthday, she gave him a volume of R.L. STEVENSON's "Virginibus Puerisque" inscribed "J.H.Y., P.G., August 7th 1906.
Janet Howatson YOUNG was certificated on 2 January 1908, as Number 879, Register of Nurses, Royal Infirmary. On 31 December 1908, she received a testimonial to twelve months as Assistant Staff Nurse in Surgical Wards of the Royal Infirmary.

[Janet's Nursing Registration Certificate.]

In January 1909, Janet visited Peter GORRIE in Corbridge, Northumberland, where was gaining his six months experience in General Practice (towards his qualifying for the degree of M.D.); she stayed overnight of 5 January with Peter's family in Edinburgh on her return.
Janet, then residing at Lyndoch Place, Glasgow, received a letter dated 29 January 1909, accepting her into the Nursing Service of the Territorial Force. It is not clear whether she took up active duty, but she must have made some sort of a living up until she departed for South Australia three years later.
Peter GORRIE visited Janet in Glasgow on 6 September 1909, and they travelled together to Edinburgh, where she stayed with his family for three days before farewelling Peter to Colchester, where he was gaining his six months experience as a House Surgeon in a major County Hospital.
Janet sailed from Glasgow on the Blue Funnel Line Steamer "Aeneas" bound for Adelaide via the Cape of Good Hope. She was ticketed on 1 February for a "Cabin Passage" in Cabin 31, Berth B, at a cost of £40.
Janet appears to have got on the wrong side of her father yet again - she would relate later to her family that he had disapproved of her choice of destination, preferring that she had chosen America, where he had a number of relatives. It is not clear whether he might also have disapproved of her choice of marriage partner. It is evident that she did not see him again.

Janet arrived in Adelaide on 13 April 1912, and appears to have gone to reside at 104 Barton Terrace, North Adelaide, the residence of Rev Dr George DAVIDSON, a Presbyterian Minister.
It was he who married her there, just two days later, to Peter GORRIE, with the witnesses being Jessie DAVIDSON (probably the Rev Dr's wife) and P. H. WIDMER (of no known relationship to either Janet or Peter).

The newly married Janet went to Port Elliston, on the west coast of the Eyre Peninsula, whence Peter had only recently removed from Cummins, which was then a bit of a "frontier" settlement, without a hospital, and perhaps not a suitable place for a respectable man to take his newly wedded wife.

Janet was soon "put to work" some four months after arrival, as acknowledged at a meeting of  the Elliston Board of Health, on 4 September 1912, where several motions were put and carried:
"... that £10 10s be donated to Mrs GORRIE for her unremitting services in attending at the hospital during the crisis of an overflow of patients, and at the same time being without a nurse...
"... that the Secretary write a letter to Mrs GORRIE conveying the Board's thanks for undertaking charge of the Hospital and attending the patients, and that the Board appreciated the services which she so cheerfully rendered."
All when she was four months pregnant with her first child, and 16,000 miles away from close family support.

For, on 21 January 1913, Janet gave birth to that first child, a son Robert Maclagan GORRIE, and named for Peter's maternal grandfather.

On 1 May 1913, Janet enjoyed her first taste of electoral enfranchisement, when a Federal Election was held - the Roll for the Port Elliston Polling Place, in the Division of Grey, South Australia,  recorded her as Janet Howatson GORRIE, Home Duties.
This was a privilege her female relations in Scotland would not achieve for another five years, but with a bit of help from her Suffragist GORRIE sister's in-law in Edinburgh, with whom Janet had spent some time with during her visits to Priestfield Road.


Six months later, the GORRIE family removed to Petersburg in July 1913. The reasons for this removal are unclear, but it would not surprise me if both Peter and Janet wanted to be involved with a larger community than the remote Port Elliston.

It was not until the February 1914 that electric power was first generated in Petersburg, and not until the end of that year that private customers were connected to the supply, but it is likely that Janet had to cope with an infant child, and a new confinement, without what we deem today as being a necessity.

For, on 26 June 1914, Janet gave birth to her second child, a daughter Elizabeth Nancy GORRIE, named for Janet's deceased mother (Elizabeth THOMSON) and for Nancy BROWN, who appears to have been a friend of Peter's.

And in that year, another Electoral Roll, for the same Division, recorded Peter and Janet Howatson GORRIE at Railway Terrace, Petersburg.

Two months after Betty's birth, the war broke out in Europe, and the GORRIE family was, like many others were, eventually affected by it.
Peter volunteered for temporary service with the Royal Army Medical Corps, and sailed for England on 14 May 1915. But of the eleven other R.A.M.C. enlistees on the boat, Peter alone travelled without his family.

[Janet, with young Bob, and Peter, with younger Betty, at Petersburg, 
shortly before his departure for service in the Great War.]

Janet may have decided that two very young children were too much of a handful on a long sea voyage, or she may simply not have wanted to revisit the disliked step-mother in Beith.

Three months after Peter sailed, Janet was still in Petersburg, and participated in Australia Day celebrations, which were scheduled to be held on 6 August, to involve a procession, a "Theatregraph" display, and an Afternoon Tea, where the sweets stall was:
"... in the hands of Mrs GORRIE."
[Petersburg Times, 30 July].


On 2 December 1915, Janet embarked on the S.S. Malwa, bound for Colombo, on the first leg of a voyage to India, with young Bob and Betty, to stay with her sister Janey and her husband Jim MACKIE at Bihar in Uttar Pradesh.

There is a tale that Betty later reported, but clearly not from her own memory, that her mother, waving to those who farewelled her as the boat left the dock, noticed with horror that the trunk with the children's clothing had not been loaded. But as her departure from Adelaide was from the outer harbour, this is more likely to have occurred in Colombo (perhaps she observed that from the lighter taking them to the ship, and if so, the trunk was quickly recovered).

[Janet GORRIE and Janey MACKIE with the two infant GORRIE children (Bob and Betty) in India, 1915-16.]

The sojourn is chronicled by some picturesque photographs in Janet's surviving photo album (lots of small box-brownie style prints), including some larger prints showing majestic views of Himalayan foothills scenery, British-Raj architecture (Government residences) at Bhoura, Yatung and in Tibet, several of her brother-in-law Jim on his different polo ponies, and of the infant GORRIE children wearing their pith helmets!

After his stint in the Mediterranean on H.M.'s Hospital Ship Panama, Peter met up with Janet and the children in Colombo (the first words he heard his daughter Betty speak were in Hindustani), and there, they embarked on the R.M.S. Kaiser-I-Hind for their return voyage to Australia, arriving in Port Adelaide on 29 July 1916.


They almost immediately went to Peterborough (now renamed due to anti-German sentiment), and stayed briefly as the guests of Mr and Mrs S. KEALLY - Samuel KEALLY was the Town Clerk of Peterborough.
Peter spent some time in Broken Hill, prior to re-establishing his practice in Peterborough, but it is not known whether Janet and the children went there, or were getting their old house back in order, or a new one ready.
Peter was recorded on 22 October 1916 as having resumed practice at the house of Dr CLARKE in Bismarck Street; in November 1916, after his locum, Dr DUNSTON, and Mrs DUNSTAN, had departed, he "... resumed practice at Victoria Street this week" [Petersburg Times, 10 November].

While Janet was in Peterborough, she "learnt" to drive a car - as her daughter Betty would later recount, Janet was with him when he drove out to attend a call, and when it was time to return home, pleading exhaustion, he climbed in the back seat, requesting Janet to drive him home. This was in one of a series of cars Peter had, and was almost certain the Model-T Ford they knew as the "Tin Lizzie." Some license test that must have been!
Peter did register a 22.5 Ford in December 1916 (Regisration Number 7610); in April 1917 he advertised for sale a pair of ponies, a buggy and harness, so I am guessing that this Ford was their first car; and, after managing to set the Ford on fire in October 1917, he then registered a 22.5 Hupmobile in November  1917 (Registration Number 9577).
So Janet now had electricity AND a family car, just to make life a little easier.

On 6 Jun 1918, Janet gave birth to her third child, a second son Peter Creighton GORRIE, named for Peter's grandfather Peter GORRIE, and his maternal grandmother Isabella CRICHTON, Robert MACLAGAN's wife - although when Janet registered the birth, she appears to have been unaware of the correct spelling!

Janet was evidently finding the going tough with the new arrival, and on 27 September 1918, the Petersburg Times carried this notice for household help:
"Oct 10, a capable woman as Housekeeper, and a single man... Mrs GORRIE, Victoria Street."

But after this interrupted spell in Petersburg/Peterborough, their next move was imminent.

On 5 October 1918, a "..thoroughly representative gathering of citizens of the town and district met in the Parish Hall to say au revoir to Dr GORRIE, whom some of the speakers described as being the best medical man the town has ever had" [Petersburg Times, 11 Oct - it looks like the newspaper was too mean to change it's banner].
And Janet was not overlooked - the report went on to note that "... his efforts had been nobly supported by his wife. A handsome presentation was made the doctor and Mrs GORRIE, and it is hoped that when the hospital, which has been talked of for a long time, becomes an accomplished fact, Dr GORRIE will return..."
This was the one sore point in any country doctor's life - the necessity of referring one's patients on to another, for want of handy hospital under their watchful eye.


The GORRIE family then moved to Port Augusta, where Peter settled in very well, but where Janet may just have started to become a bit jaded with "remote" country life.

Janet was once again recorded in the Electoral Roll, still in the vast electorate that still is Grey, and still on Home Duties.

On 22 August 1919, the Times and Northern Advertiser carried this notice:
"Wanted. Mother's help, must be fond of children, other help kept. Apply Mrs GORRIE, Port Augusta."
And in September 1920, she advertised yet another "Wanted. At once - General or Domestic help for about a month. Apply Mrs GORRIE" [Transcontinental, 10 September].

Mentions of her in the local newspaper are scant, and limited to references to her attire at the occasional social function - at the Annual Race Ball in July 1921, it was "... Black satin netted" - at the Ladies Night at the Town Hall in August it was "... Black charmeuse" - and I wonder if the colour may have been her metaphor for her mood?

But she was also mentioned, without any reference to her attire, as working on the Work Stall at the Montessori Fair at St Augustine's Schoolroom in December 1921.

And it was here, on 1 May 1922, that Janet gave birth to her fourth and last child, a second daughter Janet Howatson GORRIE, named in honour of herself and of her own maternal grandmother Janet Burns THOMSON formerly HOWATSON, who had recently died, in December 1918, at the advanced age of 88.

In December, 1922, Janet performed the opening ceremony at the Stirling Church Fair, and:
"... wished the function every success, and hoped the results would exceed even the most optimistic expectations. Little Nell MICHAEL presented Mrs GORRIE with a bouquet, and Mr MICHAEL moved, and Mr E. PROSSER seconded, a hearty vote of thanks to Mrs GORRIE."
[Transcontinental, 8 December].

But there is a sense of things beginning to unravel, and it was not long before Janet appears to have been the reason for the family's next move, to Mount Lofty, in the Adelaide Hills.

At a Meeting of the Port Augusta Hospital Board, on 17 June 1923, Peter mentioned that "... his resignation was in consequence of the indifferent health of Mrs GORRIE" - and that "... he had no desire to leave the practice but was compelled for family reasons to resign his position."

The several public farewells on 23 July 1923 were well attended, and further mention was made of Janet's contributions. Mr J. HOLDSWORTH, chairman of the Hospital Board, paid "... a high compliment to Mrs GORRIE who had loyally supported the doctor in his activities. He could only, with the other speakers, wish the Doctor, Mrs GORRIE and family every prosperity in their new home."


In December 1932, Peter's youngest sister Beth GORRIE stayed with them at Mount Lofty, after travels in America and India.

[Janet packs Peter up for one of his jaunts -  perhaps giving her some quiet time to herself?]

[Janet at St Anne's, Mount Lofty. Ever the woman in black.]

Janet also enjoyed an occasional game of golf.
At the Mount Lofty Club's Annual Easter Tournament, in April 1930, which ended with ties in both Men's and Women's four-ball best-ball bogey handicap events. Mrs P. GORRIE won the award for Women's "... approaching and putting" [Adelaide Observer, Thursday 24 April].

[The  fourth or fifth hole at Mount Lofty Golf Course in the early days.
This photo is in Janet's photograph album.]

But for Janet, things do not appear to have improved after the move to Mount Lofty.


Old Mount Loftians remembered the GORRIEs, and some of this oral history was collected by the Mount Lofty District Historical Society - transcriptions of which can be found in the Stirling Library.
David ROBERTSON observed:
"...they separated, Dr and Mrs GORRIE. And there were two factions - split the town down the middle - those that were for the Doctor and those that were for Janet. It got to a point, as kids, when you'd go over to play with - well to see kids - that I'd be glared at, at home, because it happened to be the son of somebody who was supporting the Doctor instead of... It got really quite tense."

In January 1933, perhaps leaving Peter to look after the children, Janet motored to Melbourne, with Mrs BRAILESFORD-ROBERTSON, to embark on an "autumn cruise" to Noumea; arriving back in Melbourne, she set out for Adelaide on 11 May, with her daughter Betty and Mrs Hampden CARR. I presume that Janet probably did the driving in both directions.

By October 1933, Peter had sold St Anne's to his successor, Dr Arthur REID, and had left his family in Mt Lofty. He sailed from Adelaide, 28 October 1933, on the S.S. Ballarat (P.& O. Steam Navigation Company), bound for London; arriving there on 4 December, intending to stay at 7 Priestfield Road, Edinburgh.


Janet moved briefly to Bel Air, and then found a house in Glenunga, where she took in occasional patients who needed nursing care. One of these was Daisy BATES.
In the "shed" up the back of the yard, budding "artist" and family friend Gilbert ROACH set up a studio.

And then Peter came back to Adelaide, to attempt a reconciliation.

Janet's response to his desire to get his life back in order was telling, as she confided in a letter to her sister Janey MACKIE in India, dated 18 March 1935:
"I tried to get him to go back to Scotland again, or in fact anywhere away from Adelaide, but he decided to make another start in Adelaide... he would ruin this venture. Now he is NOT supposed to come here, there is nothing he wants more. He takes me and Janet out for runs on Saturday afternoons. He knows that this is the last opportunity and chance of coming back to his family..."

Janet had been advised to seek a legal separation so that she would not be liable for Peter's debts; on his ability to sort out his problems, including his professional disabilities due to an increasing dependence on alcohol, she wrote:
"...he may be able to overcome the weakness, but I hae ma doots."

Janet was correct - shortly after, Peter collapsed, and was hospitalised.

Peter made his final departure from Adelaide on 22 February 1936, sailing on the S.S. Barrabool (P.& O. S.N. Coy); arrived London 28 March, destination again 7 Priestfield Road, Edinburgh.

The "venture" referred to by Janet was her attempt to establish a Nursing or Convalescent Home at Lower Mitcham. On 5 May 1936, she purchased the 3 and 3/4 acre property known at St George's, with a frontage to Unley Road measuring 215 feet, with a depth of 788 feet to Durdin Road, on which stood an 11 room house, with out-buildings, on a well wooded property, which had recently been use as a slightly up-market Guest House.

Janet's somewhat precarious financial situation was evident from the fact that she immediately mortgaged the property back to the vendor, Dr Henry Carew NOTT (jointly with Mary Jane BOWMAN).

[The house Janet purchased in Unley and was converting into a Nursing Home at the time of her death. Photo taken in 2015.]
The property at Lower Mitcham survives - it was eventually purchased in 1950 by Mitcham Corporation, and was ear-marked as a site for a new Town Hall and Civic Centre. That plan never eventuated, but the old house (evidently built ca 1860) is now in use as a Child-care Centre, not far from the neighbouring old GAULT family residence, now better known as the Lenzerheide Restaurant.


Janet did not long live to "enjoy" her new venture - after a brief stay on the South Coast with her sister Janey MACKIE, out from India, she died at a Private Hospital in Adelaide on 2 June 1936.
Her remains were buried in a single plot in Mitcham Cemetery.

[Janet Howatson GORRIE's last resting place, Mitcham Cemetery, near Adelaide.]


In 2005, I received a beautiful letter from Margaret CRAWFORD.
She had been delivered by Dr GORRIE at Mount Lofty in 1927, but weighing in at 3.5 lbs, her survival was not guaranteed. Her parents, Agnes and Bill CRAWFORD, both Scots who lived in Mabel Street, had been childless for ten years of marriage, during which time Agnes had suffered from a bout of Rheumatic Fever - so the pregnancy itself had been very unexpected anyway.
However, in the Doctor's capable hands, Margaret had survived.
She wrote that her mother Agnes and Janet became very close friends.
Her mother would later tell her that when the GORRIE's were expecting visitors at St Anne's, Mrs GORRIE would call Agnes over to help with the cleaning, and the Doctor would declare to the Cook - "God help us all, they're at it again!"
She herself remembered her mother and Mrs GORRIE making jam in "... the big kitchen at St Anne's, reminiscing over places in Scotland they both knew."
She recalled Mrs GORRIE as being a little brusque at times, but attributed that to "... her Scots ways" - and that Mrs GORRIE was a regular at the church in Orley Road (the Congs).
Her summarising remarks about the Doctor and Mrs GORRIE was that they served the community "... above and beyond the call of duty."
She also recalled the deep effect Janet's death in 1936 had on her mother Agnes.

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Robert YOUNG, Father and Son, of Ayrshire, Railwaymen.

My grandmother, Janet Howatson YOUNG, emigrated to South Australia in 1912, where she married my grandfather, Peter GORRIE, of Edinburgh, M.D.

[Last known photograph of Janet Howatson GORRIE (left), taken in the weeks leading up to her death in 1936. 
She is with her sister Mrs Janey MACKIE.]

Janet died well before I was born, so I have no knowledge of her other than what I have learned of her from my late mother, and from more recent research that I have conducted into her life.

But I have a great deal of admiration for the way she dealt with the difficulties that life presented her - from her mother's death when Janet was just 5 years of age, the consequent dose of the "wicked step-mother" syndrome, and with a degree of alienation from her father that went with that (she had to put her age up to circumvent him from stopping her from entering the nursing profession, and he disapproved of her going to Australia) - to the rigours of bearing her first child in a relatively "remote" outback location thousands of miles away from her remaining close female relations (including her sister Janey MACKIE in India, and her maternal grandmother Janet Burns Howatson THOMSON then living in Essex ) - to the final indignity of having to see her marriage end in a welter of whisky and wallopings, and packing her pickled and estranged Peter off, back to Scotland, not once, but twice, the second time just months before she died, aged 53, and understandably well nigh exhausted.

I had originally intended this article to be my tribute to her, and dedicated to her memory.
But, as the amount of information is getting a bit unwieldy, I have now decided to publish her story on her own, at this link:

But Janet's origins were in Ayrshire in Scotland, where her father and grandfather both made careers as Railwaymen.

This article will now concentrate on those origins.

And we start at the beginning in Kilwinning, in the YOUNG residence in the Byres, when the newly a-building Railways virtually went past their front door, but with a journey even further back in time.
Her direct ancestors are highlighted in bold type.


Thomas YOUNG was an Agricultural Labourer, residing at Blacklands, in Kilwinning Parish, when he had children born there and baptised in the Kilwinning Parish Kirk, between 1784 and 1788; by 1791, he was living in the Byres, in Kilwinning Town.
His parentage is not yet established, but there are two candidates in Kilwinning Parish records, although naming traditions suggest that neither of them are certainties for our Thomas:
i. Thomas YOUNG, baptised at Kilwinning, 11 June 1751, son of Alexander YOUNG and Ann CUNNINGHAM.
ii. Thomas YOUNG, born in Nethermains, and baptised at Kilwinning on 15 Septemeber 1756, son of George YOUNG and Mary YOUNG.

Thomas YOUNG and Margaret CUNNINGHAM, both of Kilwinning, gave in their names for marriage on Friday 24 January, 1783, and were duly proclaimed in the Kirk, and married there on 14 February following. Margaret was born at Lower Fergusshill, in Kilwinning Parish, on 22 January 1755, a daughter of Robert CUNNINGHAM and Janet FERGUSSON.

No details have yet been found of the deaths of either Thomas or Margaret.

They had issue:
1. Robert YOUNG, born at Blacklands, 13 January 1784. See [A] below.
2. Thomas YOUNG, born at Blacklands, 9 December 1785, and baptised at Kilwinning Kirk, 11 December; evidently died young.
3. Mary YOUNG, born at Blacklands, 13 May 1788 (her mother recorde,evidently in error, as Agnes CUNNINGHAM); perhaps the Mary INNES, aged 60, living with Robert and Thomas YOUNG in the 1841 Census?
4. Janet YOUNG, born at the Byres, 20 January or June 1791, and baptised at Kilwinning Kirk, 3 July.
5. Thomas YOUNG, born at the Byres, 29 November 1793, and baptised at Kilwinning Kirk, 1 December; a Hand Loom Weaver, residing with his brother Robert in the 1841 Census.

[A] Robert YOUNG was enumerated in the 1841 Census at the Byres, Kilwinning, as a Hand Loom Weaver, aged, with his wife Elizabeth, his brother Thomas, his three unmarried daughters, and Mary INNES, aged 60(+), Independant, and born in the county, perhaps a relation. Robert was still there in 1851, with his wife Elizabeth, aged 66, a Dressmaker, his brother Thomas, and his two unmarried daughters.

Robert YOUNG, Cotton Weaver, died at Byres Street, Kilwinning, on 23 February 1857, aged 73 (of disease of the Bladder, 19 months), the death informed by his daughter Elizabeth (both his parents named in the Register); he was buried in the Kilwinning Kirkyard.

Robert YOUNG and Elizabeth RAMSAY, both of the parish of Kilwinning, "... gave in their names in order to be proclaimed for marriage, upon 21st May 1808, and thence married" [Kilwinning Register; images on the web-site]

His widow Elizabeth YOUNG died at Byres Street on 3 October 1860, aged 75 (of Bronchitis), informed by her son Thomas YOUNG of Greenock Road, Port Glasgow (who identified her parents as Hugh RAMSAY, Cotton Weaver, and Elizabeth KING, both deceased); she was buried with Robert in Kilwinning Kirkyard.

Robert and Elizabeth had issue:
1. Thomas YOUNG, born 4 May 1809, and baptised at Kilwinning Kirk, 21 May; evidently died in infancy.
2. Elizabeth YOUNG, born at Kilwinning, about 1812; aged 30 (+), Sewer, with her parents, 1841; aged 39, Sewing Muslin, with her parents, 1851; still residing at Byres Street in 1857 when she informed her father's death.
3. Jean YOUNG, born at Kilwinning, about 1820; aged 20(+), with her parents, 1841; aged 31,  Sewing Muslin, with her parents, 1851.
4. Robert YOUNG, born at Kilwinning, about 1823. See [B] below.
5. Thomas YOUNG, born at Kilwinning, about 1825; living at Greenock Road, Port Glasgow, October 1860, when he informed his mother's death.
(? Mary YOUNG, born at Kilwinning, about 1826; aged 25, Shop Keeper for John KNOX at Bridgend, Kilwinning, 1851 Census, unmarried and born in Kilwinning; but probably instead a daughter of Archibald and Mary YOUNG of Doura Mains, Kilwinning.)
6. Agnes YOUNG, born at Kilwinning, about 1829; aged 10, with her parents, 1841; not at home in 1851 - possibly at Bridgend, Kilwinning, aged 22, House Servant to John KNOX, Merchant, Grocer, Spirits and Provision Dealer (and his wife and infant child), along with Mary YOUNG, aged 25, born Kilwinning, Shop Keeper.
7. Helen YOUNG, born at Kilwinning, about 1831; aged 12, with her parents, 1841; possibly at Ardoch Farm, Kilwinning, 1851 Census, aged 20, House servant to William MUIR and his wife; she was married at Kilwinning, on 24 December 1855, to John BICKETT; with issue.

Hugh PATON was a Workman and Indweller in Peatland in 1776-1788, in Oldrome in 1791, and in Fourthacres in 1793-196, all in Dundonald Parish, Ayrshire; he was married in about 1775 to Margaret FERGUSSON; and they had issue:
1. Janet PATON.
2. Hugh PATON.
3. Jean PATON.
4. Hugh PATON.
5. Cathrine PATON.
6. John PATON.
7. Robert PATON.
8. Robert PATON. born at Oldrome, and baptised at Doundonald on 5 August 1791. See [X] below.
9. Margaret PATON.
10. Agnes PATON.

John ALLAN was Tenant and Farmer in Harpercroft, Dundonald Parish, 1791-1807; he moved to Craigie Arish about 1810; he was married at Craigie by Kilmarnock, 11 April 1790, to Jean TEMPLETON; they had issue:
1. Janet ALLAN.
2. David ALLAN.
3. Margaret ALLAN, baptised at Dundonald, 1 June 1794; she married Robert PATON. See [X] below.
4. Robert ALLAN.
5. Jean ALLAN.
6. Mary ALLAN.
7. John ALLAN.
8. Archibald ALLAN.
9. James ALLAN.
10. George ALLAN.
11. William Campbell ALLAN
12. John ALLAN.
13. Elizabeth ALLAN.

[X] Robert PATON was in Craigie Parish 1817-1836; at Colliebarlees, Craigie, 1827-1836; he was at Scargies, in Riccarton Parish, 1841 Census, Limestone Miner, with his wife and family; he still at Scargies in 1851, as an Agricultural Labourer, with wife and children, and in 1861, as a Surfaceman  with wife and children, and in 1871 as a Labourer, with his wife.
Robert died at Scargies, in Riccarton, on 11 July 1877, aged 85 years [Kilmarnock Standard, 21 July].
Robert PATON and Margaret ALLAN, both of the parish, entered their names for proclamation of marriage on 8 November 1817, at the Craigie Parish Kirk.
Margaret died at 5 Christie Street, Paisley, on 7 March 1883, aged 88, of old age, the widow of Robert PATON, Road Surfaceman.
They had issue:
1. John PATON, born 14 September 1818; with his parents, 1841.
2. Hugh PATON, born 23 September 1820.
3. Jean PATON, born at Colliebarlees, 29 November 1827, and baptised at Criagie Kirk, 9 December; she was with her parents in 1841; she married Robert YOUNG. See [B] below.
4. Margaret PATON, born 19 January 1830.
5. Janet PATON, born 30 March 1832; with her parents, 1841.
6. James PATON, born 2 May 1836; with his parents, 1841.
7. Elizabeth PATON.


[Robert YOUNG Senior.]

Robert YOUNG Senior, was born at the Byres, in Kilwinning, in about 1823, the second born but eldest surviving son of Robert YOUNG the elder, and his wife Elizabeth RAMSAY.
Young Robert had already left home before the 1841 Census, when his father enumerated at the Byres, in Kilwinning, recorded as a Handloom Weaver (with wife Elizabeth, brother Thomas, and Robert and Elizabeth's three unmarried daughters.
Also in the Byres was the Kilwinning Railway Station, opened just twelve months earlier, on 23 March 1840, on the Glasgow, Paisley, Kilmarnock and Ayr Railway.

Robert was not at home in 1841; there were eight Robert YOUNGs of near age recorded in Ayrshire in that Census, but it is not possible to identify which, if any, might be our Robert. He may have been in another County.

In about 1845, aged about 22, he was employed by the Glasgow and South Western Railway Company on the permanent way near Kilwinning. In the 1851 Census, he was enumerated back at Byres Street, Kilwinning, as a Rail Layer, with his wife and infant son.
In 1852, Robert was "elevated from the ranks" and appointed Permanent Way Inspector, of the Way and Works Branch, for the Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway. He moved his family to Paisley.
In 1861, he was at 19 St James's Street, Paisley, Railway Inspector, with his wife and family; and in 1871, he was at 19 Underwood Street, Paisley, Inspector on Railways, again with his wife and family.
Directories record him at 19 Underwood Street, Paisley, 1861-1863, as Foreman, Railway; at 22 Underwood Street, 1865-1866; at 19 Underwood, 1866-1869; and at 19 Underwood Street, 1874, as Railway Overseer.

By 1874, Robert's employer, the Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway Company had purchased the Glasgow to Kilmarnock line, and due to the heavy increase of traffic on both, decided to appoint a second Inspector, to share the workload. This meant that Robert was "promoted" to take responsibility for the Glasgow, Barrhead and Kilmarnock Joint Railway.

Robert was the guest of honour at a banquet held on 14 November 1874 at the Globe Hotel, Paisley, where he was presented with a clock, a purse of sovereigns, and Mrs YOUNG with a brooch and ring, to mark their transfer from Paisley. The chair of the occasion, Mr William AUCHERLONIE, the Superintendent of Paisley Station, referred to Robert's "... sound judgment and good common sense" and his "... discretion" and noted his faithful service to the Company, the respect and esteem in which he was held by his men, and his quite and unobtrusive worth as a friend. AUCHERLONIE also said of the Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway that ".. better kept roads and a safer and more complete system of signally is not to be met with any other line in the Kingdom (Applause), and all this had been carried out and constructed under the immediate eye of Mr YOUNG." At the presentation, Mr James NIVEN, of Glasgow, added his own accolades, referring to Robert's "... industry, perseverance and steadiness, combined with a superior intelligence" which had led to his elevation from the ranks to be inspector of way and works, to the "... utmost satisfaction he has given to his employers," and to the "... universal respect and esteem with which he was held by all with whom he came in contact." [Paisley and Renfrewshire Gazette, 14 November 1874].

Robert moved his family to Tetwood House, in Haggs Road, Pollokshaws; he was enumerated there in 1881, Railway Inspector, with his wife, two unmarried daughters, his four younger sons, and a boarder William PATON (Joiner, aged 24, born Dundonald), who may have been his wife's relation; and he was still there in 1891, a widower, with his son.

Robert died at his son's residence, Station Cottage, Beith, on 17 February 1909, aged 86, (of Senile Decay), Railway Inspector Retired, late of Haggs Road, Pollokshaws, informed by his son Robert YOUNG Junior, present at the death.

[The head-stone on Robert YOUNG Senior's Lair, Woodside Cemetery, Paisley.]

[Robert YOUNG Senior's Lair, against the eastern boundary wall, on the path leading south from the entrance gates down to the Railway easement, which marked the northern boundary.
The head-stone marking it is the nearest on the left.]
Robert YOUNG, Rail Layer, was married at Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, on 27 September 1850, to Jane PATON, a daughter of Robert PATON and Margaret ALLAN. See above.
Jane PATON died at Tetwood Cottage, Haggs Road, Pollokshaws, Eastwood District, on 6 July 1880, aged 53, of Diabetes; she was buried in the YOUNG Lair at Woodside Cemetery.


1. Robert YOUNG, born at the Byres, Kilwinning, on 2 December 1850. See [C] below.

2.Hugh YOUNG, born at Paisley, Renfrewshire, 5 December 1852; scholar, with his parents, 1861 Census; died 24 January 1864, and buried in the Robert YOUNG Lair (or Plot), Woodside Cemetery, Paisley, 28 January.

3. Margaret YOUNG, born at Paisley, 24 February 1855, a twin; Warper, with her parents, 1861; she died at Haggs Road, Pollokshaws, 6 October 1877, aged 22, and buried in her father's Lair at Woodside Cemetery; she was married at Paisley, 20 November 1874, to Simon Adam NIXON, Power Loom Warper, of 27 Canal Street, Paisley, aged 28 (son of John NIXON, Shawl Manufacture, and Isabella ADAM); they had issue:
     a. Jeannie P. NIXON; buried on 18 July 1878 in Robert YOUNG's Lair at Woodside.

4. Thomas YOUNG, born at Paisley, 24 February 1855, the other twin; Machinist Apprentice, with his parents, 1861; he was at Clyde View Terrace, Middle Church Parish, Paisley, 1881 Census, aged 27, 2nd Engineer S.S. Fitzclarence, with his wife and two children; he was married at Paisley, 12 August 1874, to Annie McGOWN (daughter of Robert McGOWN, Railway Porter, and Elizabeth BLACKWOOD); they had issue:
     a. Robert YOUNG, born at Paisley, 17 November 1874; aged 6, Scholar, with his parents, 1881; he arrived in Boston, Massachusetts, 7 March 1911, on the ship Parisian; Naturalised on 2 June 1916; at East Sixth Street, Boston, 1920 Census, aged 47, Auditing Clerk, Steam Railway, with wife and two children; he died in 1925; he married Isabel GRAHAM; she was at East Sixth Street, Boston, 1930 Census, aged 60, Widow, with two children; they had issue:
          i. Agnes YOUNG; aged 12, with her parents, 1920; aged 22, with her mother, 1930.
          ii. Robert YOUNG, born at Boston, 19 September 1916; aged 3 years 11 months, with his parents, 1920; aged 14, with his mother, 1930; died in March 1983, late of Marston Mills, Barnstable, Massachusetts.
     b. Thomas YOUNG; aged 3, with his parents, 1881. Married with issue.
     c. William YOUNG, born about 1877; died at 2 Niddry Street, Paisley, on 5 April 1880, and buried in the YOUNG Lair at Woodside.
     d. Elizabeth Blackwood YOUNG, born in December 1879; died at 2 Niddry Street, Paisley, on 7 March 1880, and buried with her brother at Woodside.
     e. Jeannie YOUNG; married William WILSON; with issue:
          i. Jackie WILSON.
     f. Annie YOUNG, born at Paisley, 1883; she died at Greenock, 1968; she was married at Eastwood, Renfrewshire, on 3 January 1911, to Hugh McNIVEN (son of John McNIVEN, Cartwright, and Agnes LINDSAY).
Thomas was of Titwood House, Polokshaws, aged 33, Engine Fitter, when he was married secondly, at Haggs Road, Pollokshaws, 9 November 1888, to Elizabeth ANDERSON, aged 27, Power Loom Weaver (daughter of George ANDERSON, Coal Miner, and Margaret PARKER).

5. Elizabeth YOUNG, born at Paisley, 23 February 1857; with her parents in 1861; Housekeeper, with her father, 1881; she died at Grahamfield Cottage on 15 December 1902, and was buried in Beith Cemetery; she married at Tetwood, Pollockshaws, 1 September 1886, Andrew CROSBIE, aged 29, Widower, Railway Clerk, of Kirkintilloch (son of John CROSBIE, Coal Clerk, and Mary CRAIG); issue:
     a. John CROSBIE, born at Thomchard, Renfrewshire, 1 May 1889; married Nan ROBINSON, with issue.
     b. Robin CROSBIE; went to Boston; married without issue.
     c. Mary CROSBIE; died unmarried.
     d. Elizabeth CROSBIE; died unmarried.
     e. Andrew CROSBIE; married Peg; with issue.
Andrew married thirdly, Mary DUNLOP; he died on 5 June 1939, and was buried at Beith.

6. Jane YOUNG, born at Paisley, 1 October 1860; with her parents, 1861, 1871; House-worker, with her father, 1881; married at Titwood House, Pollokshaws, 9 July 1889, to George URIE, aged 33, Joiner Journeyman, of 6 Matilda Terrace, Strathbungo (son of Thomas URIE, Blacksmith, and Mary COWAN; they had issue:
     a. Robert Young URIE, born in 1892; Coal Merchant, of Langside Road, 1930, when he confirmed the will of his uncle Robert YOUNG of Beith (my great-grandfather); he died on 13 May 1961; he married Alexandrina JOHNSTONE; she died in 1965; they had issue:
          i. George URIE; of Dunoon, Argylleshire; unmarried.
          ii. Betty URIE; married William McINTYRE; he died in 1976, with issue.
     b. Mary Cowan URIE, born on 15 January 1894; died on 15 May 1977; married Richard MACAULAY; he died in 1971, without issue.
     c. Jane Paton URIE, born on 14 February 1896; living in 2989; married Robert PARKER (1880-1962); with issue.

7. John YOUNG, born at Paisley, 14 November 1862; with his parents, 1871; Joiner's Apprentice, with his father, 1881; at 41 Pollok Street, Eastwood, 1891 Census, aged 28, Joiner, with wife; he was married firstly, at 30 Pleasance Street, Pollokshaws (the bride's residence), 30 July 1885, to Margaret Ann McDOUGALL, aged 21, Spinster (daughter of John McDOUGALL, Dairyman, and Margaret KERR); she died at 41 Pleasant Street, Pollokshaws, in 1894, aged 30, of "Alcoholism, nervous exhaustion", married to John YOUNG, Joiner Journeyman, the death informed by her father.
John emigrated to Connecticut in December 1891, and settled in New Haven; he applied for a U.S. Passport in July 1910, intending to visit relatives in the U.K. [this record, viewable on, has his physical description and a photograph]; he was a Carpenter, and I last have him in Clarke Avenue, New Haven, in the 1940 Census, with his wife Joan, widowed daughter Esther and grand-daughter Joan REVELY; they had issue:
     a. Robert McLean YOUNG, born in New Haven on 9 April 1903; he died on 8 April 1988, late of 16 Clark Street, New Haven; he married Alice M. PERDRIZET.
     b. Esther P. YOUNG, born in New Haven on 31 March 1907; she died at Milford, New Haven, on 3 April 1986; she was married to Irvin G. REVELY; with issue:
          i. Joan REVELY.

8. James Paton YOUNG, born at Paisley, 22 January 1865;  with his parents, 1871; Railway Clerk, with his father, 1881 & 1891; Pharmaceutical Chemist, passing his Junior Examination of the Pharmaceutical Society, in July 1900, then of Airdrie; at Westgate, North Berwick; went to the Cape Colony in 1892; went to Rhodesia in 1900; he died at Umtali, Southern Rhodesia, on 23 February 1933, Retired Chemist; he married on 8 June 1898, Margaret WOOD; with issue two children [see South Africa Who's Who, 1916].

9. Hugh YOUNG, born at Paisley, 5 April 1867; with his parents, 1871; Scholar, with his father, 1881; emigrated to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; at Holmes Street, Pittsburgh, 1900 Census, aged 33, Patternmaker, with wife and four children; at Carnegie Street, Pittsburgh, 1910 Census, aged 42, with wife and three children; at Pittsburgh, 1920 Census, aged 51, Pattern Maker, Iron Foundry, with wife and three adult children; at Fish Street, Pittsburgh, 1930 Census, aged 63, Pattern Maker, with wife and daughter; he died on 31 October 1949, a Widower, late of 201 South Millvale Avenue, Pittsburgh; he married at Pollokshaws, 5 September 1890, to Maggie DICK (alias Margaret McLAUGHLAN, and recorded in her marriage registration as daughter of Rebecca McLAUGHLAN maiden surname DICK, and her father was "reputed" to have been Allan EWING]; she was born in Scotland, about 1868; they had issue:
     a. Rebecca YOUNG, born in Scotland, June 1891; aged 8, with her parents, 1900; she died in 1905.
     b. Jean P. YOUNG, born in April 1893; aged 7, with her parents, 1900; aged 16, with her parents, 1910; aged 25, Stenographer, Steel Manufacturer, with her parents, 1920; aged 35, Stenographer at Mill, with her parents, 1930; she informed her father's death, 1949, of 201 South Millvale Avenue, Pittsburgh.
     c. Robert YOUNG, born at Scottsdale, Pennsylvania, 9 August  1895; aged 4, with his parents, 1900; aged 14, with his parents, 1910; aged 24, Travelling Salesman, with his parents, 1920; at Maple Street, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, 1940 Census, aged 44, Executive, Steel Mill, with wife and four children; he died in October 1977; married Ann Zella JORDAN; with issue.
     d. George YOUNG, born in February 1897; aged 3, with his parents, 1900.
     e. Ruth YOUNG, born in 1906; aged 4, with her parents, 1910; aged 23, with her parents, 1920; she married firstly, Clarence John BEIGLE; with issue; they were at Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, 1930, Clarence, aged 25, Music Teacher, with their son; Ruth married secondly, R.Y. HALL.
10. George YOUNG, born at Paisley, 7 July 1869; with his parents, 1861; Scholar, with his father, 1881; went to South Africa; he died at Conradie Hospital, Pinelands, Cape District, on 7 March 1953, aged 83, late of 5 Merindol, Molenvleit, Wynberg District, Cape Province, Retired Accountant; Mary YOUNG who informed his death may have been his wife.

William THOMSON was a Labourer in Hillockhead, Mauchline Parish, 1819-1828; he was Cottar in Cessnock, Galston parish, 1836-1840; he died about 1840, aged about 45; he and Janet DICKIE, both of Hillockhead, in the Parish of Mauchline, were booked on 3 July 1819, and were married on 16 July by Mr BROWN of Newmilns; Janet was at Bank, Galston, 1841 Census, aged 40(+), Pauper, with six of her children; she was at Henrietta Street, Galston, 1851 Census, aged 52, Widow, Hand sewer, with two daughters and a grand-daughter; she was still there in 1861, with daughter and two SMITH grand-daughters; she was there in 1871, aged 72, Widow, Retired shirt Maker; Janet died at Henrietta Street on 14 February 1875, aged 76, widow of William THOMSON, Ploughman, the death informed by her son William THOMSON.
They had issue:
1. Margaret THOMSON, born at Hillockhead on 27 February 1820, and baptised at Mauchline on 26 March.
2. Janet THOMSON, born at Hillockhead on 16 January 1822, and baptised at Mauchline Kirk on 18 February.
3. Jean THOMSON, born at Hillockhead, 31 May 1824.
4. William THOMSON, born at Hillockhead on 17 March 1826, and baptised at Mauchline Kirk on 17 June. He married Janet Burns HOWATSON. See below.
5. Janet THOMSON, born at Hillockhead, 26 May 1828; probably as Jean, aged 11, with her mother, 1841.
6. Agnes THOMSON, born at Burnhead on 31 December 1831, baptised at Galston Kirk on 13 January 1832.
7. Mary THOMSON, born at Burnhead, 19 March 1834; aged 7, with her mother, 1841.
8. Elizabeth THOMSON, born at Cessnock, 23 February 1836, and baptised at Galston Kirk, 29 March; aged 5, with her mother, 1841.
9. Marion THOMSON, born in Galston, about 1838; aged 3, with her mother, 1841; aged 12, with her mother, 1851.
10. Flora THOMSON, born in Galston, about 1840, aged 1, with her mother, 1841; aged 10, Scholar, with her mother, 1851.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

William HOWATSON; Blacksmith, in Glaisnock, Old Cumnock, 1798; in Auchingilsie, Old Cumnock, Ayrshire, 1809; he was married firstly, in Old Cumock Kirk, on Friday 28 July 198, to Janet PARKER, of the Parish of Auchinleck, after giving their names proclamation on 15 July; they had issue:
1. John HOWATSON, born in Old Cumnock about 1799; Farmer at Nether Robertland, Stewarton, Ayrshire; he died on 29 March 1870, aged 71; he was married at Kilmarnock, on 12 Juy 1826, to Elizabeth PICKEN; she died on 20 May 1883, aged 87; they had issue:
     a. William HOWATSON; Farmer at Nether Robertland; died on 1 July 1903; married at Stewaton, 17 June 1854, Janet Logan DUNLOP, with issue.
     b. Mary HOWATSON.
     c. Ann HOWATSON.
     d. Andrew HOWATSON.
     e. Janet HOWATSON.
2. Hugh HOWATSON; married Marion BARR; with issue:
     a. David HOWATSON.
     b. William HOWATSON; married Elizabeth WALKER, with issue.
3. David HOWATSON, born 26 May 1809, and baptised at Old Cumnock Kirk, 6 July. See below.
William married secondly, after proclamations in Old Cumnock and Sorn parishes, 16 February 1812, to Jean McREA, of Sorn; they had further issue:
4. Margaret HOWATSON, born at Sorn, about 1816; married Hugh BICKERSTAFF, of Old Cumnock; with issue.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

James LINDSAY; of Cleuchbrae, Parish of Lesmahagow, Lanarkshire, 1695 Poll Tax; this farm, 2 miles from Waterhead, lay near Skellyhill; he married Janet WHITE, and they had issue:

Thomas LINDSAY, baptised at Douglas Parish, 16 June 1696; Farmer in Waterhead of Kype, parish of Lesmahagow; he died at Nether Skellyhill, and was buried at Lesmahagow on 9 October 1762; he he was married at Lesmahagow Kirk, after proclamation on 13 May 1721, to Jean YOUNG, daughter of Andrew YOUNG of Auchrobert, Parish of Lesmahagow; she died at Nether Skellyhill, and was buried on 4 Octeber 1772; they had issue:
1. James LINDSAY, baptised at Lesmahagow, 3 March 1723; died in infancy.
2. James LINDSAY, baptised at Lesmahagow, 28 March 1725; Farmer at West Dykehead, Parish of Avondale; an Infeftment, dated 16 March 1765, to James LINDSAY, lawful son of Thomas LINDSAY in Kypeswaterhed, in a 13 shilling land in Dykes, on a disposition by James BROWNING dated 15 March (and witnessed by David JACK in Dykehead and his son James, and Thomas JACKSON in Laigh Dykes); James was Infeft by his Superior on a Charter of Resignation, Registered 7 March 1760; he was Elder of the Associate Congregation, Strathaven, "... from its establishment in 1766"; James was dead before 4 May 1819, when his grandson was Infeft in his estate [Sasine Registers]; James was married at Avondale, after Proclamation on 31 July 1757, to Margaret WATSON (born on 20 March 1737, daughter and coheir of John WATSON of Langkype, Avondale, by Catherine LEIPER, and sister of Jean WATSON, the wife of James ALLISON of Windyedge); they had issue:
     a. Catherine LINDSAY.
     b. Jean LINDSAY.
     c. Jean LINDSAY.
     d. Thomas LINDSAY, born 28 October 1764; Farmer at West Dykehead, Avondale; died before May 1819; married, by Proclamation on 1 January 1789, to Janet BURNS. See below.
     e. Margaret LINDSAY.
     f. John LINDSAY.
     g. Margaret LINDSAY.
     h. James LINDSAY, born on 14 September 1773; emigrated to Rockbridge County, Virginia; he was married there on 30 June 1797, to Nancy CAMPBELL, daughter of WIliam CAMPBELL of Rockbridge; with issue four sons and five daughters.
     j. William LINDSAY, baptised at Avondale, 8 July 1776; Farmer at Clearmount and Woodhead, Parish of Loudon, Ayrshire; he died at Woodhead, 14 March 1870, aged 93, and was buried at Newmilns; he was married at Avondale, 23 May 1807, to Jean GRANGER (daughter of John GRANGER and Ann WILSON); she died on 20 June 1847, aged 87; they had issue seven sons and five daughters,
3. Margaret LINDSAY; married in 1751, William PEACOCK, of Nether Skellyhill, with issue.
4. Jean LINDSAY.
5. Janet LINDSAY; married in 1760, Robert MORTON of Galston, Ayrshire, with issue.
6. Grizzel LINDSAY; married in 1761, Thomas STEEL, of Birkenhead, Lesmahagow, with issue.
7. Isobel LINDSAY; married in 1763, Robert STEEL, of Middleholm, Lesmahagow.
8. Marion LINDSAY; possibly married in 1765, Robert STEEL of East Kilbride, Ayrshire.

Thomas LINDSAY and Janet BURNS had issue:
1. Marion LINDSAY, born at Avondale about 1791; she married at Avondale, 9  January 1813, Andrew HAMILTON (?), with issue.
2. Margaret LINDSAY, born about 1793; at Braehead, Glassford, on 28 July 1871, aged 78; she married at Avondale, 22 July 1815, James BLACK, with issue.
3. James LINDSAY, born about 1795; Farmer at West Dykehead; he married at Avondale, 31 July 1819, Jean ALLEN; with issue.
4. John LINDSAY, baptised at Avondale, 5 December 1795; possibly died young?
5. Gavin LINDSAY, baptised 4 or 9 April, Strathaven Congregation; Farmer at East Newton, Loudon, Ayrshire, 1841 Census; at Newton Farm, ditto, 1851; at Carmelbank, Kilmaurs, 1861; at Overton, Dreghorn, 1871; died on 29 February 1872, aged 70; married at Kilmarnock, 12 September 1843, Jean ROBERTSON, with issue.
6. Mary LINDSAY, baptised 17 March 1807, Strathaven Congregation; she was married in 1830 to David HOWATSON. See next below.
7. Margaret LINDSAY, baptised on 17 March 1809.
 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
David HOWATSON, born in 1809; Agricultural Labourer, Hill Farm, Loudon Parish, 1841 census, aged 30(+), with wife and 5 children; a Farmer there in 1851, with wife and 6 children; Lime Burner, 1873; he and Mary LINDSAY (see above) were proclaimed for marriage at Loudon Kirk, 27 November 1830; she was at Hill Farm, 1861 Census, aged 53, Farmer and Occupier of Nether Newton Lime-works, with 4 children; she was still there in 1871, but not as head of the family; she died at Third Part, Beith Parish, on 32 January 1873, aged 66, of Dropsy, the death informed by her son William.
David and Mary had issue:
1. Janet Burns HOWATSON, born in Kilmarnock, about 1831. She married William THOMSON. see below.
2. Mary HOWATSON, born 1833; she died on 27 January 1914, with confirmation to her executors, sons Peter WRIGHT of Meikleyard and William WRIGHT of Kirkwood, Strathaven; she married at Hill Farm, Loudon, 29 December 1856, William WRIGHT (son of Robert WRIGHT and Ann DUNLOP); Farmer, at Meikleyard, Galston; they had issue:
     a. Peter WRIGHT, born at Meikleyard, 18 February 1858; farmer at Meikleyard; married Sarah JAMIESON, of Witchrow, Riccarton.
     b. Mary WRIGHT; born at Meikleyard, 10 January 1860; married Mr BRIGLAND.
     c. Annie WRIGHT; born at Meikleyard, 27 May 1862; married at Galston, 5 February 1891, Alexander BARCLAY, of Rigghead, Galston; with issue.
     d. Jessie WRIGHT, born at Meikleyard, 27 August 1865; married W. TIVENDALE, of Burnhouse, Galston.
     e. John WRIGHT, born at Meikleyard, 25 June 1867; died young.
     f. Isabella WRIGHT, born at Meikleyard, 17 March 1870,; married W. YOUNG of Threepwood, Galston.
     g. John WRIGHT, born at Meikleyard, 19 July 1872; went to London as a "Scotch Cuddy."
     h. William Craigmills WRIGHT, born at Meikleyaard, 25 March 1875; married at Auchbrain Farm, Mauchline, 4 June 1901, Helen Mair GIBSON; with issue.
3. William HOWATSON, born 1835; Lime Master at Hill Farm, Loudon; later Farmer and Innkeeper at Lugton; he died at Lugton on 12 June 1898; he married at Auchinleck, 26 January 1864, Agnes WELSH (daughter of Robert WELSH and Elizabeth ALEXNADER); she died at Riglaw Farm, Uplawmoor, 15 February 1924; they had issue:
     a. David HOWATSON, born at Beith, 30 January 1875; Grocer's Shopman, 1881; married Jean FINDLAY.
     b. Elizabeth Alexander HOWATSON, born at Thirdpart, Beith, 24 March 1867; she was married at Lugton Inn, 20 August 1890, to George GEMMELL, Land Steward; with issue.
     c. Mary HOWATSON, born at Thirdpart, 15 May 1869; died at Muirhouse Farm, Uplawmoor, 22 May 1949; she was married at Lugton Inn, 29 March 1990, to Alexander WATSON, Blacksmith; issue.
     d. Robert Duncan HOWATSON, born at Beith, 3 July 1871, a twin; married at Dalry, 1895, Margaret Frame ROBERTSON; with issue.
     e. William HOWATSON; born at Beith, 3 July 1871, the other twin; died at Lugton Inn, 1915, Innkeeper.
     f. Agnes Kerr wilson HOWATSON, born at Thirdpart, 21 May 1874; died at Burnside of Roughwood, beith, 14 January 1941; she was married at Lugton Inn, 8 October 1908, to Robert DOBIE, Police Sergeant; with issue.
     g. Jane Welsh HOWATSON, born at Beith about 1876; she was married at Lugton Inn, 29 September 1905, Robert ORR.
     h. Janet HOWATSON, born at Beith, about 1880; she was married at Lugton Inn, 29 September 1905, to John BARBER.
4. Marion HOWATSN, born May 1838; died at Hill Farm, Loudon, of fever, 28 April 1858, aged 19.
5. Elizabeth HOWATSON, born 23 May 1841; she died in 1926; she was married firstly, at Loudon, 11 November 1861, to Boyd GILMOUR, Coalmaster at Hurlford, Riccarton, a Widower (with previous issue); they had issue:
     a. Elizabeth GILMOUR, born at Riccarton, 24 March 1862.
     b. Janet Lindsay GILMOUR, born at Loudon, 19 April 1864.
     c. Andrew GILMOUR, born at Loudon, 23 June 1866.
Elizabeth married secondly, at Riverside Cottage, Loudon, 20 february 1871, Hugh WILSON, Master Flesher, of Bridge Street, Galston, and also a Widower; they had issue:
     d. Mary Lindsay WILSON; born 5 March 1872; died young.
     e. David WILSON, born at Loudon, 2 October 1874.
     f. Mary WILSON, born at Loudon about 1877.
6. Thomas HOWATSON, born 1844; Colliery Labourer, 1868; at Hill Farm, 1871, Manager, with wife and 3 children; married Janet GEBBIE.
7. John HOWATSON, born 1848; married at Loudon, 15 July 1881, Jean RANKIN.
8. James HOWATSON, born 1848; died 1936; married in 1889, Elizabeth McCALL.
David appears to have died at 22 East Street, Mossend, West Calder in West Lothian, on 13 February 1881, but according to the informant, his son Matthew HOWIESON, he was only aged 50 years, which is 20 years too young for our David - but Mathew also informed the Registrar that David's parents were William HOWIESON, Farmer, and Janet HOWIESON m.s. PARKER - and further, when Mathew himself was born, as HOWAT, in 1862, his father David was recorded as a Lime-burner. It appears that all the evidence indicates that David HOWATSON and David HOWIESON were the same man, despite him starting a second family while his first wife was still living, although David and his second "wife" Elizabeth did record in Mathew's birth registration that they had been married in Ballantrae on 10 December 1860, but which marriage does not appear to have been registered under either surname.
David HOWIESON had a second family by Elizabeth McKINNON or McKENNA (she died at Mossend, West Calder, on 28 July 1888, aged 48), as follows:
9. Mathew Thomson HOWAT or HOWIESON, born 1862; died 1927; married in 1899, Jane McGonigal SMITH, with issue.
10. Robert HOWIESON, born in 1864; died 1934; married in 1884, Sarah SHORE, with issue.
11. Allan HOWIESON; born 1866; died in 1891, unmarried.
12. Agnes HOWIESON, born in 1868; died in 1885, unmarried.
13. Andrew HOWIESON, born in 1870; died in 1889, unmarried.
14. David HOWIESON, born in 1872; died in 1933; married in 1898, Elizabeth Donaldson FORREST, with issue.
15. Joseph HOWIESON, born in 1875; married in 1899, Jessie A. BROWN.
16. Margaret HOWIESON, born in 1877; died in 1902, unmarried.


[Robert YOUNG Junior.]

Robert YOUNG was with his parents in 1851; he was a Scholar, with his parents, 1861; and in 1864, he was employed as a Clerk at Paisley Railway Station.
He was recorded in Directories at 40 Broomlands, Clerk, Railway Station, 1867-68; at 19 St James's Street, Booking Clerk, Railway Station, 1868-69; and at 1 St James's Street, Booking Clerk, Railway Station, 1869-70 (perhaps with a typo in the street number?).

The Glasgow and Kilmarnock Joint Railway had been authorised in 1869, by the Glasgow and South West Railway and the Caledonian Railway Companies, to build and operate a line from Neilston through Uplawnmore, Lugton and Dunlop to Stewarton, which opened in 1871, and this was extended to Kilmarnock by 1873.
In February 1871, Robert was promoted to the new post of Station Master at Lugton Station in Dunlop Parish, Ayrshire; this station was the nearest one to Highgate Farm, where his future wife Elizabeth lived with her THOMSON family.
In the 1871 Census, he was boarding at the Smithy, in Lugton, aged 20, Station Master, with the Blacksmith Andrew McGILL and his family.

In May 1878, Robert accompanied his father on a Railwayman's version of a "Busman's holiday" to Paris, via a stay in London with relations.

In the 1881 Census, he residing at Station House, Lugton, aged 30, Railway Station Master, with his newly married wife Elizabeth, aged 23, born in Loudon.

Later in 1881, Robert was again promoted, this time to the Terminus Station at Beith Town.

In the 1891 Census, he was residing at Station House, Lugton Road, Beith, aged 40, a Widower, with his three young children, and a domestic servant named Jane SNODGRASS, aged 68, and a Beith local.

In the 1901 Census, he was at Dalry Road, Beith, aged 50, Railway Station Master, with his second wife Eliza (aged 44, born at Dalry, Ayrshire), and his three children.

In the 1911 Census, he was at Station House, Beith Town, aged 60, with wife Elizabeth (53), and two younger children.

[The old Railway Station Master's residence, Beith Town.
Image courtesy of the web-site.]

Robert retired in June 1923, aged 72; he removed from Station Cottage, Winton Place, into Westfield, King's Road, Beith. He died at Westfield on 5 April 1930, aged 80 (Pulmonary embolism); and was buried at Beith Town Cemetery.

[Robert YOUNG Junior's plot in Beith Town Cemetery.]

[Robert YOUNG Junior's headstone in Beith Town Cemetery.]

His will, dated 31 May 1928, was recorded at Kilmarnock on 5 September 1930, with confirmation dated 10 September to John CROSBIE, of Cumnock Sreet, Clerk; Robert Young URIE, of Langside Road, Glagow, Coal Merchant, and John Alexander Anderson LOVE, Writer, the executors. Value of estate, 1313 pounds 15s 6d.

Robert YOUNG was married firstly, at Highgate Farm, Parish of Beith, after Banns according to the Forms of the Established Church of Scotland, on 28 December 1880, to Elizabeth THOMSON, daughter of William THOMSON, Farmer, of Highgate Farm, and his wife Janet Burns HOWATSON. See above.

Elizabeth YOUNG died at Station Cottage, Beith, on 26 January 1888, aged 26, of Phthisis, Pulmonitis; she was buried in Robert YOUNG Senior's Lair in Woodside Cemetery, Paisley.

[The only photograph I have seen of Elizabeth THOMSON, with her husband and three children, probably taken shortly before her death.

Was this a typical family photo, or was this the consumptive being "isolated" from her children?]

Robert and Elizabeth had issue:

1. Janet Howatson YOUNG, born at Winton Place, Beith, on 14 February 1883.
See her separate blog post at this link:

2. Jane (Janey) Paton YOUNG, born at Wester Highgate Farm on 26 September 1884; she was aged 6, Scholar, with her father, 1891; aged 16, Scholar, with her father and step-mother, 1901. Miss Jane P. YOUNG completed her studies at Glasgow University in April 1906, majoring in Moral Philosophy, and in both German and French Literature and Languages [Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald, 13 April 1906], and was due to "... be capped" for her M.A. degree on Tuesday 1 May. She was aged 26, Teacher, School Board, with her father and step-mother, 1911.

Janey visited Adelaide in 1936, and spent some time with her sister Janet GORRIE at Victor Harbour in the weeks before her death. She arranged for Janet's younger daughter Jan GORRIE to join her when she and Jim had settled into retirement in Essex.
Janey died at "The Elms," 28 Well Lane, Stock, Essex, on 9 May 1973, her death being informed by her niece Sadie Biggar McFARLANE of Hendon.
Jane Paton YOUNG, aged 26, a Teacher residing in Scotland, was married in the Wellesley Square Church, Calcutta, by a Minister of the United Free Church of Scotland, on 7 November 1911, to James MACKIE, aged 26, Mining Engineer, of Jamadolio, Manbhum District, India.

He was born at Cross of Beith, Ayrshire, in January 1885, a son of Robert MACKIE, Grocer and Coal Master, and Elizabeth WALLACE. Jim worked for the Eastern Coal Company in Bihar, which supplied coal for ships of the Peninsular and Oriental (P.&O.) Shipping Company in Indian ports. They lived at Bihar, 200 km north-west of Calcutta, and 8 km south of the River Ganges near its confluence with the River Ganda at Patna.
In 1915, her sister Janet GORRIE, with her two infant children Bob and Betty, visited the MACKIEs and spent time with them while Peter GORRIE served with the R.A.M.C. in the Mediterranean - the visit included a trip into the foothills of the Himalayas.
In 1927, Janey and Jim MACKIE visited the GORRIEs in Mount Lofty, near Adelaide - their visit included a motoring trip to Canberra with the GORRIEs for the official opening of the newly constructed Parliament House.
James MACKIE retired as a Collier in India in about 1937, and he and Janey settled in Stock, near Chelmsford, in Essex.
Jim died there on 23 April 1968. They had no issue.

2. Robert YOUNG, born at Winton Place, Beith, on 26 December 1885; he was aged 5, Scholar, with his father, 1891; aged 15, Railway Clerk, with father & step-mother, 1901; aged 25, Clerk, with father and Step-mother, 1911.
Robert was a Shipping Agent in Glasgow; he was residing at 78 Westmorland Street, Glasgow, in April 1730, when he informed his father's death; his last residence was 96 Croftpark, Glasgow.
Robert died at the Victoria Infirmary in Glasgow on 24 July 1933, aged 47, whilst under anaesthesia during an operation for cancer of the pharynx; he was buried in his wife's family plot at Beith Cemetery [M.I.].
Robert was married in Beith, 4 October 1911, to Agnes Henry MILLER, aged 25, Seamstress (daughter of James MILLER, Farmer at Over Hessilhead, and his wife Ann STIRRAT). She died on 14 March 1955, aged 68
Robert and Agnes had issue:
     a. Robert YOUNG, born on 11 January 1912, and baptised at Crosshill United Free Church, Glasgow, 27 March; he married Jenny CAMPBELL, and had issue. I had the pleasure of visiting Robert and Jenny in Nottingham in 1983.
     b. Agnes YOUNG, born in Glasgow, 12 January 1916; she married Jim BROWN, with issue.
     c. James YOUNG, born in Glasgow, 15 March 1922; he married Marion BOYD, with issue.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Harvey WELMAN - An Officer in H.M.'s 57th Regiment of Foot

Harvey WELMAN was born at Tinterne, County Wexford, on 15 August 1782; he was a son of Harvey WELMAN Senior and Margaret LOWCAY.

The information about his life, presented below, began as a section of my earliest posting on this blog-page, in 2007, in the family group headed by Robert PIGOTT, who rose up the ranks of the Excise Department in Wexford, until appointed one of the Inspectors-General of Excise in Dublin, and whose daughter, Abigail PIGOTT, was Harvey WELMAN's first wife.
See -

Robert PIGOTT (c1760-1826) was very likely to have been a first cousin of my greatx3 grandfather, John PIGOTT of Dublin (c1759-1838).
See -

Which is, of course, why Harvey WELMAN's descendants interest me, especially those by his first marriage.

The information here is largely derived from the usual family history sources, including,, British Newspapers 1600-1900 (Gale Group), British Newspaper Archive, Trove newspaper holdings of Australian newspapers, and Papers Past (N.Z.), all of which I have accessed using institutional subscriptions of the State Library of N.S.W. in Macquarie Street, Sydney, and the Library of the Australian Society of Genealogists in Kent Street, Sydney.

Any additional information, or corrections, will be most willingly accepted. I may be contacted at

Chris PIGOTT, Potts Point, N.S.W.


William WELMAN, Rosse, 1678, Will [Philimore and Thrift, Index to Irish Wills].
James WELMAN, New Ross, 1705, Will [ditto].

William WELMAN; of New Ross, Wexford, Gent; his will was proved in 14 November 1695 by Elizabeth WELMAN, of the same, the Widow and Relict [Betham's Abstracts,]. They may have been parents of the next:

William WELMAN, born in or before 1687, and possibly well before; Sovereign of the Corporation of New Ross, County Wexford, 1708 and 1726 [Journal of the Historical and Archaeological Association of Ireland, Volume IX, 188, page 314]; probably the joint recipient (with David SMITH) of a Grant of £40 for "... the apprehension of Jno FRENY, concerned in the robbery of Rev'd Mr HICKS of Lisduffe, Co Tipp'y, and the murder of his son William HICKS" [The Past, Journal of the Ui Ceinnsealaigh Historical Society, No 9, 1972, page 36]; in May 1730, William WELLMAN, of New Ross, in the County of Wexford, Esquire, made a deed of marriage Settlements, dated 26 May 1730 [Memorial Number 55785, Deeds Registry, Dublin], for the marriage intended to be solemnised between his eldest son and heir Harvey WELLMAN, and Mary CURTIS the only daughter of Richard CURTIS, of Lough, County Wexford, who was the other party to the Deed of Settlements, citing a bequest from his late brother, Edmund CURTIS, deceased (Richard CURTIS, of Lough, County Wexford, Gent, was named as grantee of a lease, dated 5 October 1731 [Memorial 46962], of Nathaniel BOYSE, of Graiges, County Wexford, Esq, of the Towns and Lands of Balloughtan, in the Parish of Killkevan, Barony of Bargy, County of Wexford, for a term of lives including Harvey WELMAN of New Ross, County Wexford, Gent, his wife Mary).
William WELMAN, of Ballytarsney, County Wexford, Esq, was grantee of an Indented Deed of Lease dated  2 October 1738 [Memorial Number 69942, Book 101, Page 74, Dublin Deeds Registry], made by Hon Richard Earl of Anglesey, being the Farm Lett premises on the south side of Maries Street, New Ross, lately held by Mr William LAMBLY, the deed signed and sealed by William WELMAN in the presence of Harvey WELMAN, of New Ross, Gent, and his wife Mary WELMAN; his probate was granted 25 November 1755, to Joseph R. Esq, and to Catherine the widow [BETHAM's Abstracts].
William probably married, about 1700, Catherine HARVEY, second daughter of John HARVEY of Killiane Castle, County Wexford Esq, and his wife Elizabeth STOPFORD (their M.L.B., Diocese of Dublin, 1675); Catherine may have been the Mrs WELMAN, wife of the Town Clerk in New Ross, who was the subject of a complaint, dated 29 September 1715, that she "... knows too much of the Corporation's secrets" [Royal Society of Antiquaries, Volume XXXI, 1901, page 60].
William and Catherine had issue:
1. Harvey WELMAN. See [ZZ] below.
2. John WELMAN; Apothecary, of the City of Dublin, when he was married at St Bride's, Dublin, 4 August 1738, by Consistorial License, to Mary ADAMS, of the parish of St Bridget's, Dublin, the Marriage Settlements being the subject of a Deed of Agreement dated 15 July 1738 made by his father William WELMAN of New Ross, Esq, and mentioning the Lands of Ballytarsney, currently under a lease by Caesar COLCLOUGH for "... three lives yet in being," and witnessed by William WELMAN of New Ross, Distiller, and the signatures verified by Sarah WELMAN [Memorial 66067, Book 41, Page 313, Dublin Deeds Registry].


John HARVEY; of Meldreth, Camdridgeshire; his will, dated 10 February 1602, was proved 25 February [BURKE, Landed Gentry (G.B.), 1912], and named his sons Richard HARVEY (heir and sole executor), Robert HARVEY and Henry HARVEY, and daughters Margaret (BURDAY?), Elizabeth (?OO?ELL and Suzan HARVEY).
BURKE recorded this John as the father of Richard HARVEY (below).

However, this proposed lineage does not correspond with information contained in "The History and Antiquities of the Borough of Lyme Regis," by George ROBERTS, London, 1834 [hereinafter cited as History and Antiquities], which indicates otherwise, and as follows:

Walter HARVEY; originally of London, and came to Lyme Regis about 1582; Merchant in Lyme Regis; admitted as one of the eleven Capital Burgesses for the Corporation of the Borough of Lyme Regis at it's foundation, 26 June 33 Elizabeth (1591), for life; in 1597, Walter "... was presented" - presumably to the Lyme Regis Magistrates - "... for having enclosed the way upon the down, called Colway down, by the crooked oak, which ought not to be" [Social History of the Southern Counties of England, by George ROBERTS, London, 1856, page 465];Walter was Mayor of Lime Regis, for the years 1586, 1593 and 1602; he initially refused to "...come to election of Mayor" for the year 1612, but by 6 November 1611 he "... came and yielded himself conformable" [History and Antiquities], but not without consequences - on 2 December "... it was ordered that any capital burgess who refused the office of Mayor should pay £10 to the King and £10 to the next Mayor" [History and Antiquities]; identified in the "History and Antiquities" as father of Richard, the new capital burgess.

Marie HARVEY was married in Lyme Regis, Dorset, on 23 May 1614, to John BALSTONE.

Richard HARVEY; New Freeman, Mercer's Guild, 1591 [ website]; Mercer, and Merchant Adventurer of London; Merchant in Lyme Regis, and Collector of Customs there; Freeman of that Borough, 1610, Capital Burgess, and Mayor in 1616, 1626 and 1635 [History and antiquities]; his will was dated 21 August 1641 [BURKE, Landed Gentry (G.B.), 1912], and proved P.C.C. on 20 September, naming his three sons, and three daughters; by his wife Susan, who evidently died before him, he had issue:
1. Richard HARVEY; named in his father's will, with £100; he bequeathed his property in Chard, Somersetshire, to a charity because his family and heirs had taken the Parliamentary side and rebelled against Charles I.
2. John HARVEY; Merchant in Lyme Regis; admitted Freeman there, 1627; named in his father's will, 1641, with £500 (his three children also named); he compounded for his estates in Chardestock, Somerset, under CROMWELL, paying £12; he was married with issue:
     a. Richard HARVEY; of Exeter, Gent; his will proved 1663.
     b. Susan HARVEY.
     c. Mary HARVEY.
3. Francis HARVEY. See next below.
4. Grace HARVEY; named in her father's will as Grace JENNET (?) with £10.
5. Elizabeth HARVEY; named in her father's will as Elizabeth GODSALL, with £10.
6. Sarah or Susan HARVEY; named in her father's will as OXIE (? perhaps d'OYLY), with £10.

Francis HARVEY; born at Lyme Regis, about 1613-14; educated at Ilminster under Mr CONDUIT, and elsewhere in Somerset, 6 years; admitted into Gonville College, Cambridge, 9 June 1629, aged 15, "... to the bachelor's table, under the surety of Mr MANWARINGE" [Biographical History of Gonville and Caius College], and "... son of Richard HARVEY, of Lyme Regis, Dorset (Mayor of Lyme)" and born there [Alumni Cantabrigienses, Part 1, Volume II, page 323]; named in his father's will, 1641, with £600; a Merchant in Lyme Regis; Francis supported the Parliamentary cause, and was taken prisoner by the Army of  Prince Maurice while "... conveying Mr ALFORD, a Merchant of the town, supposed to be a malignant and a desperate one, prisoner to Portsmouth" [History and Antiquities of the Borough of Lyme Regis, Op. Cit.], and committed to Exeter Jail; Maurice's Royalist Force attacked Lyme Regis on 6 May 1644, but was repelled, with a loss of 600 men, including Captain BERRETT; next day, the garrison offered to return the Captain's body, but "... the Prince would not release Mr HARVEY, brother-in-law of the Governor (Thomas CEELY), who had been taken prisoner when conveying Mr ALFORD... to Portsmouth" [History and Antiquities]; on 10 October the Mayor of Lyme Regis "... sent to the Parliament a letter relating to the necessity of supplying this garrison. The matter was referred to the 'committee for the safety of Plymouth, Lyme and Poole'; who had likewise to consider how Mr HARVEY might be reimbursed for the moneys he had laid out in the garrison, and bringing up Mr ALFORD" [History and Antiquities]; the HARVEY family "... left Lyme soon after the civil wars" [History and Antiquities].
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
In October 1655, Richard ROSE, of Wotten Fitzpayne, County Dorset, Esq, made his will, mentioning his brother-in-law Francis HARVEY (sometime of Lyme Regis) and his daughter Susannah HARVEY, John HARVEY of London, John HARVEY of Chard, Richard HARVEY son of Francis, and brother Thomas CEELY - this would appear to be our Francis HARVEY, who was in 1644 identified as brother-in-law of Thomas CEELY, although an on-line pedigree does identify the wife of this Francis HARVEY as being Joan ROSE, daughter of John ROSE and Faith ELLESDON - which is NOT Catherine PLUNKETT otherwise the widow FLEMING!
Perhaps there were two Francis HARVEY's after all?
Or was there only one Francis, with two marriages, the first to Joan ROSE in Lyme Regis, and the second to Catherine FLEMING otherwise PLUNKETT in County Wexford?
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
In 1649, Francis obtained a grant of land in County Wexford under the Act of Settlement, which were confirmed to him by Charles II; he was under threat of dismissal as a Capital Burgess of the Borough Lyme Regis, 1662, if he did not soon resume his residence there [History and Antiquities]; he added additional lands by purchase from his friend, Colonel BUNBURY, who had received then in lieu of pay, and by which Francis augmented his holdings at Killiane to a total of 750 acres; of which lands he passed patent in 1666 [BURKE, Landed Gentry (G.B.), 1912]; M.P. for the Borough of Clonmines, 1661; Mayor of Wexford, 1671; High Sheriff of that county, 1673, 1674; he was buried in St Iberius' Church, Wexford, on 23 November 1692; his will was dated 5 May 1692, and proved in the Diocese of Ferns.
Francis married, perhaps secondly, Catherine PLUNKETT, relict of Mr FLEMING, Esq; she was buried with her husband on 8 December 1710.
Francis had issue (but by which of the two possible spouses is not yet clear), including:
1. John HARVEY, of Killiane Castle, Esq; High Sheriff of Wexford, 1692; M.P. for the Town of Wexford, 1695-99; he was buried in the Chancel of St Iberius's Church, Wexford, on 21 September 1707 [BURKE, Landed Gentry (G.B.), 1912]; he was of the City of Dublin, Esq, when married at St Michan's Church of Ireland, on 19 October 1675, by Marriage License Bond of the Diocese of Dublin dated 18 october, to Elizabeth STOPFORD, of Inns, Dublin [BETHAM's Abstract], daughter of James STOPFORD, of New Hall, County Meath ["History of the Irish Parliament" records this name as STOPPARD]; they had issue:
     a. Elizabeth HARVEY; she was married in 1696, by License of the Diocese of Ferns, to Richard ROWE, of Ballyharty in County Wexford; they had issue.
     b. Catherine HARVEY; married William WELMAN of Ross, County Wexford (see above).
     c. Mary HARVEY; married Cornelius DONOVAN, of Clonmore, County Wexford.
     d. Francis HARVEY; Captain, R.N.; died without issue.
     e. John HARVEY; Lieutenant, 30th Regiment; died without issue.
     f. Richard HARVEY; died without issue.
     g. James HARVEY, born Killiane, about 1682; See [%] below.
     h. Susannah HARVEY; she died at Bargy Castle, 1720; she married Reverend William HARVEY of Bargy Castle, County Wexford. See below.
     j. Amelia HARVEY; married Benjamin BETTS of the Town of Wexford, Esq; they had issue.
     k. Ann HARVEY, born 16 June 1704 ["History of the Irish Parliament"].
2. Richard HARVEY; a Merchant in Cork, 1663.
3. Catherine HARVEY; she was married on 24 February 1676, by License of the Diocese of Ferns, to Joshua or John NUNN, of Hillcastle, Count Wexford; with issue:
     a. John NUNN; married in 1723, Susannah FRENCH, a daughter of John FRENCH of Camolin, county Wexford, by Elizabeth WELMAN.

[%] James HARVEY, born Killiane, about 1682; admitted to Trinity College, Dublin, 15 November 1699, as a Pensioner (tutor Mr YOUNG, Dublin), aged 17; B.A. Verne 1704, M.A. Aest 1707; Rector of Rathaspeck; of Killiane Castle; he was the grantee of a deed of Lease and Release, dated 14 and 15 June 1734 respectively [Memorial 53595, Book 78, Page 95], made by John LOVET of the City of Dublin, Gent (and mentioning his wife Mary Ann as joint first party to the Release), concerning that part of the Town and Lands of Great Killiane called Cold Park alias Foxes Hole, and the Town and Lands of Levelstown, and the Town and Lands of Rowestown alias Reystown, and the Town and Lands of Killiestown, and of Colebrean, all in the County of Wexford, and naming John BEAUCHAMP of Ballyloughan (sic) in the County of Carlow as the third party to the Release;James died on 16 June 1760, and was buried in Rathaspeck Church, aged 84 ["History of the Irish Parliament"; BURKE Landed Gentry (G.B.)]; he married Martha BEAUCHAMP, daughter of John BEAUCHAMP of Ballyloughlane, County Carlow; she is said to have married secondly, MOORE  but she is recorded as having been buried with James HARVEY at Rathaspeck ion 23 December 1760, so this second marriage appears unlikely (or mistakenly attributed from another Martha); they had issue:
1. John HARVEY; of Great Killinane, County Wexford, Esq; Captain, 16th Regent of Foot; died intestate in 1763; he was married to Martha ROWE; with issue:
     a. John HARVEY, born in 1751; of Killiane Castle, Esq; High Sheriff of County Wexford; he was buried at Rathaspeck on 29 may 1796; his will dated 19 January 17, proved in Dublin on 23 June 1796, named his mother Mrs Martha MOORE, his wife Dorothy, his six daughters, his uncle Vigors HARVEY, and his brother-in-law Walter CLIFFE; he was married to Dorothy CLIFFE, a daughter of General Anthony CLIFFE, of Ross, County Wexford; she survived him; they had issue:
          i. John HARVEY, born 27 April 1784; buried at Rathaspeck on 22 December 1784.
          ii. John HARVEY, born 21 March 1785; buried at Rathaspeck in July 1785.
          iii. John HARVEY, born 20 July 1791; buried at Rathaspeck in January 1792.
          iv. Vigors HARVEY; of Killiane Castle; and of Hammerton Hall Yorkshire; adopted the spelling HERVEY in 1818 with Royal Assent; he died in 1828; he married frances Margaretta SHAERLEY of Someford Hall, Cheshire; she maried secondly in 132, T.R. KEMP, M.P., and builder of Kemp Town in Brighton
          v. Ann HARVEY; named in her father's will, 1793; married firstly, James GILDEA, Esq, of Coslough, County Mayo; she married secondly, Ralph NASH of Cahirconlist, County Limerick..
          vi. Martha HARVEY; named in her father's will, 1793; unmarried; her will was proved in Dublin in 1800.
          vii. Dorothy HARVEY; named in her father's will, 1793; she married firstly, on 7 December 1798, William HARVEY (brother of John HARVEY of Bargy Castle), with issue; she married secondly, ArthurMADOWS , of Hermitage, County Wexford, with further issue.
          viii. Barbara HARVEY; named in her father's will, 1793; she married Richard LAMBART, of Bristol, Esq; with issue.
          ix. Mary HARVEY; named in her father's will, 1793; she married Henry ARCHER, Esq, of Ballyseskin, County Wexford, with issue.
          x. Frances HARVEY; named in her father's will, 179; she married the Rev Samuel ADAMS, of Northlands, County Cavan, Dean of Cashel, with issue.
2. Vigors HARVEY; Lieutenant, 16th Regiment of Foot; living in 1791, without issue; will proved in Dublin in 1800; he was married to Sarah WATSON, daughter of William WATSON, Esq, of Pitsmore, Yorkshire.
3. James HARVEY; of Wigan, Lancashire, Esq; Captain, 7th regiment of Foot; his will proved in Dublin, 1768; he was married to Cecily LEIGH, daughter and heiress of Robert LEIGH of Hindy Hall, Esq; they had issue:
     a. Robert John HARVEY; of Farnham, Yorkshire, Esq; Lieutenant, 6th or Enniskillen Dragoons Regiment; Colonel in the Army; he formally adopted the name HERVEY in 1818, with Royal Assent; he married Elizabeth BICKERDYKE, daughter of Thomas BICKERDYKE of Farnham, Yorkshire; they had issue.
     b. James Leigh HARVEY; Captain, 33rd Regiment.
     c. Martha Cecily HARVEY; she died unmarried, her will proved in Dublin in 1791.
4. Francis HARVEY; died without issue.
5. Batholomew HARVEY; died without issue.
6. Martha HARVEY; married to Francis HARVEY of Bargy Castle (see below).
7. Catherine HARVEY; she died on 19 December 1759, and was buried at Rathaspeck; she was married in 1752, by License of the Diocese of Ferns, to Philip PALLISER, Esq, of Castletown, County Wexford; he died on 3 September 1784, and was buried with his wife; they had issue.


Ambrose HARVEY; "... the younger, of Gregheela" and son of Ambrose HARVEY "... the elder, of Bridge of Bargy" [BURKE's Landed Gentry (Ireland), 1912]; their relationship to Francis HARVEY of Killiane Castle is not yet understood; Ambrose was married in 1677, by License of the Diocese of Ferns, to Susannah CAMBEY, daughter of Samuel CAMBEY; with issue:
1. William HARVEY, born in County Wexford about 1682; admitted to Trinity College Dublin, 27 September 1700, aged 18, son of Ambrose HARVEY, Gent (by his wife Susannah CAMBRY); Rector of Malrankan and Prebendary of Edermine; of Bargy Castle, County Wexford; his will was proved in Dublin in 1765; he married his cousin Susannah HARVEY (daughter of John HARVEY of Killiane); with issue:
     a. Ambrose HARVEY, born in County Wexford about 1708; admitted to Trinity College Dublin,  May 1727 aged 19; disinherited by his father's will [BURKE]; married Elizabeth HUGHES, of Slad; she was buried at Wexford on 24 October 1751 [BURKE]; with issue five sons and three daughters.
     b. John HARVEY; also disinherited by his father's will [BURKE]; buried at Maglas, 18 August 1794; married Jane RUSSELL; with issue
     c. Francis HARVEY; he succeeded to the estates of Bargy Castle in 1765; his will dated 1 November 1782, proved 30 January 1792 [BETHAM's Abstract]; he married Martha HARVEY (daughter of Rev James HARVEY of Killiane Castle); she survived him; with issue:
          i. Beauchamp Bagenal HARVEY, born 1762; Trinity College, Dublin; Irish Bar, 1782; eldest son when named in his father's will, 1782; executed on Wexford Bridge, in 1798; Administration of his effects, 3 August 1798, to Judith HARVEY, the Widow [BETHAM's Abstract]; he was married in 1797 to Judith DOCKRILL; no issue..
          ii. James HARVEY; second son in his father's will, 1782; re-granted the family estates in 1802.
          iii. Susannah HARVEY; named in her father's will, 1782.
          iv. Martha HARVEY; named in her father's will, 1782; married Gregory BYRNE, Esq; no issue.
          v. Juliana HARVEY; named in her father's will, 1782.
     d. Elizabeth HARVEY; married John BOXWELL.
     e. Susannah HARVEY; married firstly, THORNTON; married secondly, BENNETT [BURKE].
     f. Catherine HARVEY; died in 1777; third daughter, when married, on 17 September 1737, to Thomas HORE of Pole Hore, County Wexford [BURKE], the settlements dated 12 September [Memorial 63135, Book 91, Page 23, Dublin Deeds Registry], the son of Philip HORE of Polehore by his wife Jane.
     g. Mary HARVEY; married firstly, ALLEN; married secondly, James MOORE, Esq, of Milne Hall, County Cavan; with issue - a daughter Dorothea MOORE (married her cousin Samuel MOORE of County Cavan), and another daughter Mary MOORE (married Stephen LETT, Esq).
Rev William married secondly [BURKE - perhaps in error, as this may have been a first marriage], Dorothea CHAMPNEY, daughter of Christopher CHAMPNEY of Kyle, County Wexford; with issue:
     h. Rev Christopher HARVEY; of Temple Hill, County Wexford; his will dated 26 September 1795, proved 6 June 1796, naming his son and two daughters, and his nephew Beauchamp B. HARVEY; married with issue:
          i. William HARVEY; named in his father's will, 1795.
          ii. Dorothea HARVEY; named in her father's will, 1795.
          iii. Rachel HARVEY; named in her father's will, 1795.
     j. Maurice HARVEY; died without issue.
     k. James HARVEY; married Miss NUNN, with issue - a son William (married Miss WATSON), and a daughter Anne (married John HUDSON, Esq).
     l. Rachel HARVEY; married the Rev Archdeacon HASTINGS, of Ferns; no issue.
     m. Dorothea HARVEY; she was married in 1755, by License of the Diocese of Ferns, to John ARCHER, a Merchant in Jamaica; issue one son and four daughters.
     n. Esther HARVEY; married Benjamin FISHER, Esq, of County Carlow; no issue.
     p. Ann HARVEY; married Captain William HEATLY; without issue.
2. daughter; married John BOXWELL (?).

Unallocated entries in the Diocese of Ferns M.L.B. Index:
George HARVEY and Hannah HOPKINS, 1752.
Suzannah HARVEY and James DANBY, 1762.
Mary HARVEY and Samuel BOXWELL, 1767.
Pierce HARVEY and Susannah THORNTON, 1770.
John HARVEY and Dorothy CLIFFE, 1772.
Elizabeth HARVEY and John BOXWELL, 1782.


Margaret STANDISH; believed by descendants to have been the wife of Rev Robert LOWCAY of Rosetown, County Wexford, and the mother of his children (born ca 1690's). See above.


Edward STANDISH; "on 20 May 1637, Edward STANDISH had a grant of the Castle, Manor, Town and Lands of Derryclough, and the Town and Lands of Ballynefrankie, Mole and Ballynemona for himself, and of the Castle, Manor, Town and Lands of Bruff for the use of Dame Faith STANDISH, his mother,  for her life. There is no direct evidence that Edward STANDISH married a second wife, but he probably did, as John STANDISH of Ballyfrankie (sic) was buried in 1710" [Miscellanea  Genealogica et Heraldica, and British Archivist, 1918, citing LODGE M.S., Records of the Rolls, volume v, page 499].

John STANDISH, of Ballyfranky (sic), County Limerick; buried 10 October 1710.

Joseph STANDISH; of Ballynafranky alias Frankfort Castle, County Limerick; he made an Indenture of Declaration, dated 28 October 1714, [Memorial 5614, Book 13, Page 209, Deeds Registry], with Joseph MAUNSELL of the County of the City of Limerick, Gent, concerning lands in the Barony of Athenry, County Galway; his Deeds of Lease and Release dated 21 and 22 April 1727 [Memorial 36219, Book 54, Page 402], by which he demised Ballynafranky to Francis CREED of  Ballinamona, County Limerick, Gent, and mentioning a Marriage Portion of 300 pounds for his marriage to Catherine MOUNCKTON, and naming their two sons.
This Joseph MAUNSELL was grantee of lands in the same Barony to Rev Robert LOWCAY, suggesting a possible connection between this Joseph STANDISH and Rev Robert's wife Margaret?
Lieutenant Joseph STANDISH was married, on 5 June 1710, to Catherine MOUNCKTON, the third daughter of Major Nicholas MOUNCKTON, J.P. for County Limerick, and Jane ODELL; they had issue:
1. John STANDISH; named in his father's deed, 1727.
2. Michael STANDISH; named as second son in his father's deed, 1727.
3. Faith STANDISH; married Patrick PEPPARD of Kilmacow; with issue due in 1735; probably the parents of:
     a. Standish PEPPARD; married in 1751 to Catherine HEWSON.
4. Jane STANDISH; married Matthew MARKHAM, of Limerick (he is recorded with a marriage at the Cathedral Church of St Mary, Limerick, on 10 July 1730, but to Margaret STANDISH?); with issue:
      a. Faith MARKHAM, born in or shortly before 1735.
5. Mary STANDISH; unmarried in 1735.


William STANDISH; of St Audoen's Parish, Dublin; married Catherine; with issue:
1. Joseph STANDISH, baptized at St Audoen's, 3 September 1676; possibly buried there, 2 August 1689.
2. Francis STANDISH, baptized at St Audoen's, 13 December 1680.

Joseph STANDISH; of St Mary's Lane, Oxmanstown; married with issue:
1. James STANDISH; of Dublin; married with issue:
     a. James STANDISH. See [+] next below.
     b. Joseph STANDISH.
     c. Henry STANDISH; Freeman of Dublin, 1708; will proved 1741.
     d. Ann STANDISH; married Benjamin RAINSFORD of Leixlip.
     e. Jane STANDISH; married by License, at St Bride's, Dublin, 16 February 1697-98, William PAYNE or PAINE.

[+] James STANDISH; of Wood Street, Dublin ["A Dictionary of Irish Artists," by Walter G. STRICKLAND, 1913]; of Whitefriar's Street, Dublin St Peter, 1703; died in Dublin, 6 April 1732, and buried at St Mary's (C. of I.), 7 April; of Dublin, Gent, his Administration granted 26 April 1732 to his son Rev John STANDISH, Clerk, and to his (John's ? or James's other) children James, Deacon, Henry, Rebecca and Alice; James married Rebecca DEACON; she was probably buried at St Mary's, Dublin, 9 May 1729; with issue:
1. Joseph STANDISH, baptized at St Andrew's, Dublin, 17 Mar 1699; died in infancy.
2. John STANDISH, born in Dublin, probably about 1700; admitted to Trinity College Dublin, Pens (Mr SHERIDAN), Dublin), 17 March 1719-20 (age not recorded); B.A. Aest 1724, M.A. Aest 1727; Curate of Maralin, County Down, 1730; Rector of Banbridge, County Down, 1766; named in his brother-in-law Richard WOLFE's will, 1773; of Banbridge, County Down, Clerk, his will dated 18 November 1773, proved Dublin 16 March 1776.
3. James STANDISH.
4. Rebecca STANDISH, baptized at St Peter's, Dublin, 20 April 1703.
5. Deacon STANDISH; Goldsmith in Aungier Street, Dublin; named in Marriage Settlements dated 22 September 1750 [Memorial 96044, Book 142, Page 419], for his marriage to Lydia GILBERT, Spinster, second daughter of Robert GILBERT of Humphraystown, and mentioning another marriage to Christian MEDLICOTE, niece of Thomas BARTON of Gowle, County Wicklow (presumably earlier?); named in his brother John's will, 1773; his will, dated 14 March 1788, was proved in Dublin, 18 July 1791, naming his nephews John STANDISH and John BALL, and his nieces Sophia STANDISH and Christina BALL, and "...Jennings daur of same" [BETHAM's Abstract]; by his first wife, probably Christian MEDLICOTE, he had issue:
     a. John STANDISH, baptised at St Andrew's, Dublin, 19 April 1750; died in infancy.
Deacon was married by thirdly, M.L.B. of the Diocese of Dublin, 1779, to Elizabeth KING; he was married fourthly, by Prerogative License dated 21 December 1785, to Sarah RYAN, of the parish of St Mary, Dublin, Spinster [BETHAM's Abstract].
6. Henry STANDISH; Seal Engraver in Cole Alley, Dublin [Dictionary of Irish Artists]; later of Fishamble Street; Freeman of Dublin, 1721; Church Warden of St Werburgh's, Dublin, 1731, 1739; died intestate, 1793; named in his brother John's will, 1773; married Susanna; with issue:
     a. Anne STANDISH, baptized at St Werburgh's, Dublin, 29 September 1730.
     b. James STANDISH, eldest son, baptized at St Werburgh's, Dublin, 20 June 1733; apprenticed in 1749 to his uncle Deacon STANDISH; lived at 77 Dorset Street, Dublin; named in his uncle John's will, 1773; Seal Cutter of Dublin, and cut punches for the Goldsmith's Company, 1793 to 1803 [Dictionary of Irish Artists]; died intestate, 1807.
     c. John STANDISH, baptized at St Bride's, Dublin, 4 March 1736; Jeweller and Seal Cutter in Fade Street, Dublin [Dictionary of Irish Artists]; named in his uncle John's will, 1773; probably named in his uncle Deacon's will, 1788.
     d. Henry STANDISH; of 77 Dorset Street, Dublin, a Letter Punch Cuter for the Goldsmith's Company in Dublin, 1791, 1792 [Dictionary of Irish Artists]; also of North Frederick Street, Dublin; named in his uncle John's will, 1773.
     e. Christian STANDISH, baptized at St John's, Dublin, 13 January 1738; she married John BALL of Dorset Street, Dublin; they were both named in her uncle Deacon's will, 1788.
     ? Sophia STANDISH; probably named in her uncle Deacon's will, 1788.7. Alicia STANDISH; married Richard WOLFE; he was named in his brother-in-law John's will, 1773; of Barrenrath, County Kildare, Esq, his will dated 11 December 1773, and proved in Dublin, 14 May 1779, spouse not named, so probably already dead; issue:
     a. Elizabeth WOLFE; named in her father's will, 1773.
     b. Ann WOLFE; named in her father's will, 1773, where it was noted that she was later married to Robert TRENCH or FRENCH [BETHAM's Abstract].
     c. William Standish WOLFE; named in his father's will, 1773.
8. William STANDISH, baptized at St Mary's, Dublin, 23 May 1714.


Harvey WELMAN, born around about 1705, eldest son and heir of William WELMAN and Catherine HARVEY (see above); on 5 October 1731, Nathaniel BOYSE, of Graiges, County Wexford, Esq, made a Deed of Lease [Memorial 46962], by which he granted unto Richard CURTIS, of Lough, County Wexford, Gent, a lease of the Towns and Lands of Balloughtan, in the Parish of Killkevan, Barony of Bargy, County of Wexford, for a term of three lives - Harvey WELMAN of New Ross, County Wexford, Gent, his wife Mary, and Samuel ELLEY the son of John ELLY of New Ross - the deed being witnessed by Harvey WELMAN and another; Harvey was grantee of  an Indented deed of Lease, dated 3 October 1738 [Memorial Number 69973, Book 100, Page 164], made by Hon Richard Earl of Anglesey, being a Farm Lett of House, Tenement and Premises in South Street, New Ross, for the term of three lives, being himself, his wife Mary and his son Harvey WELMAN; he was probably of New Ross, Gent, when he made a petition, dated 1741, complaining that "... he hath been illegally removed from the Exercise of... Office of Towne Clerk" [The Past, Op. Cit., page 36]; of Bargy, 1751, as Clerk of the Crown for Wexford [The Gentleman and Citizen's Almanack, by John WATSON, Bookseller, Dublin, page 77]; he was probably party to a Deed, dated 1753, with Caesar COLCLOUGH, concerning lands in Ballytarsney, in the parish of Tintern, County Wexford, containing 213 acres [the original document, single page folded, with signs and seals, was offered for sale on-line in December 2004, by MEALY's of Castlecomer, Ireland]; he was probably a witness to the will of Patrick COLCLOUGH, of Boley (and Dunmaine), dated 20 May 1767, with a codicil, dated 23 October 1767, witnessed by Henry WELMAN (perhaps a transcription error for Harvey?); Harvey WELMAN the Elder, of Balloughtan, Gent, was named as second party to an Indented Deed, dated 3 October 1781, of which John WALKER of the Town of Wexford, Gent, was the first party, Philip WALKER of Graganbouy in County, Gent, and Sarah WALKER otherwise WELMAN wife of the said Philip WALKER was the third party, and Harvey WELMAN the Younger of Ballytowna, County Wexford, and John WALKER (sic - later mentioned as WELMAN) of Prospect, County Wexford, Gent, were the fourth party, and by which deed John WALKER (the first party) did grant, bargain, etc, unto the said Harvey WELMAN the Younger and John WELMAN the Younger, the Town and Lands of Deans Castle, commonly known as Gragenbouy (?), formerly in the possession of Thomas COL(?)PER, containing 68 acres... [Memorial 229883].
Harvey died in or shortly before April 1784, when the lands of Balloghtan, in the barony of Bargy and the County of Wexford, "... lately occupied by Mr Harvey WELMAN, deceased," was offered for lease [Dublin Evening Post, Tuesday 13 April 1784], being upwards of 250 acres, "... situated in a plentiful and pleasing country near the sea, and a navigable river, twelve miles distant from Wexford, five from Taghmon, ten from Ross, and thirteen from Waterford"; his will was not proved until 1788 (unless there were two of the same name?).
Harvey was married by Settlements, dated 26 May 1730, to Mary CURTIS, daughter of Richard CURTIS of Lough, County Wexford - possibly Richard CURTIS, who married Catherine CROAKE, by M.L.B., Diocese of Ferns, 1696, Volume 3, Page 9 ["Ferns Marriage Licenses, 1661-1806," Journal of the Kildare Archaeological Society, Volumes IX and X]; they had issue:
1. Anne WELMAN, born about 1731; died at Balloughton, Wexford, on 31 August 1813, aged 84 years, and was buried at Balloughton Parish Church, where her box tomb is inscribed "Sacred to the memory of Anne LETT, wife of Richard LETT of Balloughton and daughter of the late Harvey WELMAN, Esq" [Cantwell's "Memorials for the Dead," on]; she and Richard LETT were married in 1784, by License of the Diocese of Ferns; Richard died on 7 December 1823, aged 69; the enclosed ground where he was buried was presented by Richard LETT "... to the Union of Kilkey and Bannow as a mark of his regard for the Established Church, in the year 1808" [Monumental Inscription].
They may have had issue, including:
     a. Richard LETT, probably born in or before 1824, and perhaps well before; of Balloughton, Esq, in October 1835, when he joined "... the Bard's triumphal entry into Bannow" (the Bard was Mr MOORE), along with Ralph HINCKS, of Rosegarland, Esq (inevitable related to Sarah HINCKS, wife of William Henry Dowling Reeves WELMAN - see below), and Thomas PIGOTT of Slevoy Castle, Esq (but probably not closely related to Abigail PIGOTT).
2. Harvey WELMAN, born in or before October 1738; named as the third life for the term of his father's lease, dated 3 October 1738. See [Z] below.

Harvey WELMAN, St Keivans, J.P. for County Wexford, sometime shortly after 10 December 1779.


Harvey WELMAN (the second); probably born before the mid 1750's; of St Mary's Parish, Wexford, 1798, when he claimed for losses to his residence during the rebellion, including "... Glass broke, Crop of Garden, Provisions" worth £24 6 shillings; he was later of Summerhill, Wexford; he made an indented Deed of Lease, dated 1808 [Memorial 408441, Volume 32, Page 602, Dublin Deeds Registry], to John REILLY, concerning property in Irishtown, New Ross, including the Cockpitfield (mentioned in a later deed of his son Anthony); he died before 1835.
Harvey was of Ballytrasna, County Wexford, when (as Harry WILLMON), he was married at Rosetown, County Wexford, by License Marriage Bond of the Diocese of Ferns, in August 1778, to Miss Margaret LOWCAY of Rosetown [Saunders Newsletter, 29 August; Hibernian Journal, or Chronicle of Liberty, 2 September]; she died at her lodgings in Wexford, June 1835, "...relict of the late Harvey WELLMAN, Esq," aged 86 years [Wexford Conservative, 10 June]; they had issue:

1. Mary WELLMAN, born about 1779; she died in late August 1838, " Maryville, in the vicinity of Wexford... wife of A.D. FITZPATRICK, Esq, and sister to Major WELLMAN of the 56th (sic) Regiment" [Waterford Mail, 1 September], and "...deeply regretted by her numerous relatives and friends" [Wexford Conservative, 29 August]; she was married in 1798, by License Marriage Bond of the Diocese of Ferns, to Abraham Donovan FITZPATRICK; he was of Laurel Hill, Wexford, in April 1833, when he was attacked by footpads in Gibson's lane near Main Street, Wexford, when returning home from business, and feared for his life [Wexford Conservative, 27 April]; he signatory to an address to the High Sheriff of Wexford, February 1836, approving of his refusal to convene a meeting with the Lord Lieutenant over an undisclosed matter seen by the Nobility, Gentry, Clergy and Freeholders as being "...contrary to the sentiments of the County" [Wexford Conservative, 30 November]; he died at Mary Ville, Wexford, 30 May 1839 [Probate Grant]; his will, with codicil, was proved in the Consistorial Court of Ossory, Ferns and Leighlin, in 1840, and the un-administered residue was the subject of several Chancery Court Edicts, and a final Prerogative Court Grant in Dublin on 23 June 1861; his household goods were offered in November 1839 for sale "... by auction at Maryville near Clonard in the vicinity of Wexford" [Wexford Conservative, 30 November]. They may have had issue:
     a. John Abraham FITZPATRICK; under age in May 1842, when his guardian, Francis Johnstone FITZPATRICK, brought an action in Chancery against Philip REDMOND and Edmund FITZPATRICK, the executors of A.D. FITZPATRICK [Wexford Conservative, 14 May]; John was at 11 Sackville Street, Dublin, in 1860, when he was named in the revised probate grant of A.D. FITZPATRICK as one of the principal legatees, and in a final notice concerning an action in the Landed Estates Court, in March 1862, John's former "... Guardian and next Friend" Francis was further described as the Administrator de bonis non of A.D. FITZPATRICK [Dublin Daily Express, 21 March].

2. Harvey WELMAN (the third). See [Y] below.

3. Anthony WELMAN; he died at Wexford, in February 1857, an " old and respected inhabitant" [Waterford News, 27 February]; Anthony married Frances BOWERS, of Moncen (or Mooncoin}, County Kilkenny; with issue (including an only daughter):
     a. Anna Frances WELMAN, born 17 March 1819; she was at 12 Pyrland Road, Islington, 1881 Census, aged 62, Widow, born Wexford, with two adult children and cousin Thomas CRANE (aged 77, Retired Tailor, born Wexford); she died at Islington on 18 February 1888, aged 68; she was married at Kennington, London, 14 March 1843, to C. W. T. BENTLEY, of London [Wexford Independent, 22 March]; otherwise known by his descendants as James Walter Bentley THOMAS - he was evidently born in Bristol, 3 August 1805, son of James THOMAS and his wife Susanna ROOM, daughter of Walter ROOM of Bristol.
James was in partnership with his brother William, as Wine Merchants in Bristol, dissolved on 15 November 1832 [Perry's Bankrupt Gazette, 15 December], and as Inn holders in Henbury, dissolved in June 1838 [Perry's Bankrupt Gazette, 2 June]; he entered a partnership with his sister Sarah, about two months after their mother's death, in the Full Moon Inn, North Street, Bristol, from which she withdrew in May 1840 [Bell's New Weekly Messenger, 3 May]; he was declared bankrupt in October 1840; it appears that on 30 April 1840, he was married at Bristol St Paul, Portland Square, to his first wife Matilda ARNOLD (by whom he had a son James, born in 1840, who appears to have survived, which might have complicated things a bit with the second James born to James Walter and his second wife in 1848); this marriage does not appear to have survived, as he is believed to have married secondly, in 1843, to Anna WELMAN.
James was of 47 New King Street, Bath, Wine Merchant, August 1844; his partnership with Peter LITTLEJOHN, as Wine Merchants, 11 James Street, Liverpool, was dissolved by mutual consent on 2 February 1847 [Liverpool Mercury, 5 February]; at Lord Nelson Street (or Square), Liverpool, March 1848, Wine Merchant; at Everton, May 1851, Wine Merchant; at Rupert Lane, Everton, 1851 Census, James W., aged 45, Wine Merchant, wife Hannah, and son Walter; James Walter THOMAS and Coy, Brokers and Export Wine Coopers, No 3 Frazer Street, Liverpool [Liverpool Mercury, 13 August]; Wine Merchant, Soho Street, Liverpool, 1857; Wine Broker, 6 Soho Street, May 1857, when he declined the Agency of Mr William CHILLINGWORTH and Son of London, on account of his having added to his business that of Bonded and Family Wine Merchants [Liverpool Daily Post, 18 May]; probably the James Walter THOMAS, late of Broad Street Buildings, London, Commission Wine Merchant, mentioned in the London Gazette, 8 February 1859, as being ".. in the gaol of Lancaster"; mentioned in the London Gazette, 25 May 1860, in listings for cases in Bankruptcy before Mr Chief Commissioner LAW, for Monday 11 June 1860, at eleven o'clock, as "... James Walter THOMAS (sued and committed as John W. THOMAS, and occasionally signing his name as J.W. THOMAS and Coy), late of No 40 Broad Street Buildings, London, and of Walton-on-the-Hill, Lancashire, Commission Wine Merchant; the Liverpool Borough Gaol was located at Walton-on-the-Hill, but James THOMAS was not there in the 1861 Census; in February 1869, James Walter THOMAS, of No 3 Romford Place, Liverpool, Wine Broker, trading under the style of firm of J.W. THOMAS and Coy, was "...adjudged Bankrupt" under the Act [Liverpool Daily Post, 15 February]; they were both at 97 Grosvenor Road, Islington, 1871 Census, Walter aged 66, Wine Merchant, born Bristol, with wife Anna, two children, and cousin Thomas S. CRANE (aged 68, born Wexford, and unmarried); he died at Islington, June quarter 1871, aged 66 [Volume 1b, Page 240]; they had issue:
          i. Walter George Welman THOMAS, baptised at Holy Trinity, Bath, Somerset, 5 August 1844; aged 7, with parents, 1851; at 40 Bloomsbury Square, London, 1861 Census, aged 17, born Bath, a visitor in the household of Sarah CHAPPLE, Widow, aged 50, born Gloucestershire, and her two children Eliza (12) and John (9).
          ii. James Robert Anthony THOMAS, born at Lord Nelson Street, Liverpool, and baptised at St Peter's, 2 March 1848; probably died young?
          iii. Rebecca Catherine THOMAS, baptised at St Peter's, Liverpool, 14 May 1851; probably at Eaton Road, Kemp Town, Brighton, 1881 Census, Governess at a Preparatory School for Boys; probably at 36 Granada Road, Southsea, Portsmouth, 1911 Census, aged 60, Unmarried, born Liverpool, a Companion to Eliza Ann HARISON, aged 56, Unmarried, Superintendent of a Ladies Boarding House.
          iv. Anthony Charles THOMAS, born at Frazer Street, Liverpool, and baptised at St Peter's, 21 Jul 1852.
          v. Kempson Hendrick THOMAS, born at Everton, and baptised at St Peter's, Liverpool, 15 December 1854; aged 16, Clerk, with his parents, 1871; he was married in 1892 to his second cousin Ernestine Ellen WARD (see below); they had issue.
          vi. Sarah Eleanor THOMAS, born Lancashire, and baptised at Liverpool St Peter, 14 July 1857; as a Spinster, aged 41, of 8 Archibald Road, and the second daughter of the late James Walter THOMAS, of Hensbury Park, Gloucestershire [Bristol Mercury, 29 Oct 1898], she was married at St George's, Tufnell Park, Islington, on 26 October 1898, to John Crampern ROSSELLOTY, Surgeon, aged 61, Widower, Surgeon (M.R.C.S., Esq), of Finsbury Park, son of Bartholomew ROSSELLOTY, Accountant, the witnesses including R.C. THOMAS and Stanhope Edgar WARD, M.A.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I had thought that the marriage in Bristol on 28 December 1805, between William THOMAS, Hosier, and Susannah KEMPSON may have been significant, given that James Walter and Anna Frances named one of their sons Kempson Hendrick THOMAS. Perhaps William was a brother of James THOMAS Senior (the spouse of Susannah ROOM)?
See below.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Jane THOMAS, of England, has kindly furnished me with the following details of her husband's family origins, associated with the THOMAS family of Wenvoe Castle, Glamorganshire, to which I have added these extra details:

John THOMAS, born at Wallace, Glamorganshire, in 1736, second son of William THOMAS (born 1695) and his wife Jennett THOMAS of Ewenny, Glamorganshire; John was of Henbury, Gloucestershire; he was accidently drowned at Alveston, Gloucestershire, on 5 March 1817, aged 80 years, and was buried at Henbury, 11 March, aged 79 in Register; he was married on 1 May 1765, to Eleanor FOLLET of Exeter; she died on 26 June 1814, and was buried at Henbury, 27 June, aged 80 years; they had issue:
1. John THOMAS, baptised at Henbury, 20 April 1766.
2. Richard THOMAS, baptised at Henbury, 21 February 1768.
3. Ann THOMAS, baptised at Henbury, 4 June 1770.
4. Eleanor THOMAS, baptised at Henbury, 23 August 1772.
5. James THOMAS, born 10 June 1774, and baptised at Henbury, 3 July. See [%] below.
6. William THOMAS, baptised at Henbury, 30 November 1777; probably at Wine Street, Bristol Christ Church, 1841 Census, aged 60+, Hosier, with two sons; at 14 Wine Street, Bristol Christ Church, 1851 Census, aged 73, Widower, Hosier and Glover, born at Henbury, and residing with his son William Christopher; his will was proved P.C.C., 6 October 1855, late of 14 Wine Street, Bristol, Hosier, Glover and Undertaker, naming his two sons William Christopher and John Kempson; William was probably married in Bristol, 28 December 1805, to Susannah KEMPSON; with issue:
     a. John William THOMAS, baptised at Christ Church, Bristol, 21 June 1807; probably died young.
     b. Samuel Winter THOMAS, baptised at Christ Church, Bristol, 25 September 1808; buried at Bristol Christ Church, 18 June 1815, aged 7 years.
     c. Mary Ann THOMAS, baptised at Christ Church, Bristol, 3 March 1811 (mother Susan).
     d. William Christopher THOMAS, baptised at Christ Church Bristol, 19 December 1813; aged 25+, with his father, 1841 Census; Hosier and Glover; he was at 14 Wine Street, Bristol Christ Church, 1851 Census, aged 37, Hosier, Glover etc, with wife , two sons and widowed father; named in his father's will, proved 1855; he was married at Bristol St Paul, Portland Square, 12 June 1842, to Elizabeth PHILLIPS; with issue:
          i. William Christopher THOMAS, baptised at Bristol Christ Church, 9 November 1843.
          ii. James K. THOMAS, born at Bristol, about 1846; aged 4, with his parents, 1851 Census.
          iii. Charles J. THOMAS, born at Bristol, about 1848; aged 2, with his parents, 1851 Census.
     e. John Kempson THOMAS, baptised at Christ Church, Bristol, 14 June 1818; aged 20+, with his father, 1841; at 8 Park Place, Clifton, Bristol, 1851 Census, aged 31, Share Broker, Unmarried; he was named in his father's will, proved 1855; Stock Broker in Bristol; at Clare Street, Bristol, 1859, Stock and Share Broker; he was at 2 Melrose Place, Clifton, Bristol, 1861 Census, aged 42, Stock Broker, with his wife Matilda (aged 27, born Abingdon, Berkshire); he was declared bankrupt, August 1865; he was at 23 Clarence Road, Islington, London, 1871 Census, aged 52, Stock Broker, with his wife Matilda (aged 36); he died at Aberdeen Terrace on 10 November 1877, aged 59, "..of the Stock Exchange" [Western Daily Press, 13 November] - the death was registered at Barton Regis, Gloucestershire; of Kingsdown, Bristol, when he was married at St James's church, Islington, Middlesex, 7 April 1858, to Sarah Matilda Wilson STONE, Spinster, daughter of Michael John STONE, Wine Merchant, of Abingdon, Berkshire.
7. Nancy THOMAS.

[%] James THOMAS (Senior) was born on 10 June 1774; Inn Keeper; possibly "Landlord" or Licensee of the Ship Inn, Alveston, Gloucestershire, 1812 and 1813, when consecutive General Courts and Sessions of Sewers were held on the premises [Bristol Mirror, 6 April 1812 and 10 April 1813]; Landlord (or Licensee) of the Full Moon Inn, North Street, Bristol St Paul, from 1819 until his death (his predecessor, Isaac JONES, was listed as landlord there in 1815, and had a son Isaac buried from there on 23 May 1816, aged 14 months); James died on 27 July 1833, aged 59; he was married in Bristol on 10 June 1804 to Susanna ROOM, daughter of Walter ROOM of Bristol; she was probably the Landlord of the Full Moon Inn, 1836; she died on 21 July 1833, age 61 (but this appears to be incorrect - see [*]below); they had issue:
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1. James Walter THOMAS, born 3 August 1805; joint Landlord of the Full Moon Inn, 1838-39; died 17 Ju... 1871; he was married at Bristol St Paul, Portland Square, 30 April 1840, to Matilda ARNOLD (baptised at Bristol St Thomas, 23 December 1816, daughter of William ARNOLD, Publican, and his wife Eliza); she was at 3 Thomas Street, Bristol, in the 1841 Census, aged 25, Independent, with her son James (aged 4 months), and residing with her parents and six siblings; she was at 65 Kingsdown Parade, Bristol Saints James and Paul, 1871 Census, aged 54, Annuities, Married, and living with her youngest brother George ARNOLD (aged 39, Annuities, born Bristol); James and Matilda had issue:
     a. James William THOMAS, born at Bristol, 7 February 1841, but evidently was not baptised until 17 December 1848; he was aged 4 months, with his mother, 1841; James W. was at 8 Redcliffe Hill, Redcliffe St Mary, Bristol, 1851 Census, aged 9, Scholar, with his grandfather William ARNOLD (aged 64, Widower, Retired Inn Holder) and his unmarried aunt Julia (aged 21) and uncle George (aged 20); James was at Cornwell Lodge, Acton, Middlesex, 1871 Census, aged 30, Public Accountant, born Bristol, with his wife and three sons - Arnold Dawson (aged 4), Hamlin (aged 2) and Howard James (aged 1); he was married at All Saints church, St John's Wood, 16 March 1867, to Fanny Howard DAWSON; the family emigrated to New Zealand, with further issue; James was known in New Zealand as William Arnold THOMAS; he was buried at Woolston Cemetery, Rutherford Street, Christchurch, on 4 May 1982, aged 51 years, late Official Assignee in Bankruptcy [Block A; Plot 58]; his widow Fanny Howard THOMAS was buried beside him on 14 June 1913, aged 67 years [Block A; Plot 57].
James is said to have married secondly, Anna Frances WELMAN. See above.
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2. Edward Colston THOMAS, born 13 November 1806; Hotel License, September 1840, for premises in Queen's Square, Liverpool; at Queen's Square, Liverpool, 1841 Census, aged 30+, Hotel Keeper, with his wife and their six children; he the Stork Hotel, Queen's Square, Liverpool, 1851 Census, aged 44, Widower, Hotel Keeper and Victualler, with his eight children; at Waterloo Esplanade, Litherland, Lancashire, 1861 Census, aged 54, Hotel Keeper and Wine Merchant, with his second wife and his six children; he transferred the Queen's Square License in November 1862, when he moved to the Woodside Hotel, Birkenhead; he was at 29 Balls Road, Birkenhead, 1881 Census, aged 74, retired Iron-monger, with his wife and his two daughters; he died at his residence, Wenvoe, George's Mount, New Brighton, 8 January 1891, aged 84 years; probate was granted 6 February 1891 to Fanny Goss THOMAS, of Wenvoe, Spinster, a daughter and one of the executors, Personal estate £1,027 3s; he was married firstly, at Stroud, Gloucestershire, 10 June 1831, to Miss Eliza SMITH, of Stroud; she died between 1851 and 1854; they had issue:
     a. Edward THOMAS, born at Bristol, about 1831; aged 9, with his parents, 1841; aged 19, Merchant's Clerk, with his father, 1851.
     b. William Henry THOMAS, born at Bristol, about 1832; aged 8, with his parents, 1841; aged 18, Merchant's Clerk, with his father, 1851; Wine and Spirit Merchant in New Brighton and Birkenhead; he died at Victoria New Brighton, Cheshire, 7 November 1867; he was married at Liverpool, 19 July 1859, to Margaret WILDING, aged 29, daughter of Thomas WILDING.
     c. Eliza S. THOMAS, born at Bristol, about 1835; aged 16, Scholar, with her father, 1851; aged 25, with her father, 1861; aged 44, with her father, 1881.
     d. Fanny Goss THOMAS, born at Bristol, about 1836; aged 4, with her parents, 1841; aged 14, Scholar, with her father, 1851; aged 24, ditto, 1861; aged 45, with her father, 1881; she proved her father's will, 1891.
     e. Frederick THOMAS, born at Bristol, about 1837; aged 3, with his parents, 1841; aged 12, Scholar, with his father, 1851.
     f. Charles Albert THOMAS, born at Birmingham, about 1838; aged 2, with his parents, 1841; as Albert, aged 11, Scholar, with his father, 1851; as Charles A., aged 21, Clerk, with his father, 1861; he died at 12 Vale Drive, New Brighton, 2 March 1922, Clerk; probate granted at Chester, 17 June, to Effie Constance THOMAS, Spinster, effects £2,044 8s 6d.
     h. Mary Louisa THOMAS, baptised at St Peter, Liverpool, 25 March 1841; aged 4 months, with her parents, 1841.
     j. Colston THOMAS, born at Liverpool, about 1842; aged 8, Scholar, with his father, 1851; aged 17, Apprentice Hotel, with his father, 1861; died at 12 Vale Drive, New Brighton, 8 July 1913, retired Wine Merchant, with probate granted at Chester, 2 August, to Effie Constance THOMAS, Spinster, Effects £27 9s 7d.
     k. Alfred THOMAS, born at Liverpool, about 1842; aged 8, Scholar, with his father, 1851; aged 17, Apprentice Hotel, 1861.
Edward Colston THOMAS, Hotel Keeper, of the Stork Hotel, Queen's Square, aged 45, Widower, and son of James THOMAS, Hotel Keeper, was married secondly, at Christ Church, Liverpool, 15 March 1855, Elizabeth WILLIAMS, aged 42, Spinster, daughter of George WILLIAMS, Hotel Keeper, witnessed by Edward James THOMAS.
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3. William Miles THOMAS, possibly baptised at Alveston, Gloucestershire, 7 August 1808, son of James THOMAS and his wife Elizabeth; William M. was at 40 Broad Street, St Botolph Bishopsgate, 1861 Census, aged 53, Married, Lodger, Wine Cooper, born Alveston, Gloucestershire, with his son Charles; William Miles was at the Thornbury Union (Work House), 1871 Census, aged 64, Married, formerly Inn Keeper, born Alveston, Gloucestershire; he was buried at Alveston St Helen, Gloucestershire, 28 May 1877, aged 67 years; as "...son of the late Mr James THOMAS, of the Full Moon Hotel, in this city," he was married at Weston-Super-Mare, 11 March 1835, to Charlotte, only daughter of the late Mr William BACK, of Weston-Super-Mare [Bristol Mercury, March 1835]; she was aged 54, Married, 1871 Census, living with her son William; she died at New Brighton, Cheshire, on 19 July 1874, and administration of her effects was granted on 8 October to her husband, William Miles THOMAS, of Thornbury, Gent, Effects under £50; William and Charlotte had issue:
     a. William James THOMAS, baptised at Weston-super-Mare, 2 March 1836; at 2 Kennell Square, Egerton Street, Liscard, Cheshire, 1871 Census, aged 34, Ship Steward,with his mother Charlotte; he died at New Brighton, 1872.
     b. Charles Cook THOMAS, baptized at Aust St John, Gloucestershire, 18 September 1839; at Bishopsgate, 1861 Census, aged 21, House Joiner, born Aust, Gloucestershire, Unmarried, Lodger, with his father; Charles died at Adlington, Lancashire, 22 January 1922; he married firstly, Mercy M. HARRIS, with issue; he married secondly, Hannah WRIGHT, with further issue.
     c. Frances Bayton THOMAS, baptized at Lyncombe and Widcombe, Somerset, 18 January 1846.
     d. John Edward THOMAS, baptized at Weston Zoyland, Somerset, 13 November 1850; probably a pupil at the Banwell Academy, East Street, Banwell, Somerset, 1861, aged 11, born Bristol; Carpet Warehouseman; he was married at St Paul's, Hammersmith, 25 December 1879, to Harriet KING, daughter of Joseph Curtis KING.
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4. Sarah THOMAS; probably baptised at Alveston, Gloucestershire, on 25 August 1811, daughter of James and Elizabeth THOMAS; Sarah was joint Landlord of the Full Moon Inn, Bristol, 1838-39; she was at Bloomsbury Square, Bloomsbury St George, Middlesex, 1861, aged 50, a Widow, with her two children and a Visitor Walter THOMAS (aged 17, born Bath) who was her nephew; she was at 38 Bassett Street, Kentish Town, St Pancras, 1871 census, aged 60, Widow, Independent, with her son John; she was at Upper Queen's Terrace, Southampton, 1881 Census, aged 70, Annuities, and boarding with James SERVIELE; she died at 7 Upper Queen's Terrace, Southampton, on 28 December 1881, a Widow; probate of her will was granted on 16 January 18832 to Edward Colston THOMAS, of 29 Balls Road, Oxton, Birkenhead, Cheshire, the brother and sole executor, personal estate £608 11s; she was of full age, a spinster, and of Cross Keys Inn, Saints Peter and Paul parish, Bath, and a daughter of James THOMAS, Inn Keeper, when she was married at St Michael's parish church, Bath, 24 November 1846, to John Bryant CHAPPLE (he was born at Exeter, about 1815); he was at the Castle Hotel, High Street, Southampton, 1851 Census, with his wife Sarah (aged 39, born Alveston, Gloucestershire) and their daughter; he died Southampton on 18 June 1859; probate of his will was granted on 5 July 1859 to Sarah CHAPPLE, Widow, the Relict and sole executrix, effects under £800; they had issue:
    a. Eliza Ann CHAPPLE, born at Stapleston, Gloucestershire, about 1848; aged 2, with her parents, 1851 Census; age 12, with her mother, 1861 Census.
     b. John Thomas CHAPPLE, born at Southampton, about 1852; aged 9, with his mother, 1861 Census; aged 18, Independent, with his mother, 1871.

[*] It appears that James's widow, Susannah, died instead on 17 July 1838, "... after a few days illness, relict of Mr James THOMAS, of the Full Moon Hotel, of this city" [Bristol Mercury, 28 July]; the death was registered at Bristol, September quarter [Volume 11; Page 120]; she was buried at Bristol St Paul, Portland Square, on 21 July 1838, aged 67.
Susannah had kept up her late husband's business in the Full Moon Inn, North Street, Bristol, and died intestate, whereupon her daughter Sarah THOMAS, "... without taking out letters of administration, took possession of the effects in the hotel, and carried on the business for a short period" [Morning Advertiser, 10 November 1842].
Sarah then entered an arrangement with "... her brother, James Walter THOMAS, who had carried on a posting business in the same town, that both businesses should be joined and carried on by them in partnership. Under this arrangement the parties acted for some time, but in November 1840, James Walter THOMAS being about to be married, Sarah THOMAS declined having anything further to do with the concern, and in consideration of the sum of £875, she gave up all her interest in the business" [Morning Advertiser, 10 November 1842].

John THOMAS and his wife Ann (possibly Ann ANTHONY, who married a John THOMAS at Bristol St Paul, 5 May 1812) had issue:
1. Edward Colston THOMAS, baptised at Bristol, 3 March 1816; possibly buried at Bristol Holy Trinity, 7 November 1870?


Henry LOWCAY, born in 1626, probably in the Isle of Man, a son of William LOWCAY (thought to have been an Army Chaplain) by his wife Ellinor JOYNER (she was buried at Mallew, Isle of Man, on 14 March 1674 [from Croydon LOWCAY, a descendant, 2017], and believed to have had French Protestant (Huguenot) ancestors; Scholar, Queen's College, Oxon, May 1651; B.A., from Queen's College, 13 December 1651 (listed in "Alumni Oxonienses" as Henry LACY); M.A.; Master of the Classical School in Castletown, Isle of Man; Vicar of St German, Isle of Man, 1661 (succeeding Thomas HARRISON, and succeeded in 1680 by John WOODS); Rector of the Parish of Ballaugh, 1687, in the room of Charles PARR (deceased);  he died on 24 June 1700, and was buried at Kirk Braddan, where the Register records this Memorial - "The Reverend, pious and eminently learned Henry LOWCAY, M.A., who lead his life so that he might be justly termed and esteemed a true pattern of primitive piety, having continued 13 years Parson of Ballaugh, dyed at Douglas June ye 24th, and was buried in the Church of Kk Braddan. Anno Dom: 1700"; his will, dated 20 October 1700, made provision for his burial in his daughter Ellinor's grave "...or as near it as my relations and friends shall think meet," and mentioned his wife Margaret, sons Robert, Charles, John, Henry and Anthony, and daughters Margaret and Elizabeth.
Henry was married to Margaret GARRETT [fromCroydon LOWCAY, 2017 - although several on-line family trees record her as a STANDISH?]; she was named as joint executrix of her husband's will, 1700; she died in April 1708, aged 68.
Henry and Margaret had issue:

1. Robert LOWCAY, born 1659. See [X] below.

2. Charles LOWCAY; mentioned in his father's will, 1700 - "I have always done what I could for my son Charles, nor must he expect any money from myself. Therefore I leave him only two pence" [courtesy of Jane THOMAS and Croydon LOWCAY, 2017]; Charles was mentioned by his nephew Anthony, in his defence of the Case in the Chancery Court of Ireland in 1743, that he had gone to reside in Bridgetown, Island of Barbadoes, West Indies, but whether he was still living, or had any issue, Anthony did not know [CROSSLE Abstracts].

3. John LOWCAY; named in his father's will, with a bequest of "... ten pounds but from me to my son John now at London to whom I loaned ago twenty shillings, and if he have a desire to live in this Island it is my will that he should have an apartment in my home as may be convenient for him and best suited with his life, together with the little garden adjoining, on condition that he be, and continue, unmarried"; but, already married, he evidently did not return; Dyer, parish of St Giles's, Cripplegate, 1701; mentioned in a Consistory Court held in Kirk Michael, Isle of Man, 22 April 1708, with payment agreed by his sister Margaret CURGHEY to him of "... the debt and legacy mentioned in the last will of Mr Henry LOWCAY"; John was married in London, 15 August 1699, to Ruth TUBB; with issue:
     a. Mary LOWCAY, born 8 January 1701-02, an baptised at St Giles's, Cripplegate, 18 February 1701-02; living in Ireland, 1740-42; went to live in Ireland with her uncle Rev Dr Anthony LOWCAY, about late 1730's; a co-defendant in the CURPHEY v LOWCAY Chancery Court proceedings in Ireland, 1743.

4. Ellinor LOWCAY; died in 1699.

5. Henry LOWCAY; mentioned in his father's will, 1700, as having "... long been sickly and indisposed" and that he was to "... lodge with his mother and sister Margaret and submit himself wholly to their ordering, and... be content with what they allow him," but with the stricture that "... if he presumes to do otherwise I leave him only sixpence"; his will dated 1701, of Braddan, Isle of Man, Gunsmith, father dead, mother Margaret executrix, brothers and sisters not identified.

6. Margaret LOWCAY, baptised at Malew, 7 March 1671; named in her father's will, 1700, along with her mother, as one of the "... joint executors for the good and benefit of my children, viz. Henry, Anthony and Elizabeth, hoping they will be very careful individuals uprightly with my said dear children, and this I charge on my said executors as they will answer for it at the dreadful day of judgement"; she was joint supplicant in a Cause before the Court of Chancery, Ireland, 1743, as Margaret CURPHEY alias LOWCAY; she was buried at Lazayre, Isle of Man, 5 January 1756, widow of CURGHEY.

7. Marie LOWCAY, baptised at Malew, Isle of Man, 6 December 1673.

8. Jane LOWCAY, baptised at Malew, 28 October 1675.

9. Anthony LOWCAY, born at Castletown, Isle of Man, and baptised at Malew, 29 December 1677; named in his father's will, 1700, "... the rest of my books, whether printed or in manuscripts... to my son Anthony, now at Trinity College near Dublin"; admitted Sizar (tutor Mr Hez. LOWCAY, Douglas, Isle of Man), Trinity College, Dublin, 22 May 1697, aged 18; Scholar, 1699, B.A. 1701, M.A. Aest 1704, B.D. and D.D., Vern 1722 ["Alumni Dublinensis," Edited by BURTCHAELL and SADLIER, London, 1924]; mentioned in a Consistorial Court held in Kirk Michael, Isle of Man, 22 April 1708, as being due to pay his sister Margaret CURGHEY (a joint executor of their late father), the sum of £8 9s 8d; Rector of Galtrim, County Meath; he published "Obedience to the Supreme Power - A Sermon, Preach'd on the Occasion of the intended Invasion by the Pretender," Dublin, 1715 [Eighteenth Century Collections On-line, or ECCO]; he wrote a letter to Archbishop KING, dated 20 December 1718, describing himself as "... nearly related to Mr John CHRISTIAN, who had the honour of having Your Grace his Pupil" ["A Great Archbishop of Dublin," by Sir Charles Simeon KING, London, 1908, footnote to page 9]; Anthony subscribed to the Act of Parliament for an Act for Repairing the road from Black Hill in County Meath to Athlone, Dublin, 1731; he subscribed to the publication of "Cyclopaedia, or an universal dictionary of arts and science," by E. CHAMBERS, F.R.S., Dublin, 1740; recorded in a Cause in the Court of Chancery (April 1743) as having died on 5 March 1741-42; late of Galtrim, Clerk, Administration of his Estate was granted on 9 March 1742 to his nephew, Anthony LOWCAY of Rosetown, County Wexford, Esq; referred to in litigation between his kinfolk over his Administration as the Reverend Doctor Anthony LOWCAY.

10. Elizabeth LOWCAY, baptised at Malew, 6 December 1680; named in her father's will, 1700; married firstly, by Settlements dated 1 May 1702, William WHITESIDE, of Whitehaven, County Cumberland, son of Anthony WHITESIDE, Mariner; they were both named in a Consistory Court held in Kirk Michael, on 22 April 1708, as reaching a agreement with John CURGHEY and his wife Margaret (Elizabeth's sister) over division of the estate of their late mother Margaret LOWCAY; Elizabeth and William had issue:
     a. Anthony WHITESIDE, born 1703.
     b. William WHITESIDE.
Elizabeth appears to have married secondly, Mr NASH; of the Isle of Man, when she, as Elizabeth NASH, was named as joint supplicant in a Cause before the Court of Chancery, Ireland, 1743.

[X] Robert LOWCAY, born on the Isle of Man, about 1659; admitted to Trinity College Dublin, as Pensioner (tutor Mr Henry HALL), 1 June 1679, aged 20; B.A., Verne 1683 [Alumni Dublinensis]; Robert was appointed on 9 July 1691, as Sequestrator to the Impropriate Curacy of Killesk, Diocese of Ferns ["Ferns Clergy and Parishes" Rev James B. LESLIE, Dublin, 1936, page 184]; he was appointed Curate of Fethard, 10 February 1691-92 ["Ferns Clergy..." page 162]; mentioned in his father's will  - "... as for my son Robert, he knows right well what I expended on him during his abode at the University of Dublin, both in money and Books, yet I now bestow these books following... And if I be not satisfied with what I have formally done and now do for him... I hope better things of him, and that he will prove (as far as he can) a help to his dear mother and other relations" [courtesy of Croydon LOWCAY and Jane THOMAS, 2017]; Licensed on 1 May 1701, as Impropriate Curate of the Parishes of Owenduffe, Kinneigh alias Tintern, Clonmines, Kilcownmore, Clongeen and Inch ["Ferns Clergy..." page 174] - in this entry, LESLIE notes that Robert had two sons, Rev Anthony, Rector of Galtrim (probably in error for his brother), and Rev Standish; Robert LOQUY (sic), of Ronstown (sic) in the County of Wexford, Clerk, was second party to a Deed of Lease and Release, dated 16 and 17 March 1710 respectively [Memorial 2142, Book 5, Page 391], made by Joseph MAUNSELL of Annagharesty, in the County of the City of Limerick, concerning "... all that and those the Farm, Town and Lands of Caroh, with all the Houses, Lands, Tenements, Boggs, etc, with the reversion and Reversions, Rents and Remainders thereof or anyways thereto belonging, to have and to hold the said Bargain and sole Premises unto him the said Robert LOQUY his Heirs and Assigns for the whole year commencing the day next before the date of the said indenture... which premises are lying and being within the Barony of Athenry and county of Galway"; in 1712, Rev Robert LOWCAY of Rolestown (sic), was party to an Agreement with Joseph MAUNSELL of Anaghrosty, in the County of the City of Limerick, and Robert MASON of Masonbrook, County Galway, Esq, for the levying of a fine to Joseph STANDISH, Gent, of the Lands of Carha (250 acres), and Lishana (75 acres) in the Barony of Athenree, County Galway, " held by David GIBBON, Morgan HAYES and Isaac LAVIGNE" ["Survey of Documents in Private Keeping, Second Series," by John AINSWORTH and Edward McLYSAGHT, Analectica Hibernica, No 20, 2nd Series, 1958, page 44].
Robert LOWCAY of Rowstown, County Wexford, Clerk, his will, dated 26 June 1714, and proved in the Prerogative Court of Ireland, 25 October 1714, naming his wife Mary, son Standish, daughters Elizabeth and Mary, daughter Margaret, sons Henry, Anthony and Joseph, and "...brothers Standish L--- and Anthony L---" [BETHAM's Abstract].
The penultimate entry here is a bit problematic, and may be a case of BETHAM having misread "brother Standish" as a LOWCAY in error for "brother(-in-law) STANDISH" - but if the entry was exactly as he abstracted, then it does suggest that the LOWCAY-STANDISH marriage may have been a generation earlier?
Robert is said to have married Margaret STANDISH [information from Croydon LOWCAY, a descendant, and Jane THOMAS, 2017]; if so, she appears to have been his first wife, and they probably had issue:
1. Standish LOWCAY, born at Ross, County Wexford, about 1691; aged 25 when admitted to Trinity College, Dublin, 3 April 1707, as a Pensioner (tutor Mr FELL, Ross); Scholar 1709, B.A. Vern 1711, M.A. Aest 1714 [Alumni Dublinensis]; named in his father's will, 1714; ordained Deacon on 5 September 1714, Priest on 3 April 1715, appointed 6 September 1714 as Curate of Owenduffe and Tintern, and collated on 15 September 1720 as Prebend of Clone, Diocese of Ferns ["Ferns..." pages 58, 229 and 230]; he was succeeded as Prebend in 1729 by Sutton SYMES; probably dead before 1743, and perhaps as early as 1729. No evidence of any issue.
2. Elizabeth LOWCAY; named in her father's will, 1714; living 1743; married William WILCOCKS, Perukemaker, of Waterford; they had issue:
     a. Rebecca WILLCOX; named in her grandmother's will, 1734.
3. Mary LOWCAY; named in her father's will, 1714.
4. Margaret LOWCAY; named in her father's will, 1714.
5. Henry LOWCAY; named in his father's will, 1714; probably dead before 1743.
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Of an appropriate age for the Henry LOWCAY or LOWCEY, a Writer with the Royal African Company of England, who sailed on the ship Clarendon (William GOWER, Commander), 18 July 1727, arriving at Cape Coast Fort on 3 October (via Gambia, 2 September), on a three year contract, at an annual salary of £30, Diet per annum of £30, and a security of £1,000; he was at Winnebah Fort, September-December 1727, with William KNIGHT, Chief, and a Corporal and five soldiers; at Gabo Corso Castle, Dec 1727 to June 1728, with two other Writers, under three Agents, a Secretary, Surgeon, and three Factors, and with another thirteen staff, ten soldiers, and 24 others unspecified; back at Winnebah, June to October 1728; he died at Winnebah Fort on 2 October 1728.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
6. Anthony LOWCAY. See [W] below.
7. Joseph LOWCAY; named in his father's will, 1714; living 1743. No further mentions in Irish records.
Robert appears to have married secondly, Mary (one on-line pedigree identifies her as Mary JOYNER - but this was also, or instead, the name of his paternal grandmother); as Mary LOWCAY, of Rosetown, County Wexford, Widow, her will was dated 15 November 1734, and proved in the Prerogative Court of Ireland, 2 December 1734, naming her grand-daughter Rebecca WILLCOX, her son Joseph LOWCAY, her brother[-in-law] Anthony LOWCAY, and her sister Rebecca COLLINS [BETHAM's Abstracts].
This abstract does raise some questions:
Firstly, there was no indication of Rebecca's marital status, but if single, COLLINS is likely to have been Mary's maiden surname?
Secondly, it is nowhere clear why she named no children other than her son Joseph - was he her only child, and the others named in her husband's will 20 years earlier his children by an earlier marriage (and if so, inevitably the STANDISH one claimed by descendants), and if so, were all the elder children all still living (Anthony certainly was), or had the others all died, or left Ireland?

[W] Anthony LOWCAY, born before 1713, and probably well before; named in his father's will, 1714; named by LESLIE ["Ferns Clergy and Parishes"] as Rector of Galtrim, but probably in error for the uncle (there is no entry in Trinity College Admissions for this younger Anthony, and a B.A. from a recognised university was a precondition for Ordination); Anthony (Junior) made a Deed of Release, dated 3 December 1734 [Memorial Number 54740, Volume 78, Page 212, Dublin Deeds Registry] - however, there appear to be some errors in the Memorial, or perhaps a line or two of the original has been skipped by the memorial writer, as it records that the first party to a Tripartite Release was "... Anthony LOWCAY, late of Rosetown, in the County of Wexford, Clerke, deceased and sole Executor and Legatee of Mary LOWCAY his Mother who was the Widow of the said Robert LOWCAY and his sole executrix" - I suspect it was a case of Anthony being alive, and not deceased, although his name appears no-where in the BETHAM Abstract of his mother Mary's will (above), other than as her "brother" - and the use of the word "said" indicates that there had been earlier mention of Robert LOWCAY, who was a Clerk - further, there is no mention of the Lease, and of the tripartite release, only two parties are mentioned, the first, and the other.
Probably (or perhaps instead ? father of) the next:

Anthony LOWCAY; of Rosetown, County Wexford; on 9 March 1741, he was granted Administration of the effects of his uncle Rev'd Anthony LOWCAY (Senior), of Gaultrim, County Meath [BETHAM's Abstracts]; of Roe's-town, Coroner for County Wexford, November 1750, 1768, and December 1780 [Gentleman's and Citizen's Almanacs, Dublin, 1751, 1769 and 1781].
Anthony died at Rosetown, County Wexford, Esq, shortly before November 1785 [Saunders News Letter, 1 December; Gentleman's Magazine, December 1785]; his will, dated 11 January 1785, was proved in the Prerogative Court of Ireland, 4 February 1786, naming two of his sons and three of his daughters [BETHAM's Abstracts]; if this was Rev Robert LOWCAY's son, he must have been of a very advanced age.
Anthony was married, but the identity of his wife remains elusive, but perhaps a PEARSE; she evidently died before him; they had issue:
1. Elizabeth LOWCAY, eldest daughter; named in her father's will as Mrs LAWRENSON; she was married at Mount Geal, in August 1773, to John LAWRENSON, of Bawnmore, County Kilkenny [Saunders Newsletter, 30 August], the Deed of Marriage Settlements, dated 27 August 1773, with a marriage portion of £500. BETHAM incorrectly identified her in his Abstract of Anthony's will by inserting, perhaps later, the name of Lucinda.
2. Mary Pearse LOWCAY, probably born before 1764; named in her father's will, 1785; she was married, by License of the Archbishop of Canterbury, in St James's, Westminster, on 14 October 1778, to William AGNEW, Esq, both of the parish, the witnesses being Standish LOWCAY and Henry SEELEY; as Mary AGNEW, of the City of Waterford, Widow, she made a deed dated 10 April 1789 [Memorial 268810, Book 412, Page 65], by which her brother Standish demised unto her the Lease of Grange, County Wexford; she made several other deeds dated 2 November 1793, one giving her address as Horetown, County Wexford (perhaps read in error by the Memorial copying clerk for Rosetown?), and demising a large quantity of itemised household goods to her sister Ellinor LOWCAY, Spinster [Memorial 301691, Book 470, Page 240, Dublin Deeds Registry], and the other demising Ellinor the Farm Lett of Rosetown, both of that address [Memorial 301692, Book 472, Page 383]; of Rosetown when she made an Indented Deed dated  4  November 1793, by which she demised the Land of Rosetown to Standish LOWCAY of Portobello, County Wexford  [Memorial 310733, Book 482, Page 33] - the witnesses to all these three deeds dated November 1793 were the same (Michael JACKSON of Portobello, Schoolmaster, and George JURE, of New Ross, Gents).
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Mary AGNEW, perhaps the same, was married in 1793, by License of the Diocese of Ferns, to George ROBBINS.
[George ROBBINS, of New Ross, County Wexford; his will, dated 26 December 1692, named, among others, his son-in-law William WELMAN, and his two WELMAN grandchildren George and Sarah.]
Joseph ROBBINS, of Ballyduffe, County Kilkenny, his will dated 30 November 1724, proved 7 May 1725, named, among others, a son George, and his brother-in-law John FRENCH of Camolin, County Wexford. Standish LOWCAY made a Deed of Assignment, dated 23 May 1803, to George ROBBINS of Rosetown, County Wexford, concerning the Town and Lands of Grange, which lands Standish had previously (1789) granted his sister Mary AGNEW, Widow.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3. Ellinor LOWCAY; named in her father'  will, 1785; of Rosetown, November 1793, when named as grantee of household goods, and of the Farm Lett of Rosetown, from her sister Mary AGNEW, Widow.
4. Standish LOWCAY, born at New Ross, Wexford, in or before 1759; witnessed his sister Mary's marriage in Westminster in 1778; of Rosetown, County Wexford, Gent, when named as grantee in a Deed of Lease, dated 5 August 1780 [Memorial 227533], made by Henry Earl of Ely, concerning Aldridge, in County Wexford, containing 54 acres plantation measure, for a term of three lives, they being Standish himself, and Nicolas Loftus TOTTENHAM and Ponsonby TOTTENHAM (the second and third sons of Charles TOTTENHAM); Standish was named in his father's will, 1785; of Portobello, County Wexford, when he was named as first party to a Deed of Lease dated 20 April 1789 [Memorial 268810, Book 412, Page 65], in which he demised lands in Grange, Barony of Shelburne, County Wexford, to his sister Mary AGNEW, of the City of Waterford, Widow; of Portobello, County Wexford, 4 November 1793 [Memorial 301733, Book 482, Page 33, Deeds Registry, Dublin], when he was demised the Lands of Rosetown by Mary AGNEW, Widow, and the sister of his probable sister Ellinor; Churchwarden, Fethard, 1814; Standish was probably the one who died at Fethard, in July 1822 [Dublin Weekly Register, 13 July]; of Rosetown when he was married, probably firstly, in late December 1784 or early January 1785, to the Widow (Ann) ROGERS of Boderan, County Wexford [Saunders Newsletter, 4 January]; Standish probably married secondly in Dublin, August 1794, Miss Mary ALLEN, niece to the late Rev Dr DOWNES [Saunders Newsletter, 28 August], the marriage settlements mentioned in a deed dated 21 May 1803, of Standish LOWCAY and his wife Mary LOWCAY otherwise ALLEN (to Benjamin ROBERTS of the City of Waterford), in which Mary's father is recorded as Rev William DOWNES of the City of Waterford, and her mother as Ann DOWNES otherwise DEYAS otherwise BOLTON [Memorial Number 369415, Deeds Registry]; Standish had issue, including:
     a. Ann LOWCAY, the wife of Joseph BRAGG, of Cumberland.
5. Anthony LOWCAY, born in or before 1747; named in his father's will; third party to the Marriage Settlements of his probable sister Ann LOWCAY to Joseph GEALE, 1768; Coastal Officer, Department of Customs and Excise, Ross, Wexford, 1773 [Appendix, Journal of the House of Commons, 12 October 1773 to 2 January 1774]; he died before 1798; he was married in 1773, to Miss Ann KING [Hibernian Magazine]; she was at Kilhile, Co Wexford, Widow, 1798, when she claimed for losses to her property. They probably had issue, not yet traced.
6. Margaret LOWCAY; named as  daughter WELMAN in her father's will, 1785.
7. Ann LOWCAY; probably born in or before 1750; of Rosetown, County Wexford, Spinster, when she was married to Joseph GEALE, of Mount Geale, County Kilkenny, Esq, by a Deed of Marriage Settlements dated 3 September 1768, he being eldest son of the late John GEALE of the same place (deceased), with  Anthony LOWCAY Junior, of Rosetown, and Thomas TENISON (or JENISON?), of Rock Hall, County Kilkenny, as the third party (the trustees), for a portion of £500, in anticipation of a marriage soon to be had between, and concerning lands in County Kilkenny, with the deed witnessed by Anthony LOWCAY Senior [Memorial 172739, Book 262, Page 391].

Miss Debby LOWCAY, daughter of Anthony LOWCAY of Rosetown, County of Wexford, Esq, died in February 1779 [Saunders Newsletter, 18 February].
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Chancery Bill, CURPHEY v LOWCAY, 23 April 1743 [CROSSLÉ Abstracts, PRONI, digital image viewable on Findmypast].
"Supplicants and dy (?) others Margaret CURPHEY alias LOWCAY and Elizabeth NASH alias LOWCAY both of the Isle of Man, and William WILCOKS of city Waterford, Perukemaker [Wig maker] and Elizabeth WILCOCKS alias LOWCAY his wife.
"Shew that your supplicants Margaret CURPHEY and Elizabeth NASH are the only surviving sisters and next of kin of Rev Anthony LOWCAY late of Galtrim County Meath Clerk deceased.
"And your supplicants further show said Anthony LOWCAY was in life seized and entitled to a very considerable estate, consisting of horses, mares, cows, sheep, corn in haggard and; malt and several sums of money due by bond account and was also possessed of a great deal of ready money and valuable pieces of plate, house-hold goods and all sorts of linen and kitchen utensils and other effects, the particulars whereof were kept so secret your supplicants are not come to knowledge therein, and also to £50 paid to the next incumbent of parish Galtrim for improvements made by ye said Anthony LOWCAY in said parish, which sum was paid or secured to be paid by Mr COPE the present incumbent of said parish, and said Anthony LOWCAY's advance, which effects come in whole to £1,000 and upwards.
"And being so possessed said Anthony LOWCAY on 5 March 1741 [the old Julian dating system, so falling between 31 December 1741 and 25 March 1742] died unmarried and intestate, whereby your supplicants Mary CURPHEY and Elizabeth NASH his sisters became entitled to a 4th part of said Anthony LOWCAY's effects, as also your supplicants William WILCOCKS and Elizabeth his wife became entitled to same or part thereof.
"Your supplicants further shew your supplicants Margaret CURPHEY and Elizabeth NASH (who had the right to have administration of said Anthony LOWCAY's effects granted them as the nearest next-of-kin) living so remote from said Anthony LOWCAY's place of abode and had no knowledge of his death for some time after it happened.
Anthony LOWCAY, of Rosetown in Co Wexford, great (sic) nephew of said A.L. deceased and brother to your supplicant Elizabeth WILCOCKS, immediately on death of Anthony LOWCAY, by virtue of some power got out of some Ecclesiastical Court in this kingdom, possessed himself of the personal estate of said Anthony LOWCAY the elder but never executed an inventory of same.
"And said Anthony LOWCAY the younger, together with Joseph LOWCAY his brother, and Mary LOWCAY, niece to said Anthony LOWCAY the elder, who lived with said Anthony LOWCAY the elder and was conversant with his affairs, have concealed or converted said goods to their own use.
"Your supplicants further shew said Anthony LOWCAY the elder had no brother living at the time of his decease, nor sisters (other) than the said Margaret CURPHEY and Elizabeth NASH, and no other nephews or nieces than the said Anthony LOWCAY, Joseph LOWCAY, and your supplicant Elizabeth WILCOCKS by one brother, or said Mary LOWCAY by another brother (except the children of said Margaret CURPHEY and Elizabeth NASH).
"Your supplicants further shew said Anthony LOWCAY the younger has been often applied to to come to a just distribution of said effects which were over and above the debts of said deceased, which debts your supplicants charge were not above £5, but said Anthony LOWCAY, Joseph LOWCAY and Mary LOWCAY, combining (?) together pretend said Anthony LOWCAY the elder left no personal estate save which was sufficient to pay his debts, which is not true for said Anthony LOWCAY the elder left very considerable estate, and said defendants refuse to accept the same. All which is come to law. Pray for Redress. Entered 23 April 1743."
Here is where CROSSLÉ inserted his construction of the drop-line pedigree.
"Answer of Mary LOWCAY Spinster to bill of Margaret CURPHEY and others.
"Defendant  saith Rev Doctor Anthony LOWCAY deceased was this defendant's uncle and died unmarried and intestate on 5 March last, and that she resided with him at Gaultrim County Meath at the time he died and several years before, and that she hath perused the schedule annexed to and of Anthony LOWCAY the other defendant, and is convinced said Dr LOWCAY at time of his death had not as many or other effects there set forth, and saith that the silver cups a heavy pan and horse and colt which said Dr LOWCAY deceased were possessions of Anthony LOWCAY the other defendant, and that this defendant had in her uncle's house 2 barrels of pease the defendant's property, and that immediately the said Dr LOWCAY died said Anthony LOWCAY the younger came to his home 3 days after and this defendant gave him the keys and never after meddled with any of said uncle's effects. This Defendant saith she is the only issue of John LOWCAY who was brother to said Anthony LOWCAY.
"Answer was sworn at Rowstown County Wexford 5 Nov 1743 before Edmund PEACOCK, Alex ROGERS, Joseph ECLES and John VINSON. Entered 9 December 1743.
"The Answer of Anthony LOWCAY to bill of Margaret CURPHEY and others.
This Defendant saith that all the personal Estate and s'ls(?) of which Rev Anthony LOWCAY died possessed of did not amount to more than £100, and that he hath set forth in a schedule annexed a true account of said estate, and also the value of said effects sold at a public cant, and saith said Dr Anthony LOWCAY had not at time of his death own horses, etc, except one grey mare sold for £3 8s, one bay horse and colt which were the property of this defendant, or any corn or cattle or any plate except one silver cup and 2 silver spoons which were also the property of this defendant, and had not any ready money at the time of his death but £6 15s and a bank note for £50, and there were no debts due said deceased at the time of his death save as tythe.
"This Defendant sets forth in schedule the debts due from said deceased to this Defendant.
"This Defendant put himself to the trouble of a journey from this Defendant's house in Wexford to City of Dublin upwards of 60 miles on no other account but to demand from Rev Mr COPE the present incumbent and immediate successor of Rev Anthony LOWCAY in parish of Gaultrim such sum due then Defendant as advance of said Anthony for Improvements made on said parish, and said COPE absolutely refused to pat this Defendant one farthing. 
"Saith the deceased died intestate on 10 March last, and this Defendant did administer this said uncle in the Prerogative Court and saith he is an entire stranger to complainants Margaret CURPHEY and Elizabeth NASH, and begs leave to ask for proof that they were sister of said Anthony LOWCAY deceased, but doth admit Complainant Elizabeth WILCOCKS is sister of this Defendant, and that the Defendant's father was brother to said Anthony LOWCAY deceased, the issue now being left only said Elizabeth WILCOCKS, Joseph LOWCAY and this Defendant; and this Defendant doth admit other Defendant Mary LOWCAY was only surviving issue of John LOWCAY deceased who was brother to said Anthony LOWCAY, and this Defendant saith said Anthony LOWCAY deceased had another brother Charles who resided in Bridgetown in Island of Barbadoes in the West Indies, but this Defendant cannot say if said Charles is alive or whether he left issue.
The Defendant doth admit that the other Defendant Mary LOWCAY lived with her uncle said Anthony LOWCAY deceased.
The Defendant denies he referred to [...very hard to decipher a sensible account of this part...] some gentlemen who spoke to this Defendant on their behalf to get them a just account of said goods in case said Margaret and Elizabeth shall prove themselves to be his sisters."
"Signed Antho: LOWCAY at Rowstown County Wexford 5 November 1743. Same was entered 9 December 1743.
"The schedule is dated 9 December 1743."
[Further notes here also hard to make sense of] "... debts due to Rev Doctor Anthony LOWCAY... From Mr STEAR £4, from Mr [indec] £2, in list of debts due to Defendant Anthony LOWCAY. To a bay Mare which said Anthony LOWCAY had from this Defendant in 1734 £8. To bay horse which said Doctor had from this Defendant in 1737 £9."
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Anthony LOWCAY (born about 1771) died on 12 March 1856, aged 84 years, and was buried at Ballyhade Churchyard, County Wexford [CANTWELL's Memorials].

Anthony LOWCAY, Esq, Killhile, Co Wexford, Post Town Arthurstown, 1814 [A Directory of Market Town, etc,: by Ambrose LEET].

Jonas LOWCAY; married with issue:
1. Anthony A. LOWCAY, born in 1824; died on 23 May 1827, aged 2 years and 6 months, and was buried at Ballyhade [CANTWELL].
2. Ann R. LOWCAY, born about December 1826; died on 16 May 1827, aged 5 months, and was buried at Ballyhade.

Jonas King LOWCAY died at Kilhile Cottage, County Wexford, on 12 October 1834, of whom it was said - "In the relations of son, husband and father, his loss is irreparable - while as a member of society, his strict integrity and amiability of manner will cause him long to be regretted by all who knew him" [Waterford Mail, 25 October].

Jonas King LOWCAY, born about 1825; of Kilhile, Arthurstown, County Wexford, Esq; died at  Kilhile, on 23 February 1892, aged 66, a Bachelor, with Administration of his estate to Benjamin Arthur William LETT, Esq, Effects £10,909 6s.

Mary Whitney LOWCAY died at Kilhile, 20 January 1890, aged 58, spinster, and a Gentlewoman.


Mrs LOWCAY died at Ballyhack, County Wexford, on 17 July 1793 [Hibernian Magazine]. Possibly the wife of Standish LOWCAY, earlier the widow ROGERS?

Standish LOQUAY  and Thomas McCORD fought a duel in 1807, in which LOQUAY was wounded in the groin ["That Damned  Thing called Honour; Duelling in Ireland 1570-1860," by James KELLY, 1995 - citing Freeman's Journal, 2 and 4 June 1807].

Standish LOWCAY; Ensign, 8th Garrison Battalion, 2 December 1806 [Caledonian Mercury, 11 December]; Ensign, 59th Foot, when he was promoted, in August 1808, without purchase, as Lieutenant, 26th Regiment [London Gazette, 13 August]; Lieutenant (19th in a list of 19), 1st Battalion, 26th Regiment, 16 July 1809, when that Regiment (comprising 41 Officers, 47 Sergeants, 16 Drummers and 666 Rank and File) embarked at Stoke's Bay on H.M.'s ships Marlborough and Hero for service at the Siege of Walcheren [Historical Records of the 26th or Cameronian Regiment, by Thomas CARTER, page 132]; Peninsular War Medal, as Lieutenant, 26th Regiment of Foot, 2nd Battalion.

Standish LOWCAY, born at New Ross, Wexford, about 1791; aged 25 when he enlisted in the Army, 9 June 1817, for unlimited service, and was posted to the 94th Regiment of Foot; volunteered for transfer to the 43rd Regiment of Foot, 19 December 1818; promoted Corporal, 14 January 1820; transferred to the 1st Battalion, 60th Rifles, 3 February 1825; probably Sergeant, 16th Foot (or 16th Rifle Corps), when he was married at St Paul's, Liverpool, on 25 April 1827, to Ann USHER.


George P. LOWCAY was born about 1793-94, probably in Wexford; he served in the Wexford Militia; he was appointed Ensign, 57th Regiment of Foot, 7 May 1811 [Royal Military Chronicle]; he was promoted Lieutenant, 57th Regiment, 24 June 1813, vice Lieutenant V.Y. DONALDSON, promoted [London Gazette, 29 June]; served with that Regiment in the Peninsular Wars; he was of Ballymoney, Gorey, County Wexford, in May-June 1826, aged 32 years, when he wrote to Lieutenant-Colonel SHAWE and the Lord Deputy [Richard WELLESLEY], "... soliciting a position of chief constable in the police force," noting the above mentioned service details, his age, and stating that "... he is the only son of an old magistrate" [National Archives of Ireland, Ref CSO/RP/1826/599, Chief Secretary's Office]; he was married at Kirk Braddan, Isle of Man, August 1817, to Mary Ann Good STEVENSON, youngest daughter of Leonard STEVENSON Esq, Alderman of Stamford, Lincolnshire [Carlisle Patriot, 20 August].


Henry LOWCAY, born in Ireland (possibly in Waterford), about 1740 (and claimed by one family tree on as a son of Standish LOWCAY, but this seems to be unlikely); "... a veteran Warrant Officer who was Master's Mate of the 'Swallow' sloop of war on the voyage discovery of the South Seas in 1766-69, and died on 5 February 1827 at Portsmouth aged 87" ["A Naval Biographical Dictionary," by William O'BYRNE, Volume 1, 1849, page 677]; however, a death notice was published in the Hampshire Chronicle, etc, on 19 February 1827, recording his death, "... last week, at Portsea, aged 87... father of Commander Henry LOWCAY, Lieutenants William, Robert and George LOWCAY"; he was married by License at Plymouth St Andrew, on 3 April 1774, to Peggy GRANT, both of the parish (she was a minor, and had permission from her father John GRANT); she was buried at Portsea, 10 January 1813, aged 58 [Familysearch]; they had issue:
1. Henry LOWCAY, baptised at Portsmouth St Mary, 25 February 1779; entered the R.N. on 2 April 1791; "... served as a midshipman with Sir Samuel HOOD at the surrender of Corsica and attack on Teneriffe, and in the 'Culloden' with Sir J. TROUBRIDGE, and was discharged in 1835, aged 57, in pecuniary distress (a sick wife)" [British Royal Navy Service and Pension Records, Findmypast]; at Tavistock Place, Plymouth, 1841 Census, aged 60+, Navy, with wife Emelia (aged 43); at 43 Tavistock Place, Plymouth St Charles,1851 Census, aged 72, Retired Captain R.N., with wife Eulalia B. (aged 54); he died at Tavistock Place, Plymouth, on 4 February 1859, "... at an advanced age" [Morning Chronicle, London, 12 February]; he married firstly, at Portsea St Mary, 30 June 1803, Mary Ann DOUGLAS (a minor, with consent of her mother); she died in Plymouth, May 1835 [The Age, London, 31 May]; Henry married secondly, at Plymouth St Charles, on 3 May 1836, Miss Eulelia Bickford STEERE of Plymouth, Spinster (Cecelia in Marriage Register entry).
2. William LOWCAY, born at Chatham, Kent, on 21 September 1787 [Familysearch]; he died at Weymouth, "...on the 16th inst" [The Standard, London, 20 Jul 1852], and buried at Preston, Dorset, 10 (sic) July 1852, aged 64, late of Weymouth [Burial Register, on Findmypast]; he was married on 14 June 1814, to Mary Anne LAWRENCE (sister of Captain John LAWRENCE, R.N., C.B.); she died at Allington, Bridport, on 1 December 1844 [Bath Chronicle, 12 December]; they had issue two sons and one daughter [on-line Naval Record], including:
     a. Henry Lawrence LOWCAY, born in Devon, August 1816. See [^^^] below.
     b. William Robert Woodriff  LOWCAY, baptised at Fremington, Devon, 23 August 1818; aged 22, Mariner, with his parents, 1841.
     c. John Lawrence LOWCAY, born at Lancras, Devon, 20 June 1820; buried at Holbeton, Devon, 1 October 1823, aged 4 years (sic), from Northcombe.
     d. Mary Anne Austin LOWCAY, born 6 March 1824, and baptised at Mothecombe, Devon, 4 April; aged 15, with her parents, 1841.
3. Robert LOWCAY, baptised at St John's, Portsea, Southampton, 1 November 1792 [Familysearch]; entered the R.N. on 13 June 1806; Lieutenant, 1815; Lieutenant, H.M.'s ship Victory, 1824; at Cottage Green, Green Lane, Portsea Town, 1841 Census, aged 40+, with wife and four children; Half-pay, 1844; at 4 South Devon Place, Plymouth, 1851 Census, with his wife and three children; he died in Plymouth on 16 March 1853, aged 59 years, and was buried at Ford Park Cemetery, Plymouth [M.I. on]; he married Mary Ann WOODNUTT; she died at 4 South Devon Place, Plymouth, on 25 June 1861, aged 66, "... after a long illness" [Hampshire Telegraph etc, 29 June]; he had issue:
     a. John Money LOWCAY, born about 1815; died in May 1904, aged 88, and was buried with his parents in Ford Park Cemetery, Plymouth [M.I.]; he married Jane Allen (-?-); she died on 5 August 1926 [M.I.]. Possibly conflated with or mistaken for details for James Money LOWCAY?
     b. Jane LOWCAY, born about 1820; aged 20+, with her parents, already married to NORCOCK; she married firstly, Commander John H. NORCOCK, R.N.; she married secondly, Rear Admiral BLIGHT; she married thirdly, at St Jude's, on 27 January 1863, Major-General GRAHAM, C.B.
     c. James Money LOWCAY, baptised at Portsea St John, 21 September 1824; Brunswick Lodge (Masonic), 1 August 1847, Admiralty Clerk; with his parents, 1851, aged 28, Paymaster and Purser, R.N.; Paymaster, Royal Navy, 28 April 1843; Purser, R.N., April 1850; Paymaster, H.M.'s Sloop Electra (14 guns), arrived in Hobart Town on 26 March 1854 from Hobson's Bay (with Robert H. LOWCAY, Passed (sic) Clerk); Fleet Paymaster, R.N., 17 September 1856; witnessed his brother William's marriage in March 1860; James was at Florence Villas, Florence Road, Portsmouth, 1861, aged 36, Paymaster, R.N., Half pay, with wife Jane; at 4 West Hoe Terrace, Plymouth, 1901, aged 76, Fleet Paymaster, with wife.
     d. Mary Ann LOWCAY, second daughter, aged 15+, with her parents, 1841;with her parents, 1851; she was married at Charles Church, Plymouth, on 4 June 1852, Captain RALPH, late 6th Regiment of Foot.
     e. Jane LOWCAY (? - was this James), aged 12, with parents, 1841.
     f. William George LOWCAY, born at sea, 1835. See [+++] below.
4. George LOWCAY; perhaps George Tottenham LOWCAY, who died at Cork, in 1870, aged 78?
5. James Welsh LOWCAY, Lieutenant R.N., died at Portsea, in December 1811 [Bath Chronicle, 20 December].

George Tottenham LOWCAY, born about 1791-92; died at Cork, second quarter 1870 [Volume 10, Page 156), aged 78; of Balleymoney, Co Wexford, when he was married, at Arklow, on 27 October 1824, to Elinor CLARKSON, of Arklow [Analectica Hibernica, Issues 25-26, Dublin, 1967, page 107]; probable issue:
1. John Clarkson LOWCAY, born about 1832-33; died at Cork, first quarter 1866 [Volume 5, page 16), aged 33.
George probably married secondly, Margaret (-?-); she died at Queenstown, Co Cork, on 11 April 1888, aged 80, the widow of George T. LOWCAY, a Revenue Officer, the death informed by her step-daughter Anne LOWCAY, who made her "X" mark.
Possibly of the Kilhile branch?

BURKE's "General Armory," 1885, cites the following pedigree under Arms for LOWCAY:
I. Rev Robert LOWCAY; Rector of St James's Dunbrody and Killesk, Diocese of Ferns; father of:
II. Henry LOWCAY of Kilhile, Esq (and brother of Anthony LOWCAY of Rosetown, Esq); father of:
III. Robert LOWCAY, Esq, Lieutenant, R.N.; father of:
IV. James Money LOWCAY, of Lipson Terrace, Devon, Paymaster, R.N.].
I suspect there is a generation missing in this pedigree, and that Henry (II) may have been a son of Anthony of Rosetown, and grandson of Rev Robert (I).


[^^^] Henry Lawrence LOWCAY, (son of William LOWCAY, R.N.), born at Boathyde Cottage, and baptised at Northam, Devon, 14 August 1816; at Grove Place, St Helier, Jersey, 1841 Census, aged 20+, Tutor; aged 34, at Newington, Surrey, 1851, residing with his brother-in-law William ANLEY (and his wife and daughter); Professor of English, College of Avranches, 1859; transferred on 2 October 1865 to the College of Dieppe, "...chargé de l'enseignment des langues vivants," to replace Monsieur WATERS; transferred on 15 April 1867 to the College of Cherbourg, "...chargé de l'enseignement de l'anglais et de l'allemand"; granted in 1869 "... un congé d'inactivįté jusq'à la fin de l'année scolaire, 1868-69," by the College of Cherbourg; Professor of English at the University of France's l'École d'Application du Génie Maritime (School of Naval Architecture), in Cherbourg, 1878; on 20 November and 25 December 1884 and on 13 January 1885, the "L'Echo Saumurois" newspaper carried this advertisement - "M. Henri LOWCAY, professeur d'Anglais, demande leçons, prix modérés, s'addresser, pour renseignements, à M. MILON, Libraire, ou à M. LOWCAY (le jeudi, de 1 heures à 5 heures), à «Plaisance», Bagneux, près Saumur"; Henry died at Cherbourg, 1884 [Croydon LOWCAY's web-page]; Henry was married at St Helier, Jersey, on 12 July 1845, to Mary Durrell ANLEY, daughter of William ANLEY, Esq, of Allington, Bridgeport (by his wife Sarah de la TASTE); they had issue:
1. Leonora de la Taste LOWCAY, born at Bridport, Dorset, and baptised at Allington, 20 June 1846; at 20 Regent Road, St Helier, Jersey, 1861 Census, aged 14, born England, with her grandmother Sarah ANLEY (aged 64, Widow, Fundholder, born St Helier - she was a daughter of John de la TASTE, of Jersey, and his wife Judith MELLIS of Guernsey).
2. Henry Frederick LOWCAY, born in England [Cyclopedia of South Australia, 1907], in 1847 or 1848 [from age at marriage and at death]; raised and educated in France; Inspector of Vineyards under the Cape Government, 1888-1896, in the Constantia wine-growing district [Cyclopedia]; visited New Zealand Vineyards in 1896; first Inspector of Vineyards appointed under the South Australia Phyloxera Act of 1899 [Cyclopedia]; of Beviss Street, North Adelaide, 1903; of Crown Street, Gawler, 1938; he died at Angaston, South Australia, 22 May 1943, aged 95 [Chronicle (Adelaide), 10 June]; aged 31, Bachelor, Professor of Languages, when he was married at St Saviour's, Jersey, 17 April 1879, to Sophia Mary de la TASTE, aged 24, Spinster, daughter of Mr Charles de la TASTE of Queen's Road, Jersey [Church Register; and Pall Mall Gazette, 22 April] (she was born in Adelaide, South Australia, 19 July 1854, daughter of Charles de la TASTE, Merchant, by his wife Clara SPRAKE - he was probably a nephew of Sarah de la TASTE, the wife of William ANLEY); she died at Angaston, 26 May 1938 [Adelaide Advertiser, 1 June]; they had issue:
     a. Violetta de la Taste LOWCAY, born at Lambeth, London, September quarter 1880 [Volume 1D, Page 499].
     b. Rose Hilda LOWCAY, born at Stellenbosch, South Africa, about 1890, the second daughter; at St Buryan, Penzance, Cornwall, 1911 Census, aged 21, Landscape Painter, visitor in the household of two HILLS sisters, both American (Nellie aged 35, a China Decorator, and Anna , 28, a Landscape Painter), all unmarried; Rose was aged 21 when she sailed from Liverpool, 16 November 1911, on the White Star liner Suevic, bound for Adelaide via the Cape, and arriving on 30 December; she died at Ashford, Adelaide, 20 October 1968, aged 78, late of Torrens Park; she was married at Unley, Adelaide, 17 August 1915, to Harold Llewellyn SHEARD, of Wayville; they had issue.
     c. Daisy Evelyn LOWCAY, born about 1893, probably in South Africa; she died in South Australia, 3 November 1960, aged 67.


[+++] William George LOWCAY, born at sea, aboard H.M.'s Ship Undaunted [Nautical Magazine, 1835, page 191], and baptised at Alverstock, Hampshire, 14 April 1835; aged 5, with his parents, 1841; with his parents, 1851; at 36 Ridgeway, Plympton St Mary, 1861, aged 30, Fundholder, with wife and son William J.R. (aged 5 months); at Mt Pleasant, Ridgeway, Plympton, 1871, aged 36, with wife Anne and four children; he died at Liskeard, Cornwall, on 20 August 1906; he was married at St Charles the Martyr Parish Church, Plymouth, by License, on 1 March 1860, to Anne Carter SCUDAMORE (daughter of William James SCUDAMORE, Commander, R.N.), witnessed by James M. LOWCAY and by William James, Laura Frances and Harriett SCUDAMORE; they had issue:
1. William James Robert LOWCAY, born at Plymouth, 9 October 1860; aged 5 months, with his parents, 1861; aged 10, ditto, 1871; Bank Clerk; arrived at Bluff, 29 December 1882, on the ship Te Anau from Melbourne, a saloon passenger for Dunedin; Secretary to the Dunedin contingent being raised for service in the Soudan, February 1885; moved to Wellington about 1895; Military Clerk, Defence Office, Wellington; he died at his residence, 9 Evelyn Place, Webb Street, on 4 December 1902, aged 42 [Evening Post, 5 December], and was buried at Karori Cemetery; he was married at St Saviour's, Lyttelton, on 16 August 1892, by the Chaplain of the N.Z. Permanent Militia, to Frances Emily J. WEBB, third daughter of W. WEBB of Invercargill; they had issue:
     a. Harry Scudamore LOWCAY, born in N.Z., 1893; married at Durham Street Methodist Church, 14 May 1918, Daisy Vera HARRIS [Star, 29 May]; they had issue.
     b. Winifred May LOWCAY, born in N.Z., 1897; died at Wellington, 18 June 1897, aged 2 months [Star, 21 June].
     c. Stella Frances LOWCAY, born in N.Z., 1899; she died in N.Z., 1970; she was married in N.Z., 1923, to Stanley MORRIS.
Frances married secondly, in N.Z., 1915, Albert Henry JAMES; she died in 1945, aged 74 years.
2. Anne J. W. LOWCAY, born at Plympton, Devon, about 1862; aged 8, with her parents, 1871.
3. Henry Prior LOWCAY, born at Plympton, Devon, 20 September 1866 [R.N. record, The National Archives, Kew]; aged 4, with his parents, 1871; Sub-Lieutenant, Naval Reserve, 7 September 1794 [ditto T.N.A.]; Lieutenant, Naval Reserve, 12 December 1901 [London Gazette, 17 December], and retired on 10 September 1910 [London Gazette, 13 September]; Master Mariner; he died at Wallasey, Cheshire, June quarter 1936, aged 61; he was married on 4 May 1903, to his cousin, Edith Louise SCUDAMORE (daughter of John Essel SCUDAMORE - a brother of Ann Carter LOWCAY otherwise SCUDAMORE - by his wife Lydia McGLEW); she went to New Zealand in the 1930's (her burial register entry records 30 years in N.Z., suggesting an arrival in 1933, but she probably came out with her son in 1937, after her husband died in Cheshire); she died on 12 July 1963, and was buried at Memorial Park, Bromley, Christchurch; they had issue:
     a. Harry LOWCAY, born 22 September 1905; went to New Zealand about 1937; died  on 22 September 1992, aged 87, and was buried in his mother's plot at Memorial Park, Bromley; he was married to Ada Orme ARCHBOLD; she died on 11 August 2008, aged 98 (born in N.Z.), and was buried with her husband.
4. Elizabeth M. LOWCAY, born at Plympton, 1870; aged 11 months, with her parents, 1871.


Harvey WELMAN, born in County Wexford, about 1820; he was residing at 7 Cobden Street, Manchester, in the 1851 Census, aged 30, Agent, Unmarried, with a house-keepeer and two lodgers, none evidently related.

In a Roman Catholic burial ground near Bannow, there were two graves with WELMAN connections, which were transcribed by a Mr HEATHERINGTON in 1974, and published in CANTWELL's "Memorials for the Dead in Ireland", with notes by b.j.c.:
1. WELLMAN (nav 14). A broken slab, two fragments:
". . . [?]cy WELMAN of
  . . . died 29 April
  . . . [?]REL alias LOWE
  . . .  85 years.
  . . .  life 6th of
  . . .  [age]d 77 years
  . . .  [?]L his wife
  . . .  1783 aged 73."
"There were two larger pieces too heavy to turn over... More could perhaps be recovered."
2. WELMAN (6/11) A stone cross inscribed on the horizontal part: Pk WELMAN, and indexed as Patrick.
As Harvey WELLMAN appears to have been a Protestant, these burials, one perhaps born as early as the late 1690's, are unlikely to be closely related.


Harvey WELMAN was born at Tinterne, County Wexford, on 15 August 1782; he was aged 20 when he entered the Army on 21 November 1802, as Ensign (by purchase) in the 44th Regiment of Foot; promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, 44th Foot, 18 February 1804, without purchase (vice Ambrose LANE, who was appointed Captain) [London Star, 21 March 1804]; Lieutenant, 9th Regiment of Foot, 28 March 1805, by exchange without difference; he was recorded as Lieutenant, 1st Battalion, 9th Regiment of Foot, at his marriage in Dublin in 1806.

Harvey sailed from Cork, July 1808, to serve in the Peninsular Wars, under Sir Arthur WELLESLEY and Sir John MOORE, in Portugal ;and Spain; he was present at the Battles of Rolica (17 August 1808) and Vimiera (21 August 1808), and at the defence and evacuation retreat from Coruña (16-17 January 1809); he was recorded as being on home service between January and August 1809 (perhaps in Warrington, Lancashire); he served at the Siege of Flushing, Walcheren Island (August 1809), under Lord Chatham; he was promoted to the rank of Captain, 9th Regiment, 2 November 1809, without purchase; he was evidently in Gibraltar, 1810 and in mid 1811; he participated in the Sieges of Tariffa (19 December 1811 - 4 January 1812) and Tarragoña (3 - 11 June 1813), and at the siege and storm of San Sebastian (7 - 25 July and 22 - 31 August 1813); he was awarded Her Majesty's Medal, with four clasps (9th Regimental Awards - for his participation at Roliça, Vimiera, Coruña and San Sebastian).

Harvey was transferred to the 3rd Garrison Battalion, 20 November 1813, vice Captain H. DUMARESQUE who exchanged [Caledonian Mercury, 6 December 1813]; also recorded, under Garrisons, to be Captain of Company, 11 May 1815, from the 1st Garrison Battalion [Edinburgh Gazette, 2-6 June 1815]; he saw further service at the British controlled Islands of Heligoland, off Germany in the North Sea (1815-18); recorded as placed on half pay, 22 September 1816, Captain, 3rd Garrison Battalion ["A List of Officers of the Army, etc," War Office, G.B., 1821, page 626]; however, his Service Record indicates that he was reduced to Half Pay, 3rd Garrison Battalion, 1818, due to the Battalion being disbanded ["British Regimental Registers, 1756-1900"].

Harvey's Service Record also indicates that he served at Home from 1818 until November 1827, nearly 6 years in Enniscorthy, County Wexford; he was evidently back in Ireland (1818, 1819 and 1825), and in Chatham (1825) and Deptford, Kent (1826); he exchanged, from half-pay Captain, 3rd Garrison Battalion, to the 1st Royal Veteran's Battalion, April-May 1824 (vice John LEECH who exchanged); he replied to a glowing testimonial published by a number of his admirers in and around Enniscorthy, amongst whom he had resided nearly 6 years [Westmeath Journal, Thursday 8 July 1824]; appointed Captain, 57th Regiment of Foot, 8 April 1825 [Globe, 21 November 1825], although the later date of 20 November 1830, Augmentation, appears in his Service Record; this Service Record notes his going on Service Abroad on 3 November 1827; on 5 November 1827, he set sail on the convict transport ship Hooghley, 446 tons, Captain REEVES, with a contingent of 99 male prisoners, bound for New South Wales.

The Hooghley arrived in Sydney, direct from London, on 24 February 1828, with Captain WELMAN, of the 57th Regiment, commanding a detachment of 24 men of the Royal Veterans Corps, along with his (second) wife and family (of eight), and another 12 women and 22 children of his troops [The Monitor, Monday 25 February 1828 - as Captain WILLMAN]; he joined other detachments of the 57th which had been accompanying prisoner transportations to N.S.W. from as early as 1819 (including his two soon-to-be sons-in-law, William BENSON and William BATE); WELMAN continued in garrison duty, probably mainly in Sydney (Captain, 57th Regiment of Foot, in September 1829); towards the end of his time in Sydney, he resided at No 12 Kent Street, which was later used by Mrs FISK as a Seminary for Young Ladies [Sydney Gazette, 13 November 1830].

Thomas MITCHELL's 1854 Map of Kent Street, Sydney, showing the subdivision on the east side, south of the present day Argyle Street, where building blocks would be sold after completion of quarry works beneath the old Fort Phillip.
Image courtesy of the State Library of N.S.W., on-line maps, Dixson Collection

In April 1830, it was reported that 3 sergeants and 60 rank-and-file of the 57th Regiment, under the command of Captain WELMAN, were to proceed to Hobart Town, where they were to be stationed "...for a short period and then go forward to India. Captain WELMAN's departure will be regretted by a large number of respectable acquaintance" [Sydney Gazette, Tuesday 13 April 1830].

St Philip's Parish Church, York Street, Sydney, and the Military Windmill, ca 1817, by Edward Charles CLUSE.
Image on the Dictionary of Sydney web-site, courtesy of the State Library of N.S.W. [a2821041/PX 1187].

On 11 April 1830, WELMAN and his family set sail for Launceston, Van Dieman's Land, in the brig Governor Phillip, with his detachment of the 57th Regiment - but they ran into a howling southerly gale and heavy seas ("stress of weather") which so damaged the ship that she was forced to turn back, and with a jury-rigged replacement rudder, they limped back to safe harbour in Sydney on 2 May - during the gale, WELMAN lost part of his baggage, and Mrs WELMAN "...became extremely debilitated, and had nearly lost the use of her limbs" [The Australian, 6 May 1830]; their second attempt, on 13 May 1830, by the same ship, was successful; his Brevet promotion to the rank of Major, dated 22 July 1830, was connected with the accession of King William IV; from his base in Launceston, in September 1830, he participated in the feeble attempt by government forces to capture "...those hostile tribes of Natives which are daily committing renewed atrocities on the Settlers" in the area between Oyster Bay Range and the River Clyde, south of Lake Crescent, over Table Mountain [Launceston Advertiser, 4 October 1830], referred to in history as "The Black Line"; his earlier orders to join his Regiment in India were stymied once again - "We understand that part of the 57th will remain in Launceston, under the command of Major WELLMAN; the 'Waterloo' not being sufficiently large to accommodate all the men" [Launceston Advertiser, 25 July 1831]; their antipodean respite was to last another 10 months; in March 1832, the detachment of the 63rd lately quartered at Parramatta had been ordered to proceed " Hobart Town, by the 'Norfolk,' to relieve the remaining company of the 57th Regiment at Van Dieman's Land, under Brevet Major WELLMAN, who goes on to Madras, where the strength of the 57th was, by the latest accounts" [The Australian, Friday 16 March 1832]. On 14 April 1832, Brevet-Major WELMAN sailed from Hobart on the ship Norfolk (Captain HENNIKER), bound for Madras, with his wife and eight children (three younger children born in Australia evidently replaced three adults who remained, several already married), and a number of other serving soldiers, mostly from other regiments; he served in India with the 57th Regiment of Foot, from 4 July 1832 until September 1834 - in Madras until March 1834, when they marched in two columns through Bangalore to Cannanore, and were joined there by the camp followers, including the women and children, by the ships Swallow and Isabella, arriving 29 March ["Historical Records of the Fifty-seventh or West Middlesex Regiment of Foot," edited by Lt-Gen H.J. WARRE, London, 1878].

Between September 1834 and August 1836, WELMAN was granted two years leave of absence from his Regiment in Madras, and took his family back to Tasmania; on his return to Launceston in September 1834, his ship, the Duke of Kent, ran aground and was wrecked on the beach at George Town, whereby he lost property to the value of £150 [Launceston Advertiser, 18 September 1834]. 

WELMAN served again in India from August 1836 - at Cannanore, then from April-June 1839 in Trichinopoly, and back through Bangalore (February 1840) to Madras (January 1841), until he was detached from the Regiment in India in July 1841; he retired from the Army on 2 October 1841, after nearly 40 years service (19 years 8 months 12 days service Abroad, and 19 years 2 months Home service).

After his retirement, he returned to settle in Launceston, and there he was re-named as a Justice of the Peace, and actively performed his duties in the Police Court, and the Licensing Courtdied.

He died at his residence in Launceston, on 3 May 1869, aged 86, and was buried in his family plot in Section A, of the Church of England Cemetery.

Harvey WELMAN was married firstly, by Special License of the Diocese of Dublin, at St Andrew's Church of Ireland, Dublin, on 26 July 1806,  to Abigail PIGOTT, (daughter of Robert PIGOTT of Wexford and Dublin, one of the Inspectors-General for the Department of Excise - see earlier blog post); she died on 10 October 1824 [as recorded on Harvey's Service Record, "British Regimental Registers, 1756-1900"], probably in Dublin.
They had issue, all birth details recorded in Harvey's Service Record:
1. Margaret Olivia WELMAN, born in Wexford, 10 December 1807. See [A] below.
2. John Cameron WELMAN, born in Lancashire, 6 January 1810. See [B] below.
3. Mary WELMAN, born at Gibraltar, 24 February 1812. See [C] below.
4. Harvey Wellesley Pole WELMAN, born at Wexford, 10 June 1814. See [D] below.
5. Abigail WELMAN, born at Dublin, 13 March 1818. See [E] below.
6. Hercules Atkin WELMAN, born at Enniscorthy, County Wexford, 25 April 1819. See [F] below.

Harvey was married secondly, at St Mark's Church of Ireland, Dublin, on 16 December 1825, to Mary COLLINS (a daughter of John COLLINS, Esq, Land Waiter, Port of Cork, and formerly Captain in the 30th Regiment of Foot); she died at 2 Elliott Place, Stoke Road, Gosport, Hampshire, 4 December 1876, aged 80, late of Alverstoke.
By her, Harvey had further issue:
7. Mary Collins WELMAN, born at Chatham Barracks, 11 September 1826. See [G] below.
8. William Henry Dowling Reeves WELMAN, born at Deptford, Kent, 22 October 1827. See [H] below.
9. Donaldson John Henry WELMAN, born at Ross, Tasmania, 20 July 1830; died aged 8.
10. Caroline Eliza WELMAN, born in Hobart, 9 March 1832; died at Launceston, 21 August 1866, aged 29.
11. Anthony Richard Jack WELMAN, born at Fort St George, Madras, 12 October 1833, and baptised at St Mary's Church, Madras, 10 November 1833.


[A] Margaret (Olivia) WELMAN, born 10 December 1807, and baptised at Wexford; she died in County Sligo, 23 March 1877; aged 21 on arrival in N.S.W.; she married at St Phillip's (C. of E.), Sydney, 8 September 1829, William Welborne Harlington BENSON, Lieutenant, 57th Regiment (son of Rev William BENSON, Archdeacon of Emly, County Limerick; and grandson of William BENSON of County Down by Frances McArtney PORTEUS); BENSON had arrived in N.S.W. as an Ensign, 57th Regiment, aboard the convict transport ship "Sesostris" (embarked in England, 4 November 1825); they returned to Sydney briefly, about 1835; he died at Stafford, 11 July 1887; with issue:

1. a son, born at Sydney 23 May 1830; died in infancy.

2. a son, born at Dublin 1831; died in infancy.

3. Jane Normanton Barker BENSON, born 17 February 1832.

4. Welborne Eagle Albuera BENSON, born at Gravesend, Kent, 4 June 1834, died at sea aged 8 mos.

5. Arthur Welborne Cameron BENSON, born at Sydney, 29 November 1835.

6. William Porteous McCartney Welman BENSON, born at Cannonore, India, 1 October 1837; of Mosman, 1909; died in 1925; married Margaret Gardner WILSON, with issue.

7. Francis Napoleon Bingley Groves BENSON, born at Chatham, November 1840; died 1866; married in Dublin, 24 April 1862, Ellen REVINGTON.

8. Rosina Dianne Olivia BENSON, born at Medway, Kent, December qtr 1842.

9. Rubina Georgina Catherine BENSON, born at Clontarf, County Dublin, 5 May 1845.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

[B] John Cameron WELMAN, born 6 January 1810, and baptised at Warrington, Lancashire; went to Australia; died at Carlton Terrace, Wynyard Square, Sydney, 28 July 1871; married in N.S.W., 1845, Amelia Georgiana BECKHAM, with issue:

1. John H. WELMAN, born in N.S.W., 1846.

2. Harvey Hercules WELMAN, born in N.S.W., 1849; died 26 Oct 1884, aged 35, and buried at Waverley Cemetery; married at Wagga Wagga, 20 December 1877, Martha Susannah Constance BOURKE (she married secondly, in Wagga Wagga in 1894, Herbert Edward MANCHEE, and died at Windsor in 1901); with issue, including Constance N. WELMAN, the wife of George Seaborn WILCOX.

3. Alfred Augustus WELMAN, born in N.S.W., 1851; died in Sydney 1912; married Emily Jane; she died 13 August 1896, aged 39, and was buried at Waverley Cemetery; issue.

4. Arthur Wellesley WELMAN, born in N.S.W., 1853; died Sydney, 17 August 1912, and buried at Waverley Cemetery; married firstly, Marie A. (Manie); she died at Randwick, 1904; he married secondly, at St Peter's Church, St Peter's, 22 February 1910, Eva Maud FRASER, daughter of Peter FRASER and Sarah Ann WOOD; she married secondly, at St Matthew's Church of England, Paddington, aged 42, to Charles Edward Bede SLATTERY, Widower; she died at Redfern, 9 July 1919.

5. Albert E. WELMAN, born in N.S.W., 1853.

6. Amelia WELMAN, born in N.S.W., 1857; married Charles DUNSMURE. vii. Louisa WELMAN, born at Binalong, 1860. viii. Sydney W. WELMAN, born at Binalong, 1862; married Jane ABERG or OBERG.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

[C] Mary WELMAN, born 24 February 1812, and baptised at Gibraltar; married at St Phillip's, Sydney, 11 October 1828, William BATE, Esq, Lieutenant, 57th Regiment; he had arrived in N.S.W. as a Lieutenant, 57th Regt, aboard the convict transport ship "Medway," (embarked in England, 20 July 1825); he was probably buried at Negapatam, 11 September 1841, aged 50, Captain in H.M.'s 57th Regiment (there was another William BATE buried at St Mary's Church, Madras, 31 October 1833, aged 26 years 7 months, Private in the 57th Regiment); with issue:
1. William BATE, born at Port Stephens, N.S.W., 1829.
Mary married secondly, at St Andrew's Church, Madras, 1 June 1842, Donald McKENZIE, Esq, aged 35, Bachelor, Merchant and Agent in Madras; they had issue:
     a. Henrietta Abigail MacKENZIE, born 8 November 1843, and baptised at St Andrew's Church, Madras, 8 January 1844.
     b. Ann Margaret MacKENZIE, born 10 December 1845, and baptised at St Andrew's, Madras, 15 February 1846.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

[D] Harvey Wellesley Pole WELMAN, born 10 June 1814, and baptised at Wexford; Customs Department, Tasmania, September 1836, when appointed Ensign, 17th Regiment, Sydney; went to India; Lieutenant, 17th Regiment, Colabah, 1845; Captain, H.M.'s 86th Regiment, at Deesa, 1849, at Hyderabad, 1854, and at Colabah, 1855; Major, 86th Regiment, 1861; of 6 Shandwick Place, Edinburgh, 1861 Census, aged 40, Major, 10th Foot, with second wife and three children; Lieutenant-Colonel, Kilkenny, 1876; of Grove House, Maidstone Road, Rochester, Kent, 1871, 1881 and 1891 Censuses; one of the leaders of the Conservative party at Rochester; he died at his residence, Grove House, Rochester, Kent, 11 September 1893, aged 74 years; his will dated 10 November 1883, was proved by his widow and two sons-in-law, estate sworn at £13, 325 [Maidstone Journal and Kentish Advertiser, 9 November 1893]; Harvey was married firstly, by License, at Colabah, Bombay, on 5 June 1845, to Emily Guthrie PATTULLO (aged 24, daughter of Robert PATTULLO); Emily died Chatham, Kent, 9 February 1851 [Canterbury Journal, Kentish Times, etc, 15 February]; issue:

1. Charlotte Stewart WELMAN, born 14 August 1847; buried at Ahmedabad, Bombay Diocese, 7 February 1849.

2. Wellesley WELMAN, born Bombay Diocese, 26 April 1849, and baptised at Deesa 10 May; Ensign, 100th Regiment, 20 July 1867, by purchase; transferred to the 85th Light Infantry, 7 August 1867 (this Regiment went on service to India, 30 January 1868); returned home, 12 November 1870; went back out to India, 6 October 1871; Lieutenant, 85th Regiment of Light Infantry, 7 October 1871, by purchase; returned home, 24 February 1873; Lieutenant, H.M.'s 85th Regiment, Light Infantry, 1874; aged 26, of Meerut, India, Military, 4 May 1875, when he as inducted into Masonic Lodge Dalhousie, Mussorie and Deesa; Captain, 85th Regiment, 12 June 1878; returned home, 20 January 1879; went back out to India, 21 January 1880, and returned home, 16 March 1881; went out to Natal, South Africa, 9 March 1881, and returned home, 27 July 1881; retired as Major, 27 July 1881, and "... receiving a gratuity.
Wellesley arrived in Victoria on the ship Sobraon, 1886, aged 37; in Beechworth, northern Victoria, 1887; he may have returned to Britain by way of New Zealand.
Wellesley was at 34 Alexander Street, Paddington, April 1892, when he appeared in Marylebone Police Court on a charge of assaulting Robert Thorburn BOWIE, and was bound over in £5 to keep the peace, with costs of 2 shillings - Wellesley stated that BOWIE had been paying unwanted attention to his wife, who served in the shop he managed opposite BOWIE's lodgings in the same street; still at 34 Alexander Street, Paddington, February 1893, late Captain, 85th Light Infantry, with his wife Emily; charged in Bournemouth, 11 July 1897, with having obtained from Samuel CRANE a sum of £5 with intent to defraud, pleaded guilty, and sentenced to one month imprisonment with hard labour;  of Seppo Road, Clapham, December 1899, late Major, 85th Light Infantry, with his wife Emily; he was aged 54, a Canvasser, when admitted to St Georges Union Workhouse, Fulham Road, London, on 4 April 1903, suffering from Varicose veins and Cardiac weakness, and deemed suited to Clerical work; aged 61, of 25 Berrick Street, London S.W., a retired Captain of the King's Shropshire (formerly the 85th) Light Infantry, when he was convicted in the Old Bailey, January 1910, on a charge of Bigamy, and sentenced to 18 months imprisonment, with hard labour, for having married, in September 1904, Esther HICKMAN, while his wife was still living - a Police Officer stated that he had been married four times, and that his first wife got a divorce on the grounds of his bigamy; an inmate, Wandsworth Prison, 1911 Census; he died at his residence, 66 Cheriton Road, Folkestone, Kent, on 7 April 1914, Retired Colonel in the Army, and buried in Cheriton Road Cemetery, Section C, Plot 4014.
Wellesley was married firstly, at All Saints, Futtehgarh, India, on 19 November 1874, to Ellen Maude WADE, aged 20, daughter of Sir Claude WADE, K.C.B., deceased (Wellesley was recorded in the marriage register as the son of Colonel Harvey WELMAN;  Ellen Maud died at Brighton in 1906,and was buried at the Abbey Church of Saints Peter and Paul, Bath, on 30 October 1906, aged 52; they had issue:
     a. Charles Wellesley WELMAN, born at Bath, Somerset, 18 July 1878, and died in Switzerland on 1961, after a career in Africa as a Colonial Administrator.
     b. Harvey Claude WELMAN, born at Bath, 1881.
     c. Maud WELMAN, born at Lucknow, 11 February 1876, and baptised at St Mary's, Lucknow, 24 February; she was married at the Parish Church of Saints Peter and Paul, Bath, County Somerset, on 20 December 1905, to George Hendrick GOCH, 55, a Widower, of Johannesburg; with issue.
Wellesley WELMAN was married secondly, at Christ Church, Beechworth, Victoria, on 1 June 1887, to Jessie CLEMENTS, youngest daughter of the late John CLEMENTS , Esq, of Beechworth [Ovens and Murray Advertiser, 8 June] (Wellesley was recorded in the Marriage Notice as Major, H.M.'s Reserved Officers, and late 85th Light Infantry, and the eldest son of Colonel Harvey W. P. WELMAN, late 1st Royals, of Gere House, Rochester, Kent); there is no evidence yet found for any issue of this marriage; Jessie WELMAN later married Brereton Charles Marriott WATSON, and died in Elsternwick, Victoria, in 1935.
Wellesley was aged 42 when he was married thirdly, at St Stephen's Church, Bayswater (or Paddington), on 4 March 1892, to Emily Alice HILLIARD, aged 23, daughter of Henry John HILLIARD, Solicitor (Wellesley was recorded in the Register as aged 42, Bachelor, Manager, of 34 Alexander Street, and son of Harvey Wellesley Pole WELMAN, Colonel, late 1st Royals); she left Wellesley in February 1903 and went to live in South Africa; they had issue:
     d. Marjorie Florence WELMAN, baptised at St Stephen's, Paddington, on 12 February 1893; died at St Alban's, Hertfordshire, December quarter, 1900 [Volume 3a, Page 350], aged 8 years.
     e. Phyllis Muriel Erskine WELMAN, baptised at St James's, Clapham Park, Lambeth, on 14 December 1899; a Boarder and Student at a Private School, "Jarvis," Steyning, Sussex, 1911 Census, aged 11, born England; aged 19, Milliner, when she emigrated to Canada, on the ship Corsica, from Glasgow, 21 October 1919, bound for Quebec.
     f. Lawrence Guthrie WELMAN, born at St Pancras, London, about April 1902 [March quarter, Volume 1b, Page 18]; he died suddenly, on 22 October 1914, aged 12 years 6 months [Liverpool Echo, 2 November].
Wellesley was married fourthly, at St John's Church, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, on 23 March 1903, to Constance Mary BEARD, Spinster, daughter of George BEARD, of Kenilworth, Manufacturer (Wellesley was recorded in the Register as aged 42, a Widower, Officer in H.M.'s Forces, Major, and son of Harvey Wellesley Pole WELMAN, Colonel, Indian Staff Corps).
Wellesley was evidently married yet again, at All Saints, Enismore Gardens, London, in September 1904, to Esther HICKMAN, of Battersea Bridge Buildings (Old Bailey evidence - unless this was Mary BEARD hiding behind an alias?).

Harvey W. P. married secondly, at Inveresk with Musselburgh, Midlothian, 20 June 1853, Sophia Olivia BYRNE (daughter of John BYRNE, Esq, of Tivoli Place, Kingstown, County Dublin); she was aged 30, Born Dublin, with her husband and children, 1861; she died at Kent, December qtr 1870, aged 40; with further issue:

3. Harvey WELMAN, born Hyderabad, Scinde, Bombay Diocese, 28 July 1854, and baptised pn 5 Aug, a twin; he died 9 August 1854, and buried Hyderabad, Scinde, same day, an infant.

4. Alice WELMAN, all ditto, the other twin.

5. Edith WELMAN, born 6 August 1855, and baptised at Colaba, Bombay Archdeaconry, 1 October; aged 5, with parents, 1861; aged 15, with her father, 1871; she was at 1 College Row, H.M.'s Dockyard, Portsmouth, 1891 Census, Head of Household, Married, aged 45, with her two daughters; she was with her husband in 1901 and 1911; she died on 16 April 1932, and was buried with her husband; she married Major Edward RABAN, Royal Engineers, of Portsmouth; he was a joint executor of his father-in-law's will; at 35 Elm Park Gradens, Chelsea, 1901 Census, aged 50, Retired Colonel, R.E., with his wife, two daughters and niece Madeline; at 35 Elm Park Gardens, London S.W., 1911, aged 60, Colonel R.E. and Director of Works, Admiralty, with wife and daughter; K.C.B. (Civil), 1906, and K.B.E. (Military), 1919; he died on 8 February 1927, and was buried in the Church of St John the Baptist, Hatch Beauchamp, Somerset; they had issue:
     a. Edith Mabel RABAN, born in Bengal, 29 April 1875, and baptised at Shillong, 25 May; aged 15, with her parents, 1891; aged 25, with her parents, 1901; aged 35, with her parents 1911.
     b. Constance M. RABAN, born in Bengal, 19 October 1876, and baptized at Shillong, 1 September; aged 14, with her parents, 1891; aged 24, with her parents, 1901.

6. a son, still-born in Edinburgh, 25 May 1857 [Cork Examiner, 1 June].

7. Charlotte WELMAN, born in Scotland, 1859; aged 2, with her parents, 1861; aged 12, Scholar, with her father, 1871; she married Captain Stuart DAVIDSON, R.E., of Devonport; he was a joint-executor of his father-in-law's will.

8. Harvey WELMAN, born in Edinburgh, 31 January 1861; aged under 2 months, with his parents, 1861; aged 10, Scholar, with his father, 1871; named in his father's will, 1883; a noted amateur jockey as a young officer in India; he resided at Harbury, Warwickshire, from about 1900; at Temple House, Harbury, 1911 Census, aged 50, Army Pensioner, with his second wife; recalled back to Army service in 1914, he served in France with the Royal Irish Rifles, until he was invalided back to England, and Commanded a young soldier's Battalion of the Sussex Regiment at Aldershot until the end of the war; he removed to West Haddon, Northamptonshire, about 1920; Chairman of the Conservative Association at West Haddon, Member of the Daventry Board of Guardians, and "... hunted with the Pytchley, for which he was one of the wire agents" [Obituary]; O.B.E.; he died at Westfield House, West Haddon, Northamptonshire, on 30 April 1927 [Rugby Advertiser, 6 May] - after a well attended funeral at West Haddon Parish Church, where the chief mourners were "... Mrs WELMAN (widow), Colonel and Mrs FORTESCUE (nephew and niece), Colonel Stuart DAVIDSON (brother-in-law) and Lieutenant Commander Eric WELMAN (nephew)" [Northampton Mercury, 6 May], his remains were cremated at Leicester, and his ashes scattered over Kilworth Sticks, "... a well-known hunting covert" [Rugby Advertiser, 13 May]; he was married firstly, at St Paul's Parish Church, Kensington, Middlesex, by License, on 27 June 1895, to Ethel Gertrude CHILD, aged 31, Spinster of 14 Seville Street, daughter of William Henry CHILD, Gent, J.P. for Warwickshire, and Adelaide FORT, the marriage witnessed by Edward RABAN (his brother-in-law) and Herbert N. CHILD; Ethel died in Aden13 February 1896; Harvey married secondly, at St John's Parish Church, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, on 23 March 1903, to Constance Marion BEARD; she was aged 46, born Solihull, with her husband, 1911; they had no issue; she proved his will in 1927.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Harvey may possibly have been the respondent to divorce proceedings brought on in the High Court of Justice, in London, in September 1894, by Ann Louise WELMAN [Cause No 16437]. A notice appeared in the Melbourne Age, 1 September 1894, identifying them as Harry WELLMAN, late of Great Russel Street, Bloomsbury, county of Middlesex, and Ann Louisa WELLMAN of 50 Great Coram Street, Bloomsbury. The publishing of this notice suggests that Harvey or Harry may have come from Melbourne, or may have been heading there.

9. Frederick WELMAN, baptised at Canterbury, Kent, 4 July 1866.

10. Arthur Pole WELMAN, born 27 October 1867, and baptised at Canterbury, 20 November; named in his father's will, 1883; served in Woolwich (1893), at Dundalk, County Louth, and at Hong Kong, before returning to Southsea; he went to Bermuda on duty on November 1903; returned to Eastbourne, about December 1906; Lieutenant-Colonel in the Army; at Hill Station, Freetown, Sierra Leone, 1909, Major, Army Service Corps; at 85 Easy Hill, Colchester, Essex, 1911 Census, aged 42, Lt-Col, Army Service Corps, with second wife Geraldine Mary; at Woking, Surrey, Colonel, Retired, Royal Irish Fusiliers [1939 Register]; he died at a nursing home near Brighton, 12 January 1949, aged 81, and was cremated at Brighton Crematorium, leaving a widow and a son; he was married firstly at St Jude's, Southsea, on 1 June 1892, to Fannie Vaughan Johnston DINNIS, daughter of Thomas DINNIS, Paymaster-in-Chief, R.N.; in 1908, Fanny petitioned for the restitution of her conjugal rights, stating that Arthur had withdrawn from cohabitation with her in July 1907, but Arthur declined to oblige, and stated he would not have her living under the same off as him - they were divorced, the Decree R.C.R. dated 14 October 1908; she was at 12 Sloan Gate Mansions, Sloan Square, Chelsea, 1911 Census, a Widow, aged 40, married 8 years, issue 2 children both still living, with her younger son; Arthur and Fanny had issue:
     a. Arthur Eric Pole WELMAN, born at Woolwich, Kent, 13 March 1893; Lieutenant-Commander, Royal Navy; D.S.O., D.S.C.; he attended his uncle Harvey WELMAN's funeral in 1927he died in Somerset, 3 July 1966; he was married firstly, at St George's, Hanover Square, in June 1920, to Eileen MALTBY, daughter of Lieutenant-Commander Gerald MALTBY, R.N.; she died in 1984; they had issue - a son Eric Michael Pole WELMAN, born at Chelsea, 9 October 1921, and died in September 2000.
Arthur Eric married secondly, Irene Maude Gladys KING.
     b. Douglas Pole WELMAN, born at Portsmouth, 22 June 1902; aged 8, with his mother, 1911; Government Engineer; sailed from London, 11 February 1928, on the ship Ingoma, bound for Grenada, West Indies, aged 25; he died at Winchester, Hampshire, in 1996.
Arthur was on secondment in Colchester about 1909 when he had met Geraldine Mary BRERETON, of Colchester, and by her had an illegitimate daughter:
     c. Bridget Geraldine BRERETON, born at Folkestone, Kent, about 1909, and adopted in February 1911 by Robert and Henrietta NISBET, of Glasgow, and thereafter answered to the name of Mary Louise NISBET; she married William Cunningham WATSON, with issue.
Arthur was married secondly, at the Cathedral Church, George Street, Freetown, Sierra Leone, on 8 November 1909, to the same Geraldine Mary BRERETON; she was a daughter of Brigadier-General Edward Fitzgerald BRERETON, and a granddaughter of Major-General Edward Penhurst FOSTER; she died in Portsmouth, in December quarter 1981, aged 93 years; they were divorced in 1926; they had issue:
     d. Gerald Pole WELMAN, born at Colchester, 25 August 1911; went America; died in 2004; married Priscilla.
Arthur married thirdly, Bertha Edith BARTON, born 6 Mar 1872 [1939 Register]; she died at Collington Avenue, Bexhill-on-Sea, Sussex, on 10 July 1959, a Widow, late of 1 Pentland Road, her estate valued at £15,093 8s 3d.
Harvey Junior married thirdly, at Wateringbury Church, Kent, on 18 September 1873, to Mary Bingham STEVENS, daughter of Rev H. STEVENS, vicar of Wateringbury [Homeward Mail, etc, Monday 22 September]; she was a joint executor of her husband's will; she was aged 56, born Wilmington, Kent, with her husband, 1891; she died at Rochester Kent, 10 January 1901, aged 67, late of 29 South Avenue, Rochester, Widow, probate to Rev Henry Bingham STEVENS, Clerk, and Francis Hermitage DAY, Solicitor, Effects £4089 11s 7d.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

[E] Abigail WELMAN, born 13 March 1818, and baptised St Peter's C. of I., Dublin; died at Campbell Town, Tasmania, 23 December 1852; married at St John's, Launceston, 25 April 1835, Thomas MASON, Police Magistrate; he died at Campbell Town, August 1888; issue: 

1. Emily Abigail MASON, born in Hobart, 6 August 1836. 

2. Alfred Nathaniel MASON, born in Hobart, 30 September 1837; married Emily Clara ATKINSON, with issue.

3. George John MASON, born at New Norfolk, 26 March 1839.

4. Frances Mary MASON, born in Hobart, 17 November 1841. 

5. Annie Elizabeth MASON, born in Hobart, 29 August 184?

6. Agnes Marion MASON, born in Hobart, 8 October 1847. 

7. Francis MASON, the Archdeacon of Hobart, 1888.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

[F] Hercules Atkins WELMAN, born 25 April 1819, and baptised at Enniscorthy, County Wexford; travelled to India with his father, August 1836; Colonel in the Army; at 24 George Street, Stoke Damerell, 1851 Census, aged 30, Army Captain, with wife and infant daughter; he died at Summerlees, Broad Lane, Sandown, Isle of Wight, 8 February 1890.
Hercules was married at St Pancras, London, 1 October 1849, to Augusta Eveline BECKHAM (daughter of Horatio BECKHAM); she was aged 26, born Norwich, Norfolk, with husband and child, 1851; she proved his will as the sole executrix; she was living with her married daughter (Maud JUSTICE) at St Legers, Brading, Hampshire, 1891 Census, aged 71, on her own means, born Norfolk; ditto, at 21 Chaucer Road, Bedford St Mary, 1901 Census, aged 81, born Norwich; she died at 21 Chaucer Road, Bedford, 2 December 1903, a Widow, probate to her daughter Maud Beatrice JUSTICE, also a Widow; they had issue:

1. Augusta Abigail WELMAN, born at Plymouth, August 1850, and baptized at Budock, Cornwall, 25 December 1850; aged 7 months, with her parents, 1851.

2. Louisa Josephine WELMAN, baptised at St Mary's, Bury, Lancashire, 28 April 1853; she was married firstly, at St Botolph's, Colchester, 1 June 1878. to Captain William GRAHAM, 105th Light Infantry [Freeman's Dublin Journal, 27 January]; she was married secondly, at All Saints, Cheltenham, 17 July 1893, Major J.R. YOUNG, East Yorkshire Regiment [Yorkshire Gazette, 22 July]. 

3. Maud Beatrice WELMAN, baptised at Pembroke Dock, Pembroke, Wales, 30 December 1863; she married. Philip JUSTICE, Major, Infantry; with issue:
     a. Maude E.J. JUSTICE, born at Sandown, Isle of Wight, about 1882; aged 18, with her parents, 1901.
     b. George H. JUSTICE, born at Sandown, Isle of Wight, about 1885; aged 15, with his parents, 1901.
     c. Cyril H. JUSTICE, born at Sandown, Isle of Wight, about 1896; aged 4, with his parents 1901.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

[G] Mary Collins WELMAN, born at Chatham Barracks, 11 September 1826 [Southern Report and Cork Commercial Courier, 19 September], and baptised at Chatham, Kent; she was a visitor, at "Southleigh," Lemon Street, Kenwyn, Cornwall, 1861 Census, aged 52, with her husband and 3 sons; she was residing at 14 Victoria Road, Douglas, Isle of Man, 1881 Census, aged 48, with her husband and two sons; she died at Fulham, October 1890, aged 64, and was buried at Kenwyn, Cornwall, on 11 October; she was married at Launceston, 23 October 1856, to William Henry PAUL, the eldest son of the late William PAUL, Esq, of Southleigh, Truro, Cornwall; William Henry was Lieutenant, transferred from the 12th Regiment of Foot to the 36th, 7 December 1857; he was living at Fulwood, Lancashire, 1868, Adjutant, 9th Depot Battalion; he was with his wife in 1881, aged 48, Retired Lt-Col, Head Constable; he was at 18 Baron's Court, Fulham, London, 1891 Census, a Widower; he died at a Nursing Home in Bognor Regis, Sussex, on 17 May 1914, late of 7 Hampstead Hill Mansions, Downshire Hill, Hampstead, Middlesex; they had issue:

1. Henry Welman PAUL, baptised at Truro, Cornwall, 16 September 1857; aged 3, with his parents, 1861; aged 13, Scholar, boarding at Lemon Street, Kenwyn, Cornwall, 1871, with 3 younger siblings; he died at Douglas, Isle of Man, 12 October 1881, aged 24 years.

2. Frederick William PAUL, born at Ash Green, Surrey, and baptised at St Peter's, Ash, 21 October 1858; aged 2, with his parents, 1861; aged 12, Scholar, with his brother, 1871; Church of England Minister; at 7 Vickers Street, Nottingham, 1911 Census, aged 52, with his wife Lizzie; he married Lizzie Page BROWNLOW, in about 1877.

3. Chester Bateman PAUL, born in Belfast, 1860; aged 6 months, with his parents, 1861; died in 1865.

4. George Arthur PAUL, born in Ireland, about 1864; aged 6, Scholar, with his brother, 1871; as Arthur G. aged 16, Scholar, with his parents, 1881; a Professional Cricketer; boarding at 23 Cambrook Street, Stretford, Lancashire, 1891 Census; aged 46, with his father, 1911, unmarried. 

5. Ethel Constance PAUL, born in Preston, Lancashire, and baptised at Christ Church, Fullwood, 27 May 1868; aged 2, with her brothers, 1871; aged 12, Scholar, with her parents, 1881; at 19 Elham Road, Kensington, London, 1901 Census, aged 32, Unmarried, and recorded as the daughter of the Head of the household, with two domestic servants - but she is the only PAUL recorded in the household, at the top of page 10 of the enumerator's book, and the bottom of page 9 does not record the Head of this household (perhaps an error in the transcription by the Enumerator from the household returns?).
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

[H] William Henry Dowling Reeves WELMAN, born at Deptford, Kent, 22 October 1827, "...on the eve of embarking for N.S.W." [Saunders Newsletter, 30 October], and baptised at St Phillip's, Sydney, 1 April 1828.

William entered the Army, December 1847, as Ensign, 99th Regiment of Foot, by purchase, vice Bernard Henry O'REILLY, promoted Lieutenant by purchase vice PIGOTT who retires [Aberdeen Journal, 22 December]; a detachment of the 99th Regiment arrived in Western Australia in April 1849 on the ship Radcliffe, including Major REEVES, Lieutenant ELLIOTT, and WELMAN, with 100 other ranks; Ensign WELMAN, 99th Regiment, Western Australia, 1852-53, and appears to have played much cricket; Lieutenant, 1854; the 99th regiment was rotated back to England, 1856, and garrisoned in Ireland for two years; Captain, 1857; the 99th was transferred to Aldershot, 1858, and rotated back to India in 1859; the 99th was called to active service in China, and fought in the 2nd Opium War, at the Third battle of Taku Forts, the Battle of Palikao, and the Sack of Peking in 1860 (capturing one of the royal dogs in the process); the 99th was garrisoned at Hong Kong until 1865; in February 1865, they sailed on the H.M.S. Tamar, bound for Cape Town; Major, 1865; the regiment was in England from 1868 until 1878; Lieutenant-Colonel, 1875; commanded the 99th Regiment in the Zulu War of 1879, and was present in the engagement at Inyezene and during the investment of Ekowe [Army and Navy Gazette, 22 December 1906]; Order of the Bath, 1879; Colonel, 1880; retired as Major-General, 1882, to Ardvane, Godalming, Surrey; at Crafton Cottage, Cheriton, Kent, 1891 Census, aged 68, Retired Military Officer, born Dartford (sic), with his wife; he died at his residence, Ardvarne, Peperbarow Road, Godalming, on 9 December 1906, aged 79 years [Army and Navy Gazette, 22 December].
At least one on-line family tree suggests that Ensign William WELLMAN had issue by his wife Rebecca, a son George WELMAN, who was baptised at Guildford, W.A., in 1851, and died in 1852, aged 5 months; and that Rebecca died at Guildford in 1854, aged 25 years. However, this appears to have instead been William WILLMAN, of Pokeswell, Dorset, who arrived at Fremantle on 27 August 1850, on the ship Sophia, from Plymouth (27 April), with his wife Rebecca (she was baptised Rebecca Wellman MARSH at Piddlehinton, Dorset, 24 May 1829, and married William at Morden, Dorset, on 10 March 1850).
William was married in Kilkenny, Ireland, on 19 February 1857, to Sarah HINCKS, daughter of Ralph HINCKS; she was at Roebuck Lane, Rochester St Margaret, 1881 Census, aged 48, Colonel's wife, born Ireland; she was aged 59, with her husband, 1892; she died in Kent, 5 March 1893, late of Fernlea, 6 Freelands Road, Bromley; they had issue:

1. George Arthur WELMAN, born at Aldershot, 1858; at the Royal Academy, Alverstoke, Hants, 1871 Census, aged 12, Scholar; Sub-Lieutenant, 30th Regiment of Foot, 11 September 1876; transferred to the 22nd Foot, 15 August 1877; Lieutenant, 11 September 1877; Madras Staff Corps, 4 March 1878; at Seetabuldee, Madras, March 1882; posted to the 13th Madras Native Infantry, with which he served during the Burmese Expedition, 1886-89 (medal with two clasps); Adjutant, 13th Madras Infantry, at Bellary, November 1886; Major, 11 September 1897; at Barrackpore, 1903, when he witnessed his daughter's marriage; he retired on 1 October 1905; Lieutenant Colonel, Indian Army; died at Folkestone, Kent, 7 November 1913 [Army and Navy Gazette, 22 November]; he was married at Christ Church, Byculla, Bombay, on 28 May 1879, to Frances Louisa (Louie) Brenton FALLOON, fourth daughter of Garnet Joseph Wolseley FALLOON, Esq, late R.I.C., New Ross, Ireland. [Belfast News Letter, 26 June]. Issue included Clara Josephine WELMAN, who was born at Seetabuldee, 3 February 1882, and was married at Barrackpore, Inida, on 11 April 1903, to George Whitehill ROSS, Lieutenant, 2nd Bengal Light Infantry; Ruby WELMAN, born at Bellary, Madras, 3 November 1886.

2. Herbert Loftus WELMAN, born in Hong Kong, 1860; at the Royal Academy, Alverstoke, 1871 Census, aged 10, Scholar; Lieutenant, Royal Irish Rifles, 1886, at Gibraltar; stationed in Belfast in June 1899; severely wounded at Stromberg, South Africa, 1900, arriving home to Godalming in June 1900 to a hero's welcome; he was invalided out of the Army, but later served in the War Office in London (during W.W.1); of Newmans, Sutton, Surrey; at Halkyn Castle, Flintshire, 1901 Census, aged 40, Major in the Army, with wife Annie and three children; at Newmans, Mulgrave Road, Cheam, Surrey, 1911 Census, aged 50, with his wife, son and sister-in-law Christine Louise BURROWS; he died at Seaforth, Bognor Regis, Sussex, England, 14 July 1932, probate to Christy Louise WELMAN, Widow; he was married, at the Garrison Church, Halifax, N.(S.?), on 15 October 1885, to Annie Harriet BURROWS, eldest daughter of J.F. BURROWS, Esq, M.C.P., of Seaforth, Somerset, Bermuda [Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald, Saturday 14 November]. They had issue:
     a. William Harvey Loftus John WELMAN, born at Mullingar, Ireland, 7 June 1888; Lieutenant, Indian Army, 23 December 1911, when he was married at Lahore Cathedral, to Sybil Estelle McCOMBISH, of Ferozepore, younger daughter of Joseph McRanald McCOMBISH; she was at Daisy Cottage, Formby, Lancashire, 1891 Census, aged 2, born Ainsdale, Lancashire, living with her parents Joseph (aged 43, Building Contractor, born Ireland) and Annie (aged 42, born Wrexham, Denbighshire), and her five older siblings; William and Sybil had issue, four known children, including:
          i. Joan WELMAN, born in 1913; died in 1997.
          ii. Gerald Duncan WELMAN, born in Quetta, Bengal, India, in 1921; died in 1998.
          iii. a son (Royal Artillery, 1938-1942); married with issue.
     b. Noel Yvon Loftus WELMAN, born at Mullingar, 8 October 1889; Lieutenant, 1st Battalion, Duke of Cambridgeshire's Own (Middlesex) Regiment; awarded a D.S.O., December 1914, for gallant conduct at La Boutillerie on 30 October, "... when the heaviest attack was launched by the enemy on the platoon which he commanded; eleven of the enemy were killed on the parapet" [Western Daily News, 1 January 1915]; he was killed in action on 25 Sep 1915.
     c. Longford Loftus WELMAN, born at the Artillery Barracks, Longford, 5 May 1894; aged 6, with his parents, 1900; died 3 July 1944.
     d. Herbert Loftus WELMAN, born at Longford, 21 March 1896; aged 5, with his parents, 1901.
     e. Sarah Annie Esme WELMAN, born at Godalming, 15 January 1899, and baptised at Saints Peter and Paul, Godalming, 17 February 1899; as Esma A., aged 2, with her parents, 1901; aged 12, Scholar, 1911 Census, with her uncle and aunt, Wilbram and Eva DAVIES, at the Royal Dockyard, Woolwich; engaged in March 1922 to be married to Lieutenant Michael DENNY, R.N., of H.M.S. "Excellent" (later an Admiral).
     f. Desmond Loftus, born St Pancras, London, 12 June 1904; aged 6, with his parents, 1911.

3. Henry Beauchamp WELMAN, born in Cork, 30 November 1863; Honorary Queen's Cadet, Royal Military College, to be Lieutenant, Duke of Edinburgh's (Wiltshire) Regiment, September 1882, by augmentation [Naval and Military Gazette, Wednesday 13 September]; 53rd Regiment, 1893; Captain, 1st Shropshire Light Infantry, 1895; said to have been due " be tried at Bombay by a general court-martial in December 5, Colonel WHITTY, of Durham's, president, and Colonel STEVENS, R.A, prosecutor" [Homeward Mail, etc, 17 December 1898]; Major, Manchester Regiment; he died in England, 1928; married firstly, at St Mary of the Angles, Bayswater, London, on 23 July 1885, to Alice HAYES, daughter of Captain HAYES, late 83rd Regiment; she was at Hythe, Kent, 1891 Census, aged Eversleigh, the residence of Julian HAYES and his family, as his sister, aged 29, born India, with her daughter Eileen; on 23 July 1885, he divorced her in July 1892, citing her adultery with Captain SILVERTHORNE [Chard and Ilminster News, 23 July]; they had issue:
     a. Eileen Vivienne Beauchamp WELMAN, born at Peshawar, 15 September 1886; aged 4, with her mother, 1891 Census, residing with her uncle Julian HAYES in Hythe, Kent; Eileen died at Fulham, London, December 1949; she was married at the R.C. Cathedral, Westminster, October 1909, to Cecil MORLEY, Captain in the Manchester Regiment, who identified his wife in his Service Record as Eileen Vivienne Beauchamp SILVERTHORNE; residing in 1911 at Mullingar, Westmeath.
     b. Margery Laura Sarah WELMAN, born at Riversdale, Parsonstown, Cork, 11 January 1895 [Cork Constitution, 15 January], and buried at Hyderabad, Scinde, 4 August 1895, aged 6 months.
     c. Shelagh Annie Eyre WELMAN, born on 8 August 1896, and baptised at St Andrew's Church, Darjeeling, 27 September.
Henry was married secondly, at St Brendan's church, Parsonstown, on 1 July 1893, to Laura Page EYRE, youngest daughter of the late Colonel Thomas EYRE, 3rd Bombay Cavalry [Cork Constitution, Tuesday 4 July]; they had issue:
     d. William Herbert Eyre WELMAN, born at Benares, 5 November 1897, and baptised at St Mary's, Benares, 19 December.
4. William Hercules WELMAN, born and died in South Africa, 1865.

5. Sarah Caroline WELMAN, born at the Castle, Cape Town, 7 August 1867; died in Capetown, 1867, an infant.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

[J] Annie Alicia WELMAN, born Sydney, 30 March 1829, and baptised at St Phillip's Church; she was at Gold Hill House, Frensham, near Farnham, Surrey, in 1881, aged 52, Widow, Income from Land, with two sons; she was still there in 1891, with three adult children; she was at Malvern Road, Portsmouth, 1901 Census, aged 71, Widow; she was at Gold Hill, Fensham, 1911, aged 82, Widow, living on Private Means, with a companion and a domestic servant; she died at Farnham, 29 April 1914, and was buried at St Peter's Parish Church, Wrecclesham, 2 May, aged 86, late of Gold Hill, Frensham; Probate at London, 26 May, to the Rev Stanhope Edgar WARD, Clerk, effects £200 2s 4d; she was married at Trinity Church, Launceston, 25 May 1847, to Owen Florence Louis WARD, of Farnham, Surrey (born 7 September 1823, and baptised at St Andrew's, Farnham, 19 June 1824, son of James and Elizabeth WARD, Gent); he was at Ridgeway House, Farnham, Surrey, 1871 Census, aged 46, No occupation, Land Proprietor, with wife and 5 children; he died at Farnham, September 1873 [Volume 2A, page 61], aged 50 years, and was buried at Wrecclesham, Surrey, on 16 September; they had issue: 

1. James Arthur WARD, born at Port Arthur, Tasmania, about 1848; aged 32, with his mother, 1881; aged 32,no occupation, with his mother, 1891; he died at Farnham, 1933, and was buried at Wrecclesham on 2 February, aged 85.

2. Owen Charles WARD, born in Sydney, 9 August 1849 [Cornwall Chronicle, 29 August]; aged 22, Law Student, with his parents, 1871; Solicitor; buried at Wrecclesham, Surrey, on 27 June 1885, aged 35, late of Hale Road; he was married to Ellen Augusta, by whom a son - Reginald Pender WARD, baptised at St Andrew's, Farnham, 29 December 1883. 

3. Rosamund Alice WARD, born in Sydney, 31 March 1851 [Launceston Examiner, 16 April]. 

4. Henry Florence WARD, born in Sydney, 13 February 1853, and baptised at St James's Church, 20 February.

5. Augusta Henrietta WARD, born at Bath, 1854; she died on 31 January 1925; she married in 1887, George Frederick ROUMIEU, M.A. (Cantab), Barrister-at-Law; he died on 14 November 1912, aged 61 (Memorial Window at Wrecclesham Church).

5. Ernestine Ellen WARD, born at Farnham, about 1855; aged 15, Scholar, with her parents, 1871; probably Constance E., aged 34, with her mother, 1891; died in 1915; she married her second cousin Kempson Federick THOMAS.

6. Percy Milton WARD, baptised at Wrecclesham, 5 April 1857. 

7. Gertrude Annie WARD, baptised at Wrecclesham, 3 February 1861; buried at Wrecclesham, 7 October 1864, aged 3 and a half years. 

8. Edith Maude WARD, baptised at Wrecclesham, 6 July 1862; buried at Wrecclesham, 10 October 1864, aged 2 years. 

9. Stanhope Edgar WARD, baptised at Wrecclesham, 6 September 1863; aged 7, Scholar, with his parents, 1871. 

10. Edgerton Harry WARD, baptised at Wrecclesham, 1 January 1865.

11. Gerald Lechmore WARD, baptised at Wrecclesham, 5 August 1866; aged 5, Scholar, with his parents, 1871. 

12. William Edwin WARD, baptised at Wrecclesham, 3 November 1867; aged 3, with his parents, 1871; aged 13, Scholar, with his other, 1881; aged 23, with his mother, 1891; buried at Wrecclesham, 30 April 1904, aged 36 years, late of The Nest, Lower Bourne, Farnham.